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How Long Does A Pedicure Last?

by Gabbi

Not only does a pedicure give you beautiful, presentable toes, but it is such a relaxing treat, too. A pedicure will also help remove dead skin and cuticles from your nails, and keep your toes and feet healthy and cared for.

If pedicures aren’t your usual treatment but you are considering having one done, you might not know exactly what to expect with how long they last.

So, how long does a pedicure last? A pedicure will typically last for between 2-4 weeks, but this also depends on the type of pedicure treatment you are having done, as well as how well you care for the pedicure at home. This means that you can have a pedicure done around once a month to keep it maintained.

Read on to find out exactly how long a pedicure will last for and how to make a pedicure last longer, as well as some of the benefits of having a pedicure done!

How Long Will A Pedicure Last?

You would want your pedicure to last for as long as possible to be able to enjoy your beautiful toes for a longer time! However, how long your pedicure lasts will depend on a few different things.

Generally, a pedicure should last for between 2-4 weeks, before the pedicure starts to chip or grow out, and before you need to have it removed or redone.

With proper care, you should be able to enjoy salon-fresh toes for up to a month, but you do have to put some effort into caring for your pedicure properly.

Which Type Of Pedicure Lasts Longest?

There are two main types of pedicures to choose from. These are classic and gel pedicures. If you are looking to get the type of pedicure that will last the longest, then you should have a gel pedicure done.

Gel pedicures last for longer as they hold up better to chipping and fading, and are more durable when it comes to handling everyday life.

On average, a classic pedicure will last for up to 2 weeks, whereas a gel pedicure will last for up to 4 weeks and possibly even longer, depending on how you care for it and how fast your nails grow.

Gel pedicures also last for longer thanks to the base coat and topcoat that are applied with the color, and as this is all cured under UV lights, it creates a very durable polish that hardens quite a bit.

However, gel pedicures could be damaging to your nails if you remove the gel yourself or if they chip or peel, which is why some people choose to go for classic pedicures, even if they do not last as long.

If you do choose to have a gel pedicure, make sure to book an appointment to have the gel removed by a professional at a salon, to reduce damaging your natural nails.

How To Make A Pedicure Last Longer

When you’ve had a pedicure done, you want it to last as long as possible. To do this, you will need to take a few steps to keep your pedicure in the best condition possible to help it last for longer!

Here is how you can make your pedicure last longer, and how you can care for it at home:

Rest Your Feet For 24 Hours

You might be excited to go and show off your fresh pedi the moment you leave the salon, but you have to let your feet rest. Your pedicure needs up to 24 hours to properly set, and not resting your feet in the 12 -24 hours after the pedicure is a sure way to have them not last long.

During the first 24 hours after a pedicure, your nails are more prone to damage and chipping, so you need to keep them out of harm’s way if you can. 

Avoid doing any exercise or anything similar for the first day after your manicure, and avoid soaking your toes in a hot bath, hot shower, or a hot tub. It is actually best to avoid water for at least 12 hours after the pedicure, and for up to 24 hours if you can.

Avoid wearing closed shoes or shoes that are too tight as well, as they could rub against the fresh pedicure before it has set properly.

If possible, try to have the pedicure done later in the day, so you have the evening to rest and the night to have your feet completely relaxed, just giving the pedicure all the time it needs to develop fully. Wear some socks when you sleep for added protection.

Use A Top Coat For Classic Pedicures

This is not needed for gel pedicures, as a top coat (like this one from Young Nails) would be cured with the pedicure, but when you have a classic pedicure done, you can help it last for longer by applying a topcoat at least once a week.

Reapplying a top coat will keep the pedicure shiny and protected, and will extend its life quite a bit.

Avoid applying more than 2-3 top coats to a pedicure, as this could cause it to be more prone to chipping, and it could cause the topcoat to be too thick. You could also choose a darker top coat to have the color appear more vibrant for longer.

Chat with the salon technician for advice on the best topcoat to use for a classic pedicure.

Use Unscented Products

It is a good idea to keep your feet moisturized (you can’t go wrong with Gold Bond) after having a pedicure done, and you could also use cuticle oil to help your cuticles look healthy and to extend the longevity of the pedicure too.

A good moisturizer and cuticle oil are essential to extending the life of your pedicure, but you need to use the right type. Choose unscented moisturizers and cuticle oils to use on your feet, as the added fragrances in the oils or lotions could break down the pedicure.

Dry cuticles can cause the polish to chip and peel easier, so it really is important to use cuticle oil to prevent this.

Cover Your Toes When Possible

It seems counterintuitive to cover up your feet after you have had a pedicure done, as all you would want to do is show off your pretty new toes! However, you need to try to keep your toes covered where possible.

Yes, you can show off your feet when out in a beautiful summer dress or when lounging by the pool, but in between this, try to cover your toes and feet when you can. Use good socks with some comfortable shoes that won’t rub against your toes too much.

Avoid walking around barefoot too much either, as this puts the pedicure at risk of chipping and peeling more, and the moisture and humidity can also affect how long the pedicure lasts.

