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How To Use A Bath Bomb – Everything You Need To Know

by Gabbi

Most of us can agree that nothing is more relaxing than a bubble bath. Taking a bath can be a full spa experience at home. You run hot water, add your favorite soaps, light some candles, grab your favorite book, pour a glass of wine, and maybe even pop in a bath bomb.

Bath bombs can elevate your bath, and they can be hypnotizing to watch disintegrate into the water. These bombs are available in various scents and designs, or even filled with essential oils for relaxation.

Bath bombs are essential for any spa routine at home. You’ll love to soak in their luxurious bubbles, and tossing the bomb into the water will help set the perfect atmosphere for your self-care night.

So how do you use a bath bomb? Thankfully, bath bombs are simple to use. Most of the time, you just drop them into your bath, and they melt into the water. However, there is a lot more that goes into bath bombs than simply plopping them in the bath.

What makes them disintegrate? What are bath bombs made from, and can they be combined with other bath products? Bath bombs can make your self-care routine rejuvenating, but let’s dive in to see what exactly they’re all about and how best to use them.

What Are Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are body products that fizz and disintegrate when you drop them into water. They are usually in a sphere or brick shape and made of household ingredients like baking soda, Epsom salt, essential oils, and other components.

These bath products are ideal for creating bubbly and colorful bath water that will also relax your body. Nowadays, bath bombs come in all shapes, designs, and fragrances. In addition, they are hypnotizing and exciting to drop into your bathwater.

There is a bath bomb for every purpose. Most people tend to shy away from bath bombs if they have sensitive skin, but you jsut need to search for the right ingredients. Whether you just want it for fun, aromatherapy, or detoxing, there is a bath bomb for you.

Overall, bath bombs are the grown-up bubble bath for adults. Though, bubble baths in general really are perfect for all ages. Who doesn’t like bubbles, right?

In addition, bath bombs can add color, shimmer, and fragrance to your bath water to make your experience extra magical. Take a look at our favorite set below if you’re thinking about giving bath bombs a go yourself.

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Handcrafted and made in California with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, these bombs will moisturize your skin while delivering deliciously relaxing fragrances to soothe your stress.

These bath bombs also make a fantastic gift for anyone in your life who enjoys a little me-time.

How Are Bath Bombs Formulated? 

Bath bombs are aesthetically pleasing to look at and plop into the water, but what makes them so special?

Surprisingly enough, bath bombs contain various everyday household items. Some people have even started attempting to make bath bombs at home. Bath bombs usually have components like citric acid, clays, baking soda, and essential oils.

Of course, mass-produced bath bombs can potentially contain other ingredients that aren’t easy for the average person to purchase. In addition, these types of bath bombs can also be irritating for the skin if they contain additives or preservatives. 

While it can sound soothing to add ingredients like fragrance, flowers, and glitters, your body can have a negative reaction. Bath bombs with simple ingredients can be tolerated by our bodies better than ones filled with additives. 

How Do Bath Bombs Work?

Lush is one of the most popular companies to sell bath bombs. Chances are that whenever you think of bath bombs, you think of Lush. Surprisingly enough, Lush is the first company credited to invent the bath bomb, which they still sell today.

As stated earlier, bath bombs are formulated with baking soda, citric acid, essential oils, and more to help create a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is what allows the bath bomb to fizzle and melt into your bathwater.

Once the bath bomb comes into contact with water, it will release fragrance, cleansing agents, color, emollients, and more to create a soothing bath. Most bath bombs are formulated to care for the skin and offer a spa-like sensation. 

Bath bombs can now be created in all shapes, sizes, colors, and scents, and they can be customized for any occasion. A bath bomb should always disintegrate into the water as soon as it comes into contact with the bathwater and immediately release all its goodness.

Do Bath Bombs Cleanse Your Body? 

Baths, in general, are still controversial because people always debate if you really get clean from a bath or just stew in your own dirt instead. In addition, bath products like salts or bubbles are known to disrupt a woman’s pH level or vaginal health.

So, do bath bombs clean you? We have a whole other article dedicated to answering this question, but here’s a quick explanation: some bath bombs are formulated with cleansing agents like shower gels and soap.

