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11 Best Hair Straighteners For Guys

by Gabbi

Hair straighteners are not just for women, and guys can really benefit from having a straightener at home for some upgraded grooming!

A good hair straightener can help tame frizz, even up waves and help to create the perfect style in a short time. However, finding the right hair straightener can be tricky, and you would want one that is long-lasting and effective.

What is the best hair straightener for guys? The best hair straighteners for guys are reliable, safe to use, and effective at taming thick or wavy hair. It also helps to choose a straightener with different temperature settings, so it can be adjusted to suit your hair type.

If you are in the market for a new hair straightener, but need a little help, below is what you should look for when purchasing a hair straightener for guys, and some of our top recommendations of hair straighteners suited for men on the market!

Hair Straighteners For Guys – Buyer’s Guide

Before jumping in and purchasing the first hair straightener you find, there are some considerations to keep in mind, which will help you pick out the best hair straightener for you to use.

Keep in mind what you are wanting to achieve with the hair straightener, such as the looks and styles you are going for, your hair type, and whether you want the hair straightener to be more versatile than just to be used for straightening.

These are some factors to keep in mind:

Straightener Plate Size

The plate size of the hair straightener is quite an important factor to consider! Your hair length will be a determining factor on what the plate size should be, as long, thick hair works best with a straightener which has longer, wider plates. This will help to shorten straightening time.

If you have shorter hair, then a thinner straightener would be better to use, as it will allow you to style your short hair easily, and as you have less hair, the thinner straightener won’t extend styling time too much. Wider plates can also be fine for short hair, so it really is up to you.

Straightener Plate Material

You have to choose a straightener that is made with suitable plate material, to ensure that the straightener styles hair smooth and frizz-free, and does not cause damage to the hair.

The right plate material will allow the flat iron to straighten hair smoothly and evenly, and will reduce frizz, which is an issue that many men deal with.

The three best plate materials include tourmaline, titanium, and ceramic. Ceramic and titanium plates are often infused with tourmaline, which can help to create more ions that contribute to smoothing the hair down and adding shine, while reducing frizz.

Ceramic plates are a good choice if you are looking for a more affordable straightener that still provides a smoothing, anti-frizz finish. Titanium plates offer fast and precise heat at higher temperatures evenly, for quick styling, which is suited for thicker hair.

As there are quite a few hair straighteners which are made from tourmaline, titanium or ceramic, you shouldn’t really choose one that doesn’t contain plates made from these materials.


If you are just looking for a flat iron to straighten your hair, then you do not need to worry about versatility too much, but if you are wanting to try out some curls or waves, then it does help to choose a straightener that allows you to create various styles.

A flat iron with curved plates is perfect to use to straighten hair, but it can also help to easily create waves and curls. This gives you the opportunity to experiment with different styles and looks, to find the one that suits you best, or to just change up your look every now and then!

Hair Straightener Safety Features

It always helps to have some added safety features on the hair straightener. How many times have you had to double check that you have switched an appliance off, or stressed that you haven’t turned the straightener off once you have left home?

Some flat irons have built-in safety features that will switch the straightener off after a certain amount of time, such as after 30-minutes of non-use.

There are also certain safety features that will switch the straightener off once it reaches a certain temperature, to prevent overheating.

Temperature Levels

A hair straightener which has adjustable temperature levels is definitely a good choice. This means that you can adjust the temperature to suit your hair type and the styles you are looking for.

Not all hair types need a high heat, whereas some hair types can be styled with a lower temperature. You might also want to avoid using high heat too often, as this could lead to damage.

Added Features

There are some added features that certain hair straighteners offer. One helpful feature is a memory function, where the hair straightener will remember your preferred temperature, and automatically switch to this when you turn the straightener on, saving you time adjusting it yourself.

It can also be really handy if the hair straightener comes with a heat pad or heat-resistant gloves, to make styling easier and safer. A travel case is also helpful if you are traveling for work and need a styling tool to travel with you!

The 11 Best Hair Straighteners For Guys

The below 11 hair straighteners for guys are all great options, and will all help to style your hair, whether short or long, quickly and effectively, ensuring your hair is left smooth and frizz-free!

When looking through the below list, keep in mind whether you will be using the straightener for just straightening, or if you want it to be a little more versatile for curling and waving too.

Also consider your hair type, if your hair is long or short, thick or thin, and anywhere in between, to choose the best straightener for you!