Avoid Pools And Hot Tubs

Once again, you might want to show off your newly pedicured toes at the poolside or in a hot tub, but you need to then realize that this could cut down the longevity of your pedicure.

Hot water and chlorine can really wear down the pedicure, and quite quickly. Chlorine reduces the shine of the pedicure and can cause small bumps all over. There is also the risk that you could knock your feet along the bottom or side of the pool, which can cause chips.

Keep Hydrated

By keeping up a healthy intake of water and liquids, and keeping your feet nourished and hydrated, your nails are less likely to be brittle and therefore will hold onto a pedicure for longer.

Avoid Too Much Sun

Too much sun on your toes can cause the colors to appear less vibrant, and it can lessen the topcoat, making chips and peeling happen easier.

Try to keep your toes in the shade when out in the sun, or cover them with a towel to give them better protection.

Gel and classic pedicures fare much better in cooler environments than they do in the heat, so you should also avoid placing your toes close to a fire or a heater in the winter too.

A cold bath can actually help to harden a gel polish, which will help the pedicure last for longer too.

The Benefits Of Pedicures

If you are unsure of whether a pedicure s the right option for you or not, here are the benefits that you can enjoy with regular pedicures:

Improved Appearance

The most obvious benefit of a pedicure is that it improves the appearance of your toes. Whether you opt for a clear coat or a vibrant color, your toes and your feet will look polished and well looked after following a pedicure, and you will feel more confident wearing open shoes!

Regular pedicures also improve the appearance of your feet, and they will look healthier and more youthful over time too.

Foot Health

During a pedicure, the pedicure technician will scrub and exfoliate your feet, removing dead skin cells, which softens the skin and makes it appear healthier too. This is important for areas prone to drying such as the heels and the sides of big toes.

Exfoliating your feet regularly is such an effective way to improve the overall health of your feet, and keep them in a soft, nourished condition.

Nail Health

Along with improved foot health, pedicures improve nail health too. Regular pedicures can increase blood flow in the area, which is great at helping with nail growth and nail health.

Having your nails clipped and buffed, and your cuticles removed, all go a long way in improving how healthy your nails are kept, and will prevent them from becoming thick or brittle, or even developing a yellow tint.


Almost all pedicures include some sort of massage and aromatherapy, and this session of relaxation and care is so important for your mental health. It allows you to sit back and be pampered, and it is a great way to de-stress and release tension.

Having a pedicure done once a month is a great treat to give yourself, and you deserve the self care!

The Pedicure Process

A professional pedicure should always include the same steps, which help prepare, pamper, and care for your feet and toes, and hopefully give you perfect toes to show off!

If you’d like to see a visual tutorial of the pedicure process, take a look at this video from Tammy Taylor on YouTube.

These are the main steps included in a pedicure that you can expect:


The first step of a pedicure is to place the feet in clean, warm water, and cleanse them with a special cleansing product. Feet are often left to soak for up to 5 minutes, to sanitize them and soften them in preparation for the pedicure.

Some pedicures do not include the foot soak, but a specialized spray and towel are used to clean your nails and your feet while keeping your feet dry.

This step also includes removing any existing product on the nails.


Once the feet are cleansed, your nails will then be cut and shaped. They will be cut to the right length to avoid ingrown toenails and any discomfort, but your technician will chat with you about how long you want your nails cut.

Cuticle Preparation

Your nail technician will have their own preference on how they prepare and care for your cuticles, whether it is to trim or push them back, but this is an important step that always happens.

It removes dead skin cells from the nail plate and also helps exfoliate the edges of your nails too. This is done gently to not damage the skin around the nail.


Next, the nail technician will exfoliate the skin on your feet. This could be a mechanical exfoliation, a chemical exfoliation, or both.

Dead skin tends to build up quickly on the feet, so using a manual file, an electric file, or a chemical exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells is so important for feet to look and feel healthy.


Once your feet have been exfoliated and all the excess dead skin cells are removed, the technician will then moisturize your feet and toes. Often, this entails quite a relaxing massage that can even extend up to your knees.

Nail Coating

The last step of the pedicure includes the technician applying your chosen nail coating, whether you opt for a classic pedicure or a gel pedicure.

You can choose a clear coat, a pale color, vibrant pigments, and even nail art. Some pedicures don’t even have to include a nail coating – so it is completely up to you what you have done.

Final Thoughts

When looked after properly, a pedicure can last for up to 4 weeks. Keep in mind that classic pedicures will generally last for 2 weeks, while gel pedicures can last for up to 4 weeks and longer.

How long a pedicure lasts will depend on the treatment you use, as well as how well you care for it at home. Take a read through the above to find out how to care for your pedicure, as well as what to expect from one!

Related Questions

How often do you need a pedicure?

You can book pedicure appointments every 4-6 weeks, to keep your feet in a healthy, presentable condition.

What should you avoid before a pedicure?

Do not paint or polish your toenails before a pedicure, and try to avoid having any other products on your feet when heading to the salon for a pedicure.

How long after a pedicure can I shower?

Wait for up to 24 hours to shower after a pedicure, just to give the coating enough time to set.

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