In addition, bath bombs are formulated with ingredients to keep the skin happy. For example, you’ll find emollients for moisturizing properties and essential oils for fragrance and aromatherapy. But how beneficial are they for the skin?

Many people do have sensitivities to fragrances in bathwater. In addition, bath bombs can also be formulated with glitter, flower petals, and other craft components that you will definitely want to rinse off after your bath. 

While technically bath bombs can clean you, it will depend on their ingredients. However, whether you use a bath bomb or not, it’s always recommended to shower afterward to ensure no bacteria, fragrance, or irritants disrupt your body’s pH levels. 

Can Bath Bombs Be Combined With Other Bath Products?

For most people, baths are a luxurious and relaxing activity they like to do weekly as an act of self-care. So, adding as many elements as you can to create your spa-like sensation at home will amplify your experience. 

However, are bath bombs compatible with other products?

Epsom salts are a standard bath product used to relax muscles and joints. Surprisingly enough, most bath bombs are already formulated with Epsom salts. So, depending on your skin sensitivities or needs, you can add more if you find it necessary.

Other products people love to add to their baths are essential oils. Like Epsom salts, bath bombs can also be formulated with essential oil for fragrance or to serve a particular purpose. You can add extra, but be careful not to go overboard.

Bath oils are another common element to combine with your bath bombs. They will add extra moisture and hydration to your skin or even complement the emollients already present in your bath bomb’s make up. 

Overall, this step is personal, and everyone will have a different preference. However, it’s crucial to monitor what and how much product you add to your bath bomb to avoid irritations. If you are sensitive, it will be best to stick to only one product at a time. 

Do You Take The Plastic Off Of Bath Bombs?

While the answer to this question may be common sense to some people, others who are new to bath bombs genuinely want to know how to use them correctly. Depending on where you shop, your bath bomb can be wrapped in plastic for preservation.

For example, at Lush, their bath bombs are freely displayed in their store until someone wants to purchase one. Then, they will take tongs or use gloves to pick up a bath bomb, and immediately wrap it in a brown paper bag for easy storage.

However, more mass-produced bath bombs will come wrapped in plastic wrap to keep things from getting messy. It’s ideal to leave the plastic on your bath bomb until you decide it’s time to plop it into your bathwater. 

The plastic is not dissolvable in water, so before you place the bath bomb into the water, carefully remove the plastic from your bath bomb.

Whenever you feel doubtful, it’s always recommended to follow the instructions that the brand of your bath bomb gives you to ensure you store and use the product properly. This will also help you create the most luxurious bath experience possible.

When To Drop In A Bath Bomb

When and how you place a bath bomb into your bath water will be entirely up to your brand’s instructions. Each brand or type of bath bomb will have its own protocol on how to place the bath bomb to achieve the best results. 

However, there are some general guidelines to help get the most out of your bath bomb. Most people will confuse bath bombs with traditional bubble baths. Usually, a bubble bath is held under running water to create the bubbles in your water. Then, the bubble bath will help fill up the tub. 

However, bath bombs are placed in an already full tub of water.

In addition, temperature plays a role with your bath bombs. The water should be warm enough to melt all your ingredients, so don’t wait until the water has cooled down to drop it in.

What Is The Purpose Of Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are great for numerous reasons. In addition, because so many variations of bath bombs exist, you can always customize your bath experience to your mood or needs. No matter what your goal is, there is most likely a bath bomb for you. 

The number one reason anyone wants to take a bath is to relax and unwind. This can mean both physically and mentally. Bath bombs can be formulated with essential oils to offer a soothing and aromatic experience to help soak your worries away. 

Bath bombs formulated with ingredients like Epsom salt can alleviate muscle soreness, tension, and joint pain. In combination with warm water, your body will relax and feel like melting away into the bathwater just like a bath bomb would.

In addition, bath bombs usually contain hydrating oils, butters, and other emollients, ideal for dry skin. These components will offer a hydrating element to your baths so you can unveil smooth, supple, and hydrated skin. Some ingredients can even help detoxify your skin.

Bath bombs can be easily customizable to help achieve whatever goal or purpose you need from your baths. 

