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Good Molecules Vs The Ordinary

by Gabbi

The Ordinary has become one of the most successful affordable skincare brands globally. The skincare industry is constantly evolving, and now almost everyone has high-quality formulations at an astonishingly low price point, thanks to The Ordinary.

However, a new kid on the block is giving The Ordinary a run for their money. Good Molecules is a fresh and Gen Z-friendly brand that initially launched on Beautylish. Their products and price points are very similar to The Ordinary.

Because The Ordinary and Good Molecules share an overwhelming amount of similarities, it can be challenging to understand the difference, especially if you aren’t familiar with skincare ingredients. It will always come down to the formula.

So, what is the difference between Good Molecules and The Ordinary? Besides their stark packaging differences, both these brands formulate their products with different concentrations. In addition, their parent company shares contrasting values and ethics.

Regardless of their differences, Good Molecules and The Ordinary are popular skincare brands that allow high-performing products to be accessible for those on a budget. You can’t go wrong with either brand, but follow our breakdown to find out more!

Good Molecules 

Good Molecules hasn’t been around for long, but they have created a massive impact on the skincare community within only two years. Now, they are the number one competitor to The Ordinary. 

So how did Good Molecules gain so much traction so quickly?

For starters, Good Molecules was brought to life thanks to the co-founder of beauty retail platform Beautylish, Nils Johnson. So we have a wonderful team of beauty advisors at Beautylish to thank for the creation of Good Molecules. 

Good Molecules targets our most significant skin issues and helps us find a solution at a low price point, comparable to The Ordinary. 

Their fun, vibrant packaging intrigues customers everywhere, and the products are easy to understand and beginner-friendly.

In addition, Good Molecules has a mission to create high-performing skincare without the insane list of unnecessary ingredients that luxury brands are guilty of adding. They are reaching out to a younger audience or anyone looking for affordable, cruelty-free products.

The Ordinary 

Within the past five years, it seems that everyone has been raving about The Ordinary. Deciem is the company behind The Ordinary and can also be held responsible for the brand blowing up worldwide thanks to budget-friendly skincare.

Recently, Estee Lauder purchased Deciem and all its brands, including The Ordinary, which sparked controversy for those advocating for cruelty-free, vegan products, among other ethics. However, it hasn’t stopped the brand’s success.

The Ordinary is known for its scientific packaging and labels marked with a percentage of unfamiliar skincare products. For anyone that doesn’t know anything about skin care, it gets confusing trying to find out what each product is supposed to do.

Its medical-grade-looking packaging and formulation have become recognizable worldwide. In addition, their price point is accessible for virtually anyone. 

As a result, The Ordinary has been a gateway brand for many consumers into the skincare industry. 

Good Molecules & The Ordinary 

While sharing many similarities like ingredients, price point, and target audience, a few characteristics set The Ordinary and Good Molecules apart from each other. We’ll do a deep dive into formulations, variety, packaging, and more.

1. Formulation 

The number one characteristic to look at between these brands is their formulation. Both The Ordinary and Good Molecules offer the same products with Niacinamide and Peptide serums, but the percentages and formulations differ entirely.

Unfortunately for The Ordinary, they frequently undergo changes, and the formula isn’t always the same, so they lack consistency. 

On the other hand, Good Molecules have a more sustainable ingredient list for their products, and their percentages are sometimes more tolerable.

However, both The Ordinary and Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum are formulated with 10% Niacinamide, which is generally high, so there is a chance of irritation to take place.

The Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum contains more hydrating components like Glycerin, while The Ordinary’s is less hydrating and more geared for oily skin because it has 1% Zinc. So, when in doubt, read the ingredients list. 

In addition, The Ordinary’s formula tends to focus on one single ingredient. In contrast, Good Molecules will formulate with the same main ingredient but add other components to support that ingredient’s efficacy.

Overall, most skincare enthusiasts claim that Good Molecules have more substantial formulas that are less subject to change. In addition, these enthusiasts have also stated that The Ordinary’s formulas can feel cheap, sticky, and unfulfilling.

Regardless, both are high-performing brands you can’t go wrong with. It will be up to your personal preference regarding what formulation suits you best when choosing between these brands. 

2. Packaging

The simplest observation between The Ordinary and Good Molecules is the packaging. For starters, Good Molecules has vibrant, enticing, and colorful packaging/design. You will feel excited to reach for their products day and night. 

On the other hand, The Ordinary’s packaging has a simple, medical feel. However, if the product is good inside, who cares about packaging? They’ve come this far without updating their test tube dropper-like bottles and plain labels because they offer great products without the need for gimmicks.

Most of The Ordinary products have an almost overwhelming amount of information on the label, with a small bottle and a dropper. 

Good Molecules offers various products in different packaging, labeling, and design. Plus, they make skincare easy to comprehend.

Of course, the packaging isn’t the most crucial factor when shopping for high-quality skincare, but it can definitely help. Most of us can agree we want to feel like we are using an exciting and luxurious product, even if it’s budget-friendly.

3. Price 

Now the reason why we are all here is to find out what is a better bang for our buck. Yes, both The Ordinary and Good Molecules are highly affordable, and the differences between their price points are minor. In addition, it varies on products and formulation.

In addition, both The Ordinary and Good Molecules can share the same price point depending on what product you are looking at.

It’s also common for The Ordinary to have a slightly higher price for a better formula. For example, comparing each brand’s Peptide Serums, they have similar amounts of peptides, but Good Molecules formulates theirs with Citrus Oil that can sometimes be irritating.

Again, it will come down to your personal preference, skin needs, budget, and sensitivity levels.

4. Product Line Variety 

Most consumers agree that The Ordinary has more products to choose from. However, it’s essential to take note they have been around for much longer than Good Molecules. On the other hand, Good Molecules has an innovative product line. 

