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How To Use Tea Tree Oil In The Bath (+ Our Favorite Products)

by Gabbi

The versatility of essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree allows you to revitalize your skin and senses, whether it’s through a diffuser or a bath. Essential oils can transform your nightly baths into a spa oasis getaway with just a few drops. 

Tea tree essential oil is formulated in multiple skin, hair, and bath products due to its benefits, like combating acne, dandruff, or fungi. Also, tea tree oil can minimize stress and anxiety when used in aromatherapy. 

Because tea tree is a multipurpose oil, it can easily be added to a bath to treat your skin and body. Its potent formula can relieve tension or improve your complexion with a few drops of oil or mixed with your favorite bath products. 

How can you use tea tree oil in the bath? You’ll always want to use tea tree oil sparingly and dilute it because essential oils are highly potent. However, you can also find numerous tea tree oil-based bath products that do all the work for you. 

Tea tree essential oil can quickly transform your bath and provide the skin and body countless benefits. What methods can you add to your bath regimen that allows you to reap the maximum benefits that tea tree oil has to offer?

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is one of the many common essential oils used in beauty and aromatherapy. Thanks to its versatility, it can be found almost anywhere, from skincare to cleaning products.

Medical News Today states, “Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil distilled from the leaves of the native Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia.” Tea Tree oil is often formulated in beauty products thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known for its countless benefits for the skin and hair and is a superhero element for aromatherapy or cleaning products. It can work wonders for any bath to relieve your nerves and muscles and fight against acne. 

Also, tea tree oil can help create a spa oasis in the comfort of your own home and add a sense of luxury to your bath. Anti-fungal properties can even give your feet a little TLC by combating bacteria.

Treat Problematic Skin

Tea tree oil works wonders for acne-prone or problematic skin. So adding a few drops of this essential oil into your bath can be beneficial if you struggle with body blemishes. 

Healthline states, “tea tree oil was found to be as effective against acne as benzoyl peroxide, the most common anti-acne medication.” However, it’s crucial to use tea tree oil sparingly because its potent formula can severely irritate the skin. 


Another reason why tea tree oil can benefit baths is due to its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which can be great for foot care. 

In addition, this essential oil can quickly reduce the rate of fungi under toenails which is excellent to have in baths or a foot soak.

Healthline claims, “Tea tree oil has been shown to help get rid of nail fungus when used alone or in combination with other natural remedies, with fewer side effects than traditional medications.” 

Risks Of Tea Tree Oil 

Unfortunately, tea tree oil may not agree with all skin types or characteristics. Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent, and while they may offer significant benefits, they can also put the skin at risk. 

For example, using too much essential oil or not diluting an essential oil can lead to breakouts or irritation. In addition, sensitive skin types may not always react well to tea tree oil, and some can even have an allergic reaction.

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions can occur with overexposure to a particular product or if you have pre-existing conditions. Essential oils can quickly create adverse reactions if you ever add too much to the skin or if it’s not diluted with a carrier oil beforehand. 

This is something to keep in mind before adding any essential oils like tea tree into your bath. 

How To Use Tea Tree Oil Safely

Healthline states, “Hot baths can relieve sore muscles and joints. Adding essential oils to your bath can be the icing on the cake. They bring about even more benefits.” However, it’s crucial to use tea tree oil correctly to receive the maximum benefits. 

First, picking a high-quality tea tree oil product is crucial to ensure you don’t use a product with heavily processed ingredients. In addition, you should always dilute your tea tree oil because using it on its own can lead to skin irritation.

Less Is More

You only need a few drops of tea tree oil to get the best result. The best way to dilute tea tree essential oil is with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba. Also, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to your favorite bath products like bombs, bubbles, or soaps.

A couple of drops can completely transform your bath, especially if you plan on mixing it with another potent essential oil like eucalyptus.

Conduct A Patch Test 

Another way to use tea tree oil safely in the bath is by conducting a patch test. A patch test will determine whether or not you’ll have an adverse reaction to any tea tree products. This technique is beneficial for DIY tea tree dilution. 

However, you can patch-test various tea tree-based bath products before filling your tub. Patch tests can easily keep your skin safe!

Consult A Dermatologist 

Finally, you can always consult a dermatologist. Consulting with a skin care professional will ensure you will correctly add tea tree oil into your baths and ensure that it will benefit your skin type.

How To Add Tea Tree Essential Oil To A Bath 

How can you use tea tree oil in your bath? Key things to remember are that less is more, always mix or dilute with another product, or purchase a tea tree-based product. These methods can help boost every bath for a relaxing effect. 

You can easily combine tea tree essential oil with your favorite bath products like bubble baths, bath bombs, shower gels, and Epsom salts. There are multiple ways you can create a tea tree-infused bath.

Use A Few Drops 

First, you only need a couple of drops of tea tree oil. 

Healthline and the Tisserand Institute “recommends a dilution rate of 1-4% for essential oils you want to use in your bath. The institute also recommends vegetable oils as a carrier oil.” 

Or, you can add as little as two to five drops of tea tree oil to your carrier oil or product of choice. Starting with a small amount allows you to gauge how well the skin will react to tea tree oil in your bath. 

Mix With Carrier Oil

The simplest way to dilute tea tree oil for a bath is with carrier oil. Carrier oils can be used alone, but they can also dilute essential oils. These products will ensure that your skin won’t severely react to the potency of tea tree oil.

