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Blistex Vs Carmex

by Gabbi

You can always find chapstick in your car, bag, or makeup vanity. They’re affordable lip products that keep your pout hydrated and seem never to run out. You can’t go wrong keeping a chapstick on hand or while on the go.

Two brands that dominate the chapstick industry are Blistex and Carmex. Carmex is known for its iconic yellow and red packaging. It also provides a medical formula for lips that need extra care. Carmex now has an extensive product line. 

Blistex is also quite popular and has multiple products and packaging to choose from. They’ve also expanded into makeup-based products like lip tints. However, it’s common to easily confuse the two because they both offer medicated lip balm. 

What’s the difference between Blistex and Carmex? While they share countless similarities, Carmex focuses more on medicated lip balms while Blistex offers multiple product lines. Their target audience can be interested in various types of lip care.

It can be challenging to decide which chapstick is right for you. Your decision should be based on your preference, lifestyle, and needs. Are you ready to find out more about Blistex and Carmex? 


Carmex is a household name, and its packaging can’t be mistaken.

Its original purpose is to heal severely dry and cracked lips, which explains why Carmex has a medical feel. Also, Carmex focuses on lip repair and core sore treatments.

However, what makes Carmex so unique to remain relevant for decades? 

Pros Of Carmex

Carmex provides numerous benefits for the lips. Its potent formula will instantly revive lips after one use. Consistent use will slowly produce healthy and plump lips.

You can expect to achieve a soft, smooth, and restoring finish with every Carmex product. It’s a classic lip product for a multitude of reasons. 

1. Lip Repair

Carmex is formulated with lip-loving and nourishing ingredients. Some standard components you can find in almost any Carmex product line are camphor and menthol. These ingredients provide lip-restoring properties for a rejuvenated pout.

Other Carmex products contain vitamin E, colloidal oatmeal, and cocoa butter. Read your product’s ingredients list to get an in-depth breakdown. 

2. Soft Finish

Carmex is known for its incredibly thick consistency, which can be a plus or minus, depending on your preferences. However, its consistency does give your lips an impeccably soft finish. You may even compare it to that of a beauty salve.

3. Accessibility

Carmex is highly accessible and can feel as if they appear out of thin air. You can find Carmex at any supermarket or bodega. It also has an affordable price point that fits everyone’s budget, which explains why many always have Carmex on hand.

Cons Of Carmex

Unfortunately, not everyone will be a fan of Carmex. There have been rumors that lip balms such as Carmex can be addicting, but it is most likely due to the Menthol. This can explain why Carmex feels like it stings, but it could be an allergic reaction.

It’s common for people to dislike the feel of Carmex, whether it be due to the thick consistency or stinging.

1. Thick Consistency 

Sometimes you don’t always need a thick lip balm. Most of Carmex’s products feel thick, almost like honey. Unfortunately, its thick consistency can quickly overload your lips and feel incredibly heavy. Others may describe Carmex as greasy.

2. Potential Tingling Sensation

Carmex’s medicated lip balm lines are formulated with various active ingredients, including menthol. The cooling sensation of Carmex can quickly be mistaken for burning, stinging, or tingling, which may not be a pleasant experience for everyone.

The tingling sensation may also indicate an allergic reaction to a particular ingredient, so always conduct a patch test. 

Product Lines

Carmex has much more to offer than just medicated lip balms. While they specialize in cracked lips and cold sores, they’ve recently expanded their product lines. So now you can shop from Comfort Care and Daily Care lip balms.

They’re available in an array of scents and flavors. 


Classic Carmex can feel very thick, like a salve. This product is ideal for treating severely dry lips or cold sores. In addition, it’s meant to act as a protective barrier to heal common lip concerns.

However, Daily and Comfort Care may have a more lightweight formula. 

How To Apply Carmex

Carmex is available in tubes and jars. 

