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What Is Slip Solution?

by Gabbi
PolyGel Application

If you’re new to the nail word, you might be running into a lot of terms you are unfamiliar with. Polygels, acrylics, slip solutions, dual forms – oh my.

What is all that stuff? Today we’d like to dive into the world of PolyGel nails (which is different than gel nails) and specifically talk about slip solution.

So what is slip solution? Slip solution is a type of liquid that is usually used in the application of PolyGel and Gelish nail systems. It helps make the application easier and makes the result look a lot better.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. We’re going to discuss what this system entails, how slip solution is used, and where you can get the best slip solution if you decide to try it for yourself.

What Is PolyGel?

First, we need to discuss Polygel, Gelish, and similar systems. PolyGel was invented for professional nail salons as an alternative to acrylic nails and gel nails. It combines the durability of acrylics with the ease of application of gel nail polish.

If you’ve ever gotten a gel nail polish application, then you know that the polish doesn’t dry until you cure it under UV light – which gives the technician plenty of time to apply it, move it around, and get it perfect before curing.

The PolyGel system also relies on curing under UV light. This makes it far more convenient than acrylic nails, which dry quickly, often resulting in mistakes and imperfections within the nail’s surface.

Unlike regular gel polish, a PolyGel is much thicker – almost like putty.

It comes in a tube and it can be used to build a new nail shape on top of your natural nail, like acrylics. It’s a great way to add length and strength to your nails while achieving a smooth and shiny finish like you would with regular gel polish.

PolyGel is just one brand of this type of product. Other brands include Gelish, Makarrt, and many others. What makes it a “PolyGel” is the composition and application process.

The Purpose Of Slip Solution

When working with PolyGel, you need to use a slip solution. Let’s dive into what that is and why it’s so important.

Slip solution is a liquid that assists during the nail building process by making the PolyGel easier to work with, less sticky, and more malleable. 

Imagine trying to make a realistic nail shape out of putty – you’ll end up leaving marks and bush prints on the surface, and the edges probably won’t be so smooth.

Well, if you use a slip solution – a liquid mixture that you dip your brush into before working with the PolyGel – you can move the product around without it sticking to your brush. It helps create a smooth and shiny surface on the PolyGel so that it looks nice when it cures.

Although a slip solution is usually used with PolyGel systems, it can also work with a regular gel nail application. However, regular gel polish is usually already smooth and thin enough that you probably don’t need it. 

Slip solution can be used for different PolyGel applications, including:

  • Applying PolyGel over the natural nail as a polish
  • Applying PolyGel over the natural nail and building it up using dual forms
  • Applying PolyGel under a nail form and applying it to the natural nail
  • Applying PolyGel over nail extension tips 

How To Use Slip Solution

Here we will go over how to use slip solution when working with PolyGel for any of the purposes listed above.

Keep in mind that you need to have all the supplies on hand. You can typically get them all in a PolyGel kit, or buy them separately on Amazon or at a professional beauty store.

What You Will Need:

How To Do It:

  1. Start with clean and prepped nails. This means that nails should have no remaining polish or gel on them, the cuticles should be pushed back, and the nails should be gently buffed to remove shine.
  2. Apply primer to the nail. Primer often comes with your PolyGel kit, however, if you don’t have one, you can use regular alcohol. The goal of primer is to remove excess moisture from the nail, so alcohol works just fine. Wait for the nails to dry.  
  3. Apply a gel base coat and cure it. This should also come with your PolyGel kit, or you can use a regular gel base coat that you bought separately. Cure it for 60 seconds under a UV lamp.
  4. Squeeze a small dollop of PolyGel onto your nail. If you are using dual forms or nail forms, squeeze the PolyGel onto the form.
  5. Dip your brush into the slip solution.
  6. Use the brush with slip solution to spread the PolyGel, either over your nail or over the nail form, if you’re using one. 
  7. Dip into the slip solution if you feel that you need more and if the PolyGel is becoming difficult to work with. 
  8. When you are happy with the way the PolyGel looks on your nails, cure it under UV light for 60 seconds.
  9. If you used a dual form or nail form, remove it after the PolyGel has cured. You should be left with a nicely-shaped hard PolyGel nail over your natural nail. File it if needed to perfect the shape and get rid of any jagged edges.
  10. If desired, follow up with another layer of PolyGel by squeezing a small bead of PolyGel and working it over your nail with the brush dipped in slip solution. A second layer will add strength to the nail. Cure again for 60 sec.
  11. When you are happy with your nail, apply a gel top coat and cure one last time for another 60 seconds.

As you can see, slip solution is used pretty much anytime you are working with PolyGel, so it’s very important that you have it to be successful with this process.

If you’d like a visual tutorial, take a look at this one from Gabby Angelique on YouTube.

The Best Slip Solution For Polygel

You can buy a slip solution on its own or buy a whole kit for a PolyGel application. Here are the ones we found to have the best quality.

1. Morovan PolyGel Nail Kit

Check Current Price on Amazon

The Morovan PolyGel Nail Kit contains everything you need if you’re starting from scratch, including the slip solution, base coat, top coat, primer, UV lamp, 6 tubes of different colored PolyGels, dual forms, and even rhinestones to decorate your nails with.

If you’re a total beginner with PolyGels, this kit has literally everything you need to start creating beautiful PolyGel nails at home!

2. Louinstic PolyGel Slip Solution

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you already have everything you need for your PolyGel application, and you’re just looking for a good slip solution, this one has everything you need. It comes with a brush and lint-free cotton pads.

This solution has great reviews because it has a powerful anti-stick formula that makes it super easy to work with PolyGel without it sticking to the brush or leaving tracks.

This slip solution will leave you with perfectly shiny and smooth results every time. And the best part – it comes in a large 4oz bottle – so much value for the price!

3. Morovan PolyGel Slip Solution

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If you liked the solution that comes with the Morovan PolyGel Nail Kit, you can replenish your stock when you run out.

They sell their amazing slip solution on it’s own in a 4oz container.

We love that the cap on the bottle can actually be used as a small “bowl” for your slip solution when you’re working with it, and it’s easy to pour it back into the bottle if you have any left over.

Alternatives To Slip Solution

If you find yourself in a bind and you don’t have access to a slip solution, don’t worry – there are a few household things you could use instead.

We found that a little bit of acetone nail polish remover can work similarly to slip solution – it thins out the PolyGel and makes it easier to work with.

We’ve also had success with regular 70% alcohol. Most households have it laying around. Did you know that most slip solutions are alcohol-based? It’s no wonder that using alcohol can act in a similar way. It helps your brush glide over the PolyGel without sticking to it and creating tracks on your nail.

We hope this post was helpful. Now you know what slip solution is and how to use it for your nails!

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