Popular carrier oils that can swiftly dilute tea tree essential oil include jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, argan, and rosehip oil

Combine With A Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are filled with oils, fragrances, and skin-loving ingredients. However, you can boost or customize your bath bomb with tea tree oil. The best way to dissolve your bath bombs is by crumbling a small piece under the running faucet. 

After you add the bath bomb into the water and watch it fizzle, you can add a small amount of tea tree oil. The amount you add can depend on what components are in your bath bomb because these products often already contain essential oils. 

Infuse With Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are a standard product you can add to your bath to help relieve muscle tension.

One way to amp up your Epsom salt bath is with your tea tree essential oil. However, ensure you have a proper way to dilute your tea tree beforehand. 

First, you can create your tea tree oil and carrier oil mixture. Then, you can add it into your bath with your Epsom salts and get ready to take a soak!

Add To Bubble Bath 

Bubble baths are a pleasant and relaxing way to feed your inner child. Most bubble baths have a liquid texture similar to shower gel. You can quickly transform your bubble bath into a tea tree infused space for the ultimate staycation. 

Add a few drops to your running bath water in combination with your bubble bath. The bubble bath gel will help dilute the couple drops of tea tree oil so you can receive the maximum benefit.

Purchase Tea Tree Based Bath Products 

Finally, you can purchase tea tree bath products if you’re not interested in creating your DIY bath formula at home. These products are highly beneficial because they already contain the right amount of tea tree and other nourishing components.

Tea tree oil-based bath products can make running a bath simple and easy rather than adding multiple items. You can still create a relaxing atmosphere with less effort.

Best Tea Tree Oil Bath Products 

Are you looking for the ultimate tea tree oil-based bath products? Baths are a sensual element of any self-care or nighttime routine, and not everyone will want to create their own bath concoction. So, these bath must-haves will simplify your regimen. 

You can choose from an array of pure tea tree oil, Epsom salts, or bath bombs for a revitalizing at-home experience.

1. Nature’s Beauty Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Bath Bomb 

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Nature’s Beauty combines the tea tree oil’s replenishing aspects with the eucalyptus’s rejuvenating factors.

This bath bomb contains a blend of other skin-loving ingredients like Coconut Oil and Witch Hazel to purify and nourish the skin. 

This vegan and cruelty-free bath bomb is simple to use and will effortlessly dissolve in water. Nature’s Beauty claims this bath bomb will soften and smooth your skin.

2. Gya Labs Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil 

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Are you looking for a pure form of tea tree oil that is multipurpose?

Gya Labs offers Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil that will level up any bath. It’s suitable for the hair, scalp, skin, and face. In addition, it’s 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil and cruelty-free.

You can quickly dilute this tea tree oil with carrier oil or your other favorite bath products. A few drops of oil goes a long way!

3. Everybody Loves Soap Plant-Derived Calming Bubble Bath Infused

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Bubble baths add an element of fun to your nighttime routine and can help you unwind with the likes of tea trees.

The Everybody Loves Soap Plant-Derived Calming Bubble Bath contains a blend of essential oils like tea tree, lavender, and olive fruit. 

This bubble bath soap can quickly transform the atmosphere of your bathroom and cut down on products. It leaves the skin soft and supple and your senses revitalized.

4. Daily Remedy Skin Relief Body Soak Tea Tree 

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Daily Remedy offers a unique body soak that tends to muscles and common skin conditions.

This salt soak can heal the skin thanks to tea tree oil and other soothing components like vitamin E and eucalyptus oil.

You can target multiple issues like itchy, dry skin and eczema/psoriasis. It helps your body recharge, and your skin will feel nourished.

5. Heydrate Handmade Tea Tree Oil Soap For The Face And Body 

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Do you like taking baths without overwhelming your skin with suds?

A soap bar can create a soothing effect on the skin with a warm water soak. The Heydrate Handmade Tea Tree Oil Soap can renew the skin effortlessly.

You can lather the soap and spot treat areas that need extra TLC, and it is a low-waste product to add to your bath regimen.

Related Questions

Tea tree is only one of many essential oils. Each essential oil provides unique benefits to the skin and senses. You may even feel motivated to combine tea tree oil with other oils to create your own bath products.

Can You Mix Tea Tree Oil With Other Essential Oils In Your Bath? 

To gain multiple benefits, you can mix tea tree oil with other essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus. Ready-made bath products have already formulated the ideal amount of various essential oils.

However, if you plan to combine your own oils, please ensure you use a small amount or dilute them properly to avoid any adverse reactions. You can also patch-test your DIY product to ensure it won’t irritate the skin.


Tea Tree oil is a beautiful component in any skincare product, especially for baths. This essential oil provides numerous benefits, like healing problematic skin and carrying anti-fungal properties. 

However, essential oils like Tea Tree are highly potent and must be diluted by another product or carrier oil to avoid reactions. The easiest way to dilute tea tree oil is by using jojoba or coconut oil.

You can add tea tree oil to Epsom salts, bath bombs, and bubble baths, or purchase a tea tree-infused bath product. Each method is effortless and provides soothing results. Also, you can start off slow by only adding one or two drops to the bath.

Will you be using tea tree oil in your next bath?

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