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5 Best Rubber-Based Gels

by Gabbi

Gel nails are one of the most popular nail services that a majority of people love. They make your manicure last longer, and gel nails open up a new world of creativity when it comes to nail art. However, the base of your gel nails is the most crucial step.

Gel base coats come in a wide range of formulas, but one of the most popular ones is rubber-based. These base coats offer flexibility and protection for your nails. When applying gel nails, it’s essential to protect the health of your natural nail plate.

What are the best rubber-based gels? The best rubber-based gels will protect your natural nails from breaking and offer flexibility. In addition, they should also create a tacky base for gel polish to latch onto and create a longer-lasting manicure.

Rubber bases are great for those who have brittle nails or those just starting with gel nails. Unlike other gel bases, rubber bases will allow your nails to bend just like they normally would without polish instead of creating a breakable but sturdy base.

Are you sold on rubber bases yet but don’t know where to shop? Well, we will take a deep dive into all things rubber bases and what you should know before you make your purchase. In addition, we will review the best rubber-based gel coats on the market.

3 Things To Look For In A Rubber-Based Coat 

1. Formulation 

Rubber base coats are specifically crafted to work with natural nails that are prone to breakage. They also fill in cracks, ridges, and other flaws to help achieve a smooth and even base without textured imperfections. 

In addition, rubber base coats allow the natural nail to remain flexible and elastic. Otherwise, if it was sturdy and stiff, the nails have a higher risk of snapping off or cracking. Rubber base coats offer elasticity while also offering strength and protection.

Most rubber base coats will soak off easily with acetone. The proper removal will also keep the health and integrity of your nails intact. Rubber base coats will prolong the life of your gel manicure while also protecting your tips from external damage. 

A rubber base coat is ideal for those who want to continue doing gel manicures without compromising the strength and health of their nail plates. 

2. UV/LED Properties 

Gel nail systems require a UV or LED nail lamp to cure, harden, or set your nail polish in place. Gel formulas cannot air dry down and will only be set entirely using a nail lamp. In addition, rubber bases need to be cured.

The cure time will vary for each nail lamp, so following the directions from your rubber base or nail lamp is recommended. In general, UV lamps will take longer to cure than LED lamps. However, not all rubberized base coats are curable by light. 

For example, some rubber-based formulas can air dry and don’t need a nail lamp. However, this type of formula will work with regular nail polishes and some gel systems. In this scenario, purchase a gel polish from the same brand as your base. 

Most rubber bases need to be cured, so always double-check the labels before making your purchase.

3. Color 

Rubber base coats are usually clear, but some brands offer them in a wide variety of shades. If you love a classic base, multiple brands offer a clear rubber base coat.

However, if you want to add a layer of color, you can opt for a brand that sells nude colors. These colored rubber bases have sheer nude tints and are ideal for french tips or nail art. In addition, it eliminates the need for an extra layer of nail color. 

Who knew that even something as practical as a base coat can open up a new world of imagination for doing your nails. You’ll have a smooth blank canvas for all of your creations. 

Best Rubber Based Gels 

RankProductKey Features
1.Kodi Professional Rubber Base GelDurable, non-toxic, protective, smooth
2.Aimeili Nutrition Base Coat GelNon-toxic, ecological, vegan and cruelty-free
3.Orly Bonder Rubberized Nail Base CoatVegan, cruelty-free, protective, 14 day wear
4.Pink Gellac Rubber Base UV/LED Base CoatSmooth base, protective, 14-21 day wear
5.In.Hype Elastic Rubber Base CoatSmooth, prevents breakage, tacky base

1. Kodi Professional Rubber Base Gel

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Kodi is a professional nail brand that carries all the tools and equipment that you could possibly need for various nail systems, including gel and acrylic.

Whether you do your nails at home or visit a salon regularly, you will need high-quality products. 

Kodi’s main mission is to provide high-performing products to conduct professional and hygienic nail services.

In addition, they manufacture innovative products and formulas so you can keep up with modern nail trends and expand your creativity. 

Their Rubber Base Coat for gel nails is the ultimate base for manicures. Suppose you are looking to protect your natural nails and still maintain a level of flexibility. In that case, Kodi’s durable but practical rubber base is a must-have to execute a flawless gel manicure.

Kodi states that this rubber base is 100% non-toxic and will provide you with flawless results that prolong your gel manicure for weeks on end. In addition, this rubber gel base will also work to protect your nails from breaking or chipping prematurely.

The Professional Rubber Gel Base will protect all your intricate nail art creations from external factors so you can flaunt your claws a little bit longer. In addition, this base is compatible with various other nail products, and the product glides on the nail seamlessly.

Kodi formulated this rubber base with both professional nail technicians and amateur nail enthusiasts in mind. To apply the rubber base perfectly, first prep, buff, and prime your natural nails. Then apply a thin coat of this rubber base and cure it in your lamp.

If you have a 36W UV nail lamp, cure this base for two minutes, and if you have an LED nail lamp, cure your nails for 30 seconds. So if you need a rubber base that provides elasticity, durability, and wear resistance, try this product from Kodi. 

Overall, this rubber base is ideal for thin, brittle nails, and it will prevent chipping/lifting.

2. Aimeili Nutrition Base Coat Gel

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Aimeili is another popular nail brand that has perfected the art of gel nail systems.

They were founded in 2012 and have strived to create high-quality nail products with the environment in mind.

They have successfully crafted non-toxic and ecological nail products without compromising fun and aesthetics.

Aimeili states that their brand is Vegan-Friendly and Cruelty-Free. One product to purchase is their Nutritional Base.

