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How To Fix Eyelashes That Grow In Different Directions

by Gabbi

While eyelashes can frame and shape our eyes for better or for worse, and many desire to achieve the perfect lash line any way they can, whether by getting lash extensions or training the lashes naturally. 

Your natural eyelashes have their own growth pattern and follicles that can determine their shape. Also, genetics can determine how long your lashes are, how often they grow, and even if they grow in varying directions instead of uniformly.

Your eyelashes may grow in different directions simply due to your follicles or genetics, or it can indicate a more serious lash condition is present. Regardless, this may not be ideal for anyone looking to achieve perfectly aligned eyelashes. 

How can you fix eyelashes that grow in different directions? You can try various methods of improving unruly lash hairs, like implementing a new serum or training your lashes with a curler. It may be challenging to redirect the growth of your lashes.

In addition, it may be wise to visit an ophthalmologist or medical professional if you have a severe eyelash disorder that needs medical attention. You can always consult a doctor to see how you can fix your eyelashes safely.

Why Do Eyelashes Grow In Different Directions? 

It can seem that your eyelashes have a mind of their own, and you feel defeated that you can’t tame these unruly hairs. It’s relatively normal to have lashes that grow in different directions due to the size and placement of your hair follicles. 

In addition, various factors can contribute to how and where the eyelashes grow. Some primary reasons include genetics, trauma, or a serious eyelash condition. Unfortunately, some causes like genetics can’t be changed.


The follicles determine where your eyelashes grow and how curly or straight, they may be. However, your genetics determine how quickly your lashes grow. So, if your lashes are naturally crisscrossed, it may be due to the natural shape of your follicles.

You can’t do much to alter your hair follicles or genetics, but you may be able to adapt your eyelash routine. Other times, your eyelashes may grow in opposite directions due to trauma or an eyelash condition. 


Eyelashes that undergo some trauma can affect where and how they grow. Trauma can include accidentally pulling out a few hairs with a dirty eyelash curler or if you’ve experienced some hormonal changes.

Medications may also affect hair growth, its texture, and the direction it grows into. In addition, any changes or physical abrasion on the lashes can affect where they grow. Treating and healing these types of eyelashes may take up to a few months. 

Eyelash Conditions

Your eyelashes may have a condition that allows them to grow in varying directions or inwards. As a result, the lash line is vulnerable and can quickly get infections like styes or if eyelashes start to burrow under the skin and become ingrown.

These are extreme cases of eyelashes growing incorrectly and should be diagnosed by a medical professional or ophthalmologist. Also, if you have severe symptoms, avoid treating your eyelashes until you receive a medical opinion. 

What Is Trichiasis? 

A common eyelash condition that causes the eyelash to grow in varying directions or inwards in Trichiasis. The American Academy Of Ophthalmology states, “Sometimes people get trichiasis and there is no known cause. Anyone can develop trichiasis.”

This eyelash condition can arise if the eyelash undergoes any trauma or autoimmune diseases. Again, if you believe you’re experiencing extreme signs of eyelashes growing in different directions, please see a medical provider. 


How can you tell if you’re dealing with Trichiasis? It’s crucial to note multiple eyelash conditions exist that can explain why your lashes aren’t growing in a uniform pattern. 

Common symptoms include redness, light sensitivity, and tearing. 

Not addressing these symptoms can lead to further complications like a scratched cornea or other eyelash abrasions. Also, these symptoms are pretty general, so expert medical help is needed.


Remedies can vary depending on the severity of your symptoms. You can tweeze out the rouge hairs with the help of a doctor, but the chance remains they can grow back in opposite directions. It can be tricky to relieve eyelash conditions on your own. 

Your medical provider may suggest surgically removing these lashes if your case is severe. This is a standard treatment associated with Trichiasis. However, other eyelash conditions may have different routes of treatment that may be less invasive.

How To Fix Eyelashes That Grow In Varying Directions

So how can you fix rouge eyelash hairs for minor cases? You can try various methods, including using a lash serum, eyelash curlers, or mascaras. It may take time to test each way to see which works best for your lashes. 

In addition, it can take time to notice a difference in your lashes, and you can expect to see a change within 3-6 months or whenever your lash cycle completes.

Opt For A Semi-Permanent Lash Service

You can conceal or remedy eyelashes that grow in opposite directions by getting a semi-permanent lash service. The most popular semi-permanent eyelash services are eyelash extensions and lash lifts.

Eyelash extension involves gluing lash fibers to the lash line to add volume and length. They can create the illusion that your eyelashes grow uniformly. 

Lash lifts are like a perm for your lashes and ensure they are chemically curled in the same direction.

Invest In An Eyelash Serum 

It can be challenging to alter the lashes you already have, but you might be able to change new growth. One way to add extra nourishment to the lash line is by investing in an eyelash serum (like Latisse). It can promote healthier and potentially more consistent growth. 

However, it takes time and consistency to see any results from using an eyelash serum. Also, conduct a patch test if your eyes are susceptible.

Use Clear Mascara

Clear mascara can effortlessly and quickly tame unruly lash hairs. It’s an easy fix for those with one or two rouge lash hairs. Also, clear mascara is an attractive option if you don’t want to wear makeup but still keep your features enhanced. 

It should offer enough hold to keep your lashes in place all day. You can remove it seamlessly with micellar water.  

Remove Makeup Nightly 

Speaking of makeup, you’ll want to ensure you’re removing all your eye makeup correctly and thoroughly. Your eyelashes are needed to protect your eyes, and makeup can easily clog the pores and potentially promote unruly eyelashes. 

This can be a form of trauma for the eyelashes and cause the hair to grow crazily. So, removing all makeup gently can ensure the lashes have time to recover.

Brush Your Lashes Daily

Do you brush your hair every day? You may also want to start brushing your eyelashes too. This tip will be constructive if you choose to get eyelash extensions because these semi-permanent lash services require maintenance.

You can take a clean mascara wand or spoolie to gently comb through the eyelashes and remove any dust, dirt, or debris that is resting on the eyelashes. It can help disperse lash serum and help train them to grow in the same direction.

Use An Eyelash Curler

Most of us may have heard horror stories about using eyelash curlers. However, they can be a useful tool in creating uniform lash hairs if used correctly. It’s essential to keep your eyelash curler clean and the cushion intact for every use to curl lashes safely. 

You can also find an individual eyelash curler to curl a few hairs at a time if your lash hairs are hard to reach. The key is to curl gently and pulsate without adding too much friction.

Train Your Eyelashes 

You will need to train your eyelashes to sit in a specific direction to see a difference, but it takes consistency. In addition, you may need to conduct multiple methods, like using a lash serum or brushing the lashes to see any real changes. 

Finding the best methods to combine with your eyelashes takes trial and error. Or you can try a temporary solution like clear mascara (we love this one from Wet n’ Wild).

Seek Medical Attention 

Finally, always seek medical attention if you find any severe eyelash symptoms. It’s possible you can develop various eyelash conditions that alter the way they grow. A doctor will be able to provide personalized care for your eyelashes. 

You may also visit a dermatologist if you have any skin irritation around the lash line that makes them grow in opposite directions. 


Our eyelashes serve a vital purpose by protecting our eyes from outside elements. However, they also help frame our eye shape and can be customized to enhance our best features. Sometimes your eyelashes can grow in varying directions. 

Your eyelashes may grow in opposite directions due to genetics, hair follicles, or an eyelash condition. They can also grow wonky if they undergo any trauma. You can fix them with lash treatments, makeup tools, or by seeking medical help.

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