RankProductKey Features
1.BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron50 heat settings, frizz reducing
2.ghd Platinum+ StylerStronger, smoother hair
3.Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron10 heat settings, fuss-free, ceramic
4.Bcway Professional Hair Straightener5 settings, boosts keratin
5.Hot Tools Pro Artist Black + Gold Flat IronHeat glove, gold and titanium
6.AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Hair StraightenerTourmaline, frizz-free, works on beards
7.Professional Hair StraightenerCeramic coated, argan oil and tourmaline
8.Furiden Professional Hair StraightenerComfortable grip, ultra-smooth
9.Remington S5500 Anti-Static Flat IronAnti-static, smooth glide, no hot spots
10.Terviix Mini Flat Iron For Short Hair3 heat settings, argan oil and keratin
11.HSI Professional Glider Hair StraightenerNo-frizz, reduces damage

1. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

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The BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron features a thin design that gives you extra flexibility when styling, and which can help reduce hand-fatigue when styling for a longer time.

You can create pin-straight styles with this straightener, or use it to give your hair some subtle waves or curls. The heat-resistant ryton housing means that you can comfortably hold the straightener without worrying about it becoming hot in your hands.

The different high heat levels provide great straightening results with the Nano Titanium technology, which smooths hair by reducing frizz, and which protects hair from heat damage.

To allow the  straightener to be more suited to your hair, there are 50 heat settings up to 450°F. The plate is also extended, at 5-inches, to allow for faster straightening and styling.

The ceramic heated plates heat up quickly, and the straightener has heat recovery, instantly switching to your favorite heat setting to save you time when styling your hair!

2. ghd Platinum+ Styler

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If you are looking to really treat yourself and give your hair the best care possible, the ghd Platinum+ Styler should be your first choice!

The Platinum+ Styler is one of the only smart hair straighteners on the market.

It predicts your hair needs, by monitoring heat 250 times a minute through predictive technology, to give you the ultimate results for healthier, stronger and smoother hair.

Using the Ultra-Zone Predictive Technology, the straightener recognizes hair thickness and speed of styling, and adjusts the settings accordingly, giving your personalized results.

A unique wishbone hinge and round barrel gives you snag-free and versatile styling, so you can create straight hair, flicks, waves or curls.

The flat iron provides less breakage and better color protection, leaving your hair looking and feeling like it is in great condition after styling and straightening.

You can create ultimate hairstyles with salon-looking finishes with this trusted straightener featuring advanced heat styling technology.

3. Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron

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The Revlon Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron is possibly the best choice of affordable, reliable and effective hair straighteners for men.

It has just about all the features you could want, and is a fuss-free styling tool that will help you achieve the looks you want at home.

Featuring 3x Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic coating on the plates, the straightener will give you a healthy looking finish, reducing frizz and increasing shine, while straightening hair smoothly.

The XL True-Grip Smooth plates eliminate gaps, allowing for an easy glide and no snags.

The straightener features 10 variable heat settings, which are all shown clearly on the LED lighting on the front of the flat iron. An on/off button is also conveniently placed on the side of the straightener for quick operation.

To make the straightener easier to use, it has a tangle-free swivel cord, giving you easy styling at all times and in all places! The smooth glide and ultra-sleek styles that this straightener offers makes it a great option.

4. Bcway Professional Hair Straightener

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The Bcway Professional Hair Straightener is designed with damage-free 3D floating titanium, which avoids pulling, snagging and damaging hair when styling it, and instead it leaves it looking sleek, shiny and wonderfully healthy!

The plates of the straightener are extra-wide, at 2.16-inches wide, allowing you to enjoy a faster straightening time, which is particularly helpful if you have longer hair.

There are 5 different temperature settings to choose from, so you can set the straightener to the perfect temperature for your hair. This makes the straightener suitable for all hair types.

For quick styling, the straightener will heat up in only 30 seconds, and you can get styling straight away. It distributes heat evenly to the hair, so you can style your hair in no time, whether short or long.

A safety lock button keeps the flat iron protected and safe when not in use, which just adds to the convenience. 

To care for your hair even more, you can switch the straightener onto hair care mode and a low temperature, to boost keratin in your hair and to keep it smooth and sleek.

5. Hot Tools Pro Artist Black + Gold Flat Iron

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Using Black Gold technology, this straightener from Hot Tools features gold and titanium to minimize friction and to reduce hair damage, leaving your hair looking smooth and shiny, no matter how thick or frizzy it might be.