The Aimeili Nutrition Base Coat is technically not marketed as a rubber base coat. However, this base coat shares uncanny similarities and performs almost exactly like a rubber base.

Aimeili states that the Nutrition Base Coat will provide 21 days of wear, and it acts like a gel but glides on like a polish. This base coat is thick in consistency, much like other rubber base coats for gel nails.

This Nutrition Base Coat will enhance your nail flexibility, pliability, and elasticity to protect your nail from external damage. It will prevent your nails from lifting, breaking, and ripping, so it’s an ideal product to have for fragile and thin nail plates. 

This base coat offers a mirror shine finish, and it will minimize the appearance of chips, smudges, or nicks. In addition, this product is easy to apply. All you need is a nail lamp. When you’re ready to change your mani, the base can soak off with ease.

First, make sure you apply this base coat to a prepped and prime nail plate to ensure maximum adhesion. Next, apply one thin layer and cure for one minute with a UV lamp or 30 seconds with an LED lamp. Then, you can apply your nail color.

Aimeili recommends to avoid over-curing your base and that it’s normal for this base to cure with a tacky residue. This residue will ensure your nail color will adequately properly and prevent chipping. 

3. Orly Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat

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Orly is a household name, and for a good reason. Orly started in 1975 by perfecting the French Manicure, and since then, they’ve exploded into a creative and innovative company that sets trends within the nail industry. Orly has done it all!

It was only a matter of time before Orly branched into the world of gel nail systems. Orly is a Vegan and Cruelty-Free brand that provides thousands of products from polish to nail treatments. What you should check out is their Rubberized Base Coat. 

The Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat is ideal for anyone struggling with thin nails that break easily or who struggle to maintain their manicures. Rubberized base coats will protect the natural nail plate from harsh external factors to avoid damage. 

Orly ensured that this bonding rubberized basecoat would grip both your nail plate and your nail color. In addition, it can leave a sticky residue for lasting adhesion so that your nail has a solid base to latch onto to prevent chipping, lifting, and breakage.

In addition, Orly states that their Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat will prevent color from wearing off for 14 days. This rubberized base coat is easy to apply; all you need to do is apply a thin coat to your nail plate and follow up with your color of choice. 

However, this rubberized base coat doesn’t need to be cured with a lamp, and it can even work with normal polish. In addition, it can only be compatible with certain gel polishes, so it’s recommended to stick to Orly’s gel nail polishes for the best results. 

The Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat from Orly will offer your durability, flexibility, and elasticity to protect your natural nails from premature breakage and ensure that your manicure will last for up to 2 weeks. 

4. Pink Gellac Rubber Base UV/LED Base Coat 

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Pink Gellac is a nail brand from Europe that has some of the best-selling gel nail polishes. Their products are both manufactured and formulated in Amsterdam with only high-quality and safe ingredients. Pink Gellac is making its way to the USA slowly.

In addition, Pink Gellac offers a wide range of products from gel polish colors, nail treatments, nail tools, and even various base coats. If you’re interested in testing out this European brand, start with their Rubber Base UV/LED Base Coat. 

The rubber base coat is formulated to work with weak and brittle nails that need a little extra love during their gel manicure. This product has a much thicker consistency than most other nail polishes or liquids, and it’s for a good reason.

The thick consistency of this rubber base coat will instantly fill in ridges, cracks, and flaws, so you can achieve a smooth base on your nail plate that is free of imperfections. In addition, your nails will receive extra support to prevent breakage from occurring.

Pink Gellac states that their rubber base coat doesn’t air dry and should be cured with a UV/LED nail lamp. If you have a UV lamp, cure it for two minutes, and if you have an LED nail lamp, cure this rubber base coat for one minute.

The rubber base coat will allow your gel manicure to last for 14-21 days without chipping, lifting, or breaking prematurely. Once it’s time to change your manicure, this rubber base coat will soak off with ease, so your natural nails don’t take additional damage. 

Pink Gellac also states that they formulated this rubber base with durable properties, so you don’t need to prep your nails with a primer. Instead, your nails will stay elastic and strong, and your manicure will last for weeks.

5. In.Hype Elastic Rubber Base Coat

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In.Hype Nails is a Boston-based gel nail brand that is working to innovate and expand the nail industry.

In.Hype claims to be “the next generation of UV/LED gel for nail extensions and strengthening.” They provide creativity without compromising quality. 

In addition, in.Hype nails have mastered various products and produce high-performing builder gels, gel polishes, structure gels, and all things nail prep.

One of the most recommended products is their Elastic Rubber Base Coat. 

Unlike the other brands listed above, In.Hype nails offer their Elastic Rubber Base Coat in a wide range of shades like Crystal Clear, Delicate Pink, and more. In addition, they also offer protection for brittle and breakage-prone nails.

In.Hype claims that the Elastic Rubber Base Coat will hide the nails’ aesthetic defects and smooths out ridges and cracks to provide a seamless smooth finish. In addition, its flexible formula allows your nails to bend while preventing breakage from occurring.

Because the Elastic Rubber Base Coat is available in various shades, it can also eliminate the need for another color of polish. Also, it will give the nail a flawless and well-groomed appearance, ideal for french nails or a blank canvas for nail art.

In addition, this base coat might leave a sticky residue even after curing in the lamp, which is completely normal. Having a tacky or sticky base will allow your other nail colors to adhere to the base and prevent it from prematurely chipping away. 

If you want to get the best results or receive the most from your Elastic Rubber Base Coat, pair it with other gel-based products from In.Hype Nails. You’ll achieve a flawless finish and salon-quality nails right at home. 

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