Bath Bombs And Aromatherapy

As stated earlier, bath bombs are formulated with essential oils. These essential oils can either serve a purpose for the body or strictly for aromatherapy. Regardless, they add a soothing and spa-like element to any bath routine.

Lavender is the ultimate essential oil. It’s one of the most popular oils that reduces anxiety and creates a safe environment. So whether you are looking to destress your body physically or mentally, bath bombs infused with lavender can do the trick.

Eucalyptus is another essential oil that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. It can also be helpful for clearing your sinuses if you’ve got a cold or sinus infection.

Orange or citrus is ideal for boosting your mood. If you need a reset, orange essential oils will make you feel energized and confident. 

How Long Do Bath Bombs Last? 

Unfortunately, bath bombs don’t last forever, and most companies recommend using them up soon after your purchase. However, it’s crucial to keep your bath bomb in a dark, cool place, free of moisture, so you can still receive the best experience.

Each company will vary and have different advice regarding how long their bath bombs will last in storage. 

In addition, most bath bombs are single-use. Depending on your brand, you can split the bath bomb into two pieces, but you risk the bomb crumbling into dust. However, some brands don’t have single-use bombs, and you can section them out.

Always follow your bath bomb’s directions for how long it can last and how to use it properly to reap the maximum benefits.

How Often Can You Use Bath Bombs? 

While bath bombs are fun and enticing, it may not be a good idea to use them daily, especially if you are new to them. Instead, think of bath bombs like face masks; you can incorporate them into your routine a few times a week if you love baths.

It will depend on your personal preference and skin type if you can handle using a bath bomb daily or if you will use it once or twice a week. However, if you start with bath bombs, it’s always wise to introduce them slowly into your routine.

Overall, if you find that it works for you, you can use bath bombs as much as you want if you don’t see any adverse side effects. In addition, if you find yourself too sensitive or like to treat yourself to a bath, you can use them when you see fit.

The Effect Of Bath Bombs On Your Skin 

We mentioned earlier that bath bombs usually have soothing effects on the skin. For example, bath bombs can hydrate the skin, relax sore muscles, have an aromatherapy element, and create a tranquil environment.

But there are some potentially negative side effects that can come with using bath bombs. For example, those with sensitive skin can find bath bombs extremely irritating because they are formulated with fragrance, essential oils, and additives. 

In addition, some bath bombs can dry out your skin, cause a rash, or even leave you feeling dirtier than before. Thankfully, some brands make bath bombs for sensitive skin types.

Bath bombs are okay to use often, but everyone should be aware of this bath product’s potential negative side effects. While they look enticing and vibrant, they can cause unwanted reactions for a small handful of people.

Are Bath Bombs Safe?

Unfortunately, bath bombs can cause discomfort for some women, potentially creating an imbalance in your pH levels and causing infection or inflammation.

This doesn’t mean you can never use a bath bomb; but instead, use caution and monitor how bath bombs affect you.

If you are extremely sensitive, bath bombs can be a great treat every once in a while, and you can always rinse afterward so no glitters, dyes, or fragrances linger or cause irritation. 

What To Look For In A Bath Bomb 

Overall, bath bombs are a unique way to relax and create a spa-like experience at home. In addition, bath bombs can help customize your bath, and you can even add other elements to make your bath even more special. 

There is a bath bomb for every occasion. If you are tense or stressed, look for bath bombs with lavender or Epsom salt to calm your nerves and your muscles. Likewise, if you are dry and need hydration, look for one with nut oils and various butters.

If you are sensitive or if bath bombs intimidate you, try to find one that is formulated without dyes, fragrance, essential oils, glitters, and anything else that could be irritating. Stick to one with skin-friendly ingredients so you can enjoy your bath. 

Bath bombs are a safe bath product as long as you use them as directed. Your skin sensitivities and allergies will help determine how often you can use them. In addition, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks of using bath bombs for your health and well-being.

Bath bombs are exciting, relaxing, and enticing. You don’t have to overthink using them, and they can create an oasis right in your own bathroom. 

What are your thoughts on bath bombs? Which one will you incorporate into your routine? 

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