Tubes can easily be swiped on the lips without a fuss. Jars may pose a challenge because they can get messy and become a breeding ground for bacteria. However, both are easy to dispense the product to the lips.

A little bit of product goes a long way with Carmex. 


Does Carmex actually work? Carmex has stood the test of time thanks to its affordability, accessibility, and efficacy. The medicated lip balms truly offer a nourishing treatment for lips that need extra care or help. 

Use Carmex as directed on the label for the best results. 


Blistex is a leading innovator in the chapstick and lip care industry.

While they also have a medicated lip balm like Carmex, Blistex focuses on an entire range of lip products. In addition, you can expect a high-quality finish with every use.

What can you expect from Blistex? 

Pros Of Blistex 

One thing Blistex is known for is its variety. Blistex doesn’t hang on to one product line but instead tries to formulate items for every lip care need. For example, Blistex has expanded into the beauty industry and hopped onto the lip tint craze.

Blistex has a few similar pros to Carmex, like providing a soft finish and affordability.

1. Variety

You can find a Blistex product for every need. 

For example, they have a range of medicated lip balms if your lips need some TLC, or they can add a wash of color to your pout for a no-makeup-makeup look. Most products offer a hydrating and comfortable finish.

2. Soft Finish 

Are you looking for the secret to luscious lips? Blistex offers comfort no matter which product you end up applying. You’ll find that Blistex contains a blend of nourishing components like vitamin B5, E, shea butter, and more. 

You can achieve supple lips without even noticing you’re wearing lip balm. 

3. Affordable 

Blistex is also quite affordable and accessible, just like Carmex. You can find Blistex at almost any drugstore, supermarket, or online. In addition, Blistex will fit into a wide range of budgets so that you can find the best lip product for you.

Cons Of Blistex 

Blistex may not be the best option if you only want a medicated lip balm. While they offer an extensive product line, Blistex doesn’t focus most of its brand on medicated care. Instead, you’ll notice products suited for everyday use. 

Not everyone will love Blistex because they formulate their products with various fragrances and flavors. 

1. Fragrance/Flavor 

Fragrance is a touchy subject within the skincare world. Some people may find it irritating, while others barely notice it. If you don’t like fragrance or flavor, you may not select all Blistex products because they contain fruit/tropical scented items.

Sometimes the scent can also be too overpowering for sensitive noses. 

3. Potential Tingling Sensation 

Blistex’s medicated lip balms have a similar issue to Carmex. The active ingredients in Blistex medicated chapsticks can provide a tingling finish. However, it also has a thicker consistency that may feel heavy or greasy on the lips.

However, this may not be an issue for every individual. 

Product Lines

Blistex is known for its variety. They have various product lines, like Silk & Shine, Lip Vibrance, Hemp & Shea, Medicated Lip Balm, and more. You may never get bored of discovering new Blistex products.


You may notice that Blistex has a more lightweight texture regarding lip balm. Most of their products feel like a hydrating veil that instantly absorbs into the lips without feeling sticky. The medicated lotions may have a slightly heavier texture.

How To Apply 

Most Blistex products are packaged in a classic tube. So you can quickly swipe on your lip balm whenever you feel it without giving it a second thought. However, the medicated balms can sometimes be packaged in a jar.


Does Blistex work well? Blistex is great for an everyday balm. It’s easy to keep on hand and provides enough moisture to your lips without overloading them with product. You can expect a lightweight and hydrating finish with Blistex. 

Because Blistex offers so much variety, you’ll have a different experience with each chapstick you try. 

Which Lip Product Is Right For You? 

Can’t decide between Blistex and Carmex? 

Carmex is ideal for severely dry or cracked lips. They do medicated lip balms best, so if you need extra care or are looking to remedy a cold sore, you can opt for their wide range of medicated balms. Its thick consistency is not ideal for everyday use.

Blistex is wonderful to use daily because of its lightweight texture. It’s a great brand if you love lip balm and don’t need it for medical purposes. You also have endless options with Blistex.

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