Each brand has its own “exclusive” product that the other one doesn’t have. 

For example, The Ordinary has an antioxidant serum containing 3% Resveratrol and 3% Ferulic Acid. Resveratrol is one of the only scientifically proven antioxidants to reverse aging. 

Good Molecules have their Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches. While The Ordinary also has a caffeine-infused eye product, this one from Good Molecules is an actual eye gel patch and not just a stand-alone serum. 

While The Ordinary has a broader selection of products, Good Molecules has a more exciting and unique product line. Each has its own products that stand out, but some products are virtually the same.

5. Ethics/Values 

The Ordinary has been under some fire since its parent company Deciem was bought by Estee Lauder. While The Ordinary is seemingly cruelty-free, Estee Lauder isn’t.

In addition, The Ordinary is always questioned why their formulas constantly change and lack consistency. They have even been accused of choosing cheaper formula alternatives for their products. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of gray areas with The Ordinary. However, it seems that the brand is still expanding worldwide, and its products are still proven to be effective. 

Good Molecules is owned by Beautylish, which doesn’t test on animals, and strives for sustainability and clean formulas that don’t compromise quality.

Both The Ordinary and Good Molecules claim to be cruelty-free. In addition, most products are listed to be vegan when they don’t have animal derivatives, but those that do aren’t listed as vegan. Also, both brands are part of the sustainability movement. 

Overall, both these science-first-based brands are striving to push the skincare world in the same direction. However, the values and actions of their parent companies seem pretty different.

Again, it will be up to your personal choice to decide what will fit your preferences.

6. Beginner-Friendly 

Now, if you are entirely new to skincare or think of yourself as a beginner, which brand is easier to start with? Both brands are beginner-friendly due to price and accessibility, but it may be easier to start your skincare journey with Good Molecules.

Good Molecules has simpler labeling than The Ordinary. The Ordinary can feel overwhelming when you aren’t familiar with terms like Niacinamide, Azelaic Acid, Resveratrol, and their percentages. How do you know what each product does?

Good Molecules will have a simple name that will precisely point out their product and what area of the face it’s intended for. In addition, Good Molecules’s packaging represents more of what you will see in drugstores.

Overall, Good Molecules is more beginner-friendly, but both brands are great options for anyone starting on a budget. 

7. Popularity

When it comes to which brand is more popular, The Ordinary will be the strongest in this category. The Ordinary is highly accessible and is available in multiple retailers worldwide and even online. They continue to expand globally.

Good Molecules is a relatively new brand. For a long duration of their existence, they could only be found on Beautylish’s website. This makes sense since Beautylish is the founder and creator of Good Molecules.

However, recently Good Molecules expanded into Ulta retailers across the USA. Unfortunately, they have yet to have the same global impact as The Ordinary. 

Product Break Down 

Now, let’s break down the most common and popular products from The Ordinary and Good Molecules and what makes them different. Some of the most versatile and most used ingredients are Niacinamide and Peptides.

1. Niacinamide 

Niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B that helps support the skin’s barrier, control oil, and support acne-prone skin. In addition, this ingredient should improve your overall skin texture.

Both The Ordinary and Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum is formulated with 10% Niacinamide, which is relatively high. However, their supporting ingredients are where they differ.

As mentioned above, the Good Molecules is much more hydrating because it’s formulated with Glycerin, while The Ordinary supports oily skin with its 1% Zinc formulation. Their price difference is minor for the same amount of product.

2. Peptides

Peptides work to protect and improve the elasticity of your skin. In addition, it can combat various signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Like Niacinamide, Peptides can also improve your skin texture.

We briefly mentioned the difference between The Ordinary’s Buffet Peptide Serum and Good Molecules’ Super Peptide Serum. For starters, The Ordinary’s is formulated with Glycerin that offers more hydration.

Although The Ordinary Peptide serum is found to feel cheap and sticky to most consumers, on the other hand, Good Molecules formulated theirs with Citrus Oil. Sometimes essential oils or fragrances in skincare can irritate certain skin types.

The Ordinary’s Buffet Peptide Serum is slightly more expensive for the same amount of product as Good Molecule’s Super Peptide Serum. 

Final Thoughts

Both The Ordinary and Good Molecules are fantastic brands for anyone to start with, no matter if you are on a budget or a beginner. Their affordable price points, high-quality formulas, and accessibility make them ideal for anyone to shop. 

Good Molecules formulated their products with high-performing ingredients that they claim are sourced sustainably. In addition, their formulas and products can feel more high-end than The Ordinary, thanks to their ingredients and fun packaging.

Because they are a newer brand, they don’t have as many products to choose from, unlike The Ordinary. While they are accessible, Good Molecules is only available in a few select countries. However, they are the more beginner-friendly option.

The Ordinary has extremely simple formulations that tend to focus on one ingredient. In addition, their products tend to feel basic and oversimplified despite working well and getting the job done. In addition, they are much more popular globally than Good Molecules. 

The Ordinary also has a wide product selection; you’ll definitely find some unique ingredients like Resveratrol. 

Unfortunately, if you are new to skincare, it can take so much time and energy to learn about their product line because of their scientific labeling. 

However, The Ordinary is available in multiple retailers globally, and they are the ideal stepping stone into the world of skincare. They aren’t the most exciting brand, but their products are effective and offer real results. 

Overall, Good Molecules and The Ordinary offer something for everyone. In addition, you don’t always have to stick to one brand. However, it’s crucial to assess your needs and analyze which brand or product will work best.

Other factors like packaging, accessibility, ethics, values, and formulation can help choose what will fit into your routine. So what brand are you most excited to try?

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