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Can You Bring Your Own Nail Polish To A Salon?

by Gabbi

Whether going to a nail salon is part of your typical beauty routine, or a special treat to pamper yourself, deciding what color polish you are going to get is critical to every appointment.

While sometimes you may go in with an idea of what you want, when faced with the rows and books of polish, it can be overwhelming to decide in such a short time. However, when you have the perfect polish as part of your personal collection, using that shade eliminates all the indecision.

Bringing in your own nail polish to the salon is a fairly common practice, although there are still questions surrounding it. If you like to have your own nail polish collection, and do not want it to go to waste, using it during your manicure or pedicure appointments are a way to have the best of both options. 

So, can you bring your own nail polish to your manicure or pedicure appointment? Yes, you can bring your personal polish to your nail appointment. There can be many benefits from bringing your own preferred polish to the salon, however you want to ensure you are bringing your personal polish in an appropriate way to avoid any discomfort for you or your nail technician.

Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of bringing in your own nail polish to a salon, the benefits, and the best methods to do so!

Can You Bring Personal Nail Polish To A Salon?

Bringing your own, personal nail polish to a salon for your nail appointment is a common question for many.

Not wanting to come off rude or disrespectful to your nail technicians can prevent many from bringing in their own polish, or even asking if it is a possibility. However, if done in the correct way, it is acceptable to bring a personal polish to your appointment.

This is a common occurrence for many salons and nail technicians to experience. While some salons may have certain policies in place for personal products, the majority of nail salons are aware that many of their customers may want to bring in their own manicure products, for various reasons.

If the situation is approached in a polite and respectful way, your nail salon or nail technician should not have any issues with you bringing in your own, personal nail polish or manicure items.

Types of Polishes Available At A Salon

At any nail salon you walk into, shelves of nail polish line the walls with their variety of colors, finishes, and textures. There are many types of nail polishes available for you to choose from at the start of your appointment, based on the look you are going for or the occasion.

Most commonly, salons will offer a wide range of nail polishes in the typical polish formula, for standard manicures or pedicures.

Within the regular nail polish offerings, there will also be a selection of different brands to choose from as salons often like to carry a variety of popular options.

Aside from the regular nail polish that is offered, most salons will also offer different versions of Shellac, soft gel polish, hard gels, and acrylics as those are other popular nail requests.

Depending on the salon you are going to, it will determine the nail polish brands that are offered and what type of services they provide.

Not every salon is going to offer the same options in terms of brands, and there are several reasons why what is available varies from place to place. Some salons may have partnerships in place with certain polish brands, which can provide them with the polishes they stock.

Some higher end salons may offer options that are only available to salon professionals. Many other salons may offer more common brands, or budget-friendly services.

However, if you have a particular polish that you want to use for your appointment, you can bring it to your place no matter the type of salon.

Benefits Of Bringing Personal Nail Polish To A Salon

There are a variety of benefits to bringing your personal nail polish to a salon, for both you and your nail technician. Ultimately, it is the best way to ensure the results are as desired, with the color or formula you are after.

Especially if you need your nails to have a particular finish or be a specific color for an occasion, bringing in that particular polish is going to make sure that look is achieved.

While the nail salons are going to offer a wide array of polishes, depending on the salon, the selection can be limited when it comes to the shade you are looking for. If you have a polish that is a personal favorite or a unique shade, you can be sure your manicure or pedicure will be that special, personalized color.

Bringing in your own personal nail polish can also be beneficial if you have allergies to a specific ingredient used in various polish brands, or if you use vegan products. By using your own polishes that you know are safe for you to use, it avoids any confusion during your appointment or potential allergic reactions.

While the salons may have a list of ingredients for their polishes to refer to, or may be aware if any options are vegan, it may require some time-consuming research that can take away from your actual appointment.

Along with avoiding potential allergic reactions, if you decide to bring your own nail polish with you to the salon, you can ensure the hygiene of the product. While salons do their best to maintain the top-quality hygiene standards, using your personal polish can lay any concerns to rest.

Finding your perfect color at the start of your appointment can be overwhelming or feel rushed due to the busy nature of many salons. If you want to avoid the uncertainty of choosing a color from a variety of options in a hastened time frame, using your personal polish can help to avoid that process.

Also, while it may not lessen your appointment, bringing in your own polish is more cost-effective for your salon. You can also score the best of both worlds, by having your customized, particular polish color, with the clean application of a nail professional.

Can You Bring Other Products To A Salon?

There are many steps that go into your manicure or pedicure routine, aside from the polish. If you feel more comfortable bringing in your own nail polish, there may be other manicure items you want to bring with you as well.

Similarly, to bringing your own polish for hygienic reasons, bringing in additional manicure items can ensure their cleanliness.

The other manicure items that are popular for customers to bring to their nail appointments are personal nail files and buffers, orangewood cuticle sticks, or personal cuticle pushers or clippers.

Although salons will sanitize their tools between customers, or even use new tools altogether for each new client, if you are bringing your own items you want to make sure they are cleaned and sanitized properly beforehand.

Best Ways To Bring Personal Nail Polish To A Salon

While it is a common occurrence for many to bring their own polish, how you go about doing it is important to avoid any awkward encounters at your appointment.

Although salon or technicians will not think it is rude or disrespectful if you bring your own polish, it is best to make sure you tell your nail tech once you arrive to avoid any confusion. 

If you are unsure of bringing in your own polish or manicure items, you can always call the salon prior to your appointment to see their policy, as well as to give them advanced notice.

It is also helpful to explain to your nail technician why you wanted to bring your own polish. It helps to avoid any misunderstanding and can offer them a chance to suggest what other products or services will work well with your personal polish.

Depending on the type of polish you are looking to bring in, if it is not a regular polish, it can also prepare them for any specific requirements needed during the appointment.


While it might seem uncomfortable leading up to your appointment, bringing in your own nail polish is an occurrence that nail salons are familiar with.

While there may be some salons that have certain policies they follow, the majority allow their customers to bring in their own polish or manicuring tools if that is how they feel more comfortable.

Calling your salon and talking to your nail technician to confirm their policies is always a great way to make sure your appointment runs smoothly.

The part of bringing in your own polish to the salon that can be the most nerve wracking is ensuring you are respectful to your nail technician.

However, by confirming with the salon, explaining your reasoning why you would like to bring your own polish, or even presenting it when you first walk in for your appointment should not cause any discomfort or tension.

At the end of the appointment, you and your nail tech will ensure that you have the nail look that you desired right from the start.

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