The straightener features custom digital heat settings and a memory function, so you can choose your ideal temperature up to 455°F. When switching the iron on, it recalls the last heat setting for quicker styling.

Along with the straightener, you will receive a protection glove, which will keep your hands safe while styling. The straightener also has an auto shut-off, where it will switch off after 2 hours.

Rounded plates allow you to straighten or curl your hair, with the iron moving smoothly and effortlessly along each section of your hair. It is ideal for both long and short hair, and can adapt to your hair easily.

Being universal dual voltage, you can travel with the straightener and use it wherever you go, so you will never be without your handy styler! The plates are 1.25-inches wide, which is great for short men’s hair.

6. AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Hair Straightener

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This mini flat iron is perfect for quick styling on the go, to give you professional smoothing results wherever you go.

The straightener will help to give you super sleek, straight hair, or wavy curls, depending on the length of your hair and what you are wanting to achieve.

With ceramic and tourmaline technology, the mini flat irons heat evenly all around, so your hair is not left to burn in one area and with cold spots in another. The tourmaline also prevents sticking and pulling, and emits negative ions to eliminate frizz.

There is only one fixed temperature with this straightener, which might not be ideal if you feel your hair would be sensitive to a higher temperature, but it is all you need for thick, frizzy hair, when you are looking for a travel straightener.

The small size of the straightener also means it is easy to use on short hair, and it can effectively smooth out beards as well!

The 410°F fixed heat will give you salon-quality results no matter where you are, and a safety lock makes traveling much easier too.

7. Professional Hair Straightener

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For when you want a straightener that really looks after your hair, this is a great option.

The ceramic coated heating plate features argan oil and tourmaline benefits, which helps to lock in natural moisture and which transforms frizzy hair into soft, shiny locks.

The smooth plates also prevent pulling and damage while styling, which gives hair an anti-static, healthier look.

The PTC heating technology gives you safe and stable heat while styling, and you can choose a heat setting between 265-450°F, making the straightener suitable for all hair types.

The one switch rotary button is all you need to control the temperature of the straightener, making it easier to get styling.

The built-in ionic generator and double track infrared lamps really help to care for your hair, reducing split ends and knots, which is important for even short hair styles for men.

A 360 degree swivel cord and a safety lock add to safety and ease of use, and the auto-off after 60 minutes keeps you safe from any accidents.

Use the straightener to curl or straighten your hair, and enjoy doing so with a smooth gliding motion and without the damage that some other straighteners might cause!

8. Furiden Professional Hair Straightener

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The revolutionary one-step straightener and styler from Furiden gives you ultra-smooth and silky hair with just the touch of a button! 

With new technology, the flat iron heats up in just 15 seconds, saving your energy and time. You can get styling almost instantly with the flat iron, and use the included comb and clips to achieve your desired look.

The floating plates ensure that your hair does not pull or become snagged during straightening, as they are constantly adjusting the angle to avoid damage, giving you better comfort when styling your hair.

You can either use the iron to straighten or curl your hair, as the round edges allow for both. The extra long cord of the straightener measures 97-inches, so it does not restrict you when styling your hair.

As a straighter for guys, this is a great option if you want something versatile and reliable, and if you are looking for a straightener that will tame your frizz and just be quick and convenient to use as well. The added accessories are a bonus too!

9. Remington S5500 Anti-Static Flat Iron

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The Remington S5500 Anti-Static Flat Iron features 1-inch floating plates, to offer a smooth glide and precise styling, suitable for shorter hairstyles on men.

The anti-static technology means that there is 50% less static and fly-aways, keeping hair smooth and frizz-free, which only makes it look so much healthier.

Titanium protection coating means that heat-up is fast, and styling is even and consistent. The titanium protection offers even heat distribution so there are no hot spots and less damage is done to your hair.

The highest heat is 410°F, which will give you salon results.The plates are 30% longer than normal too, which once again helps to reduce damage done to hair.

10. Terviix Mini Flat Iron For Short Hair

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This mini straightener from Terviix was designed with men in mind.

It has 3 different heat settings, allowing you to choose the one that suits your hair type and thickness best. This gives you optimal styling and less heat damage.

It is a must-have for short hair, as the ½-inch slim plate can get close to the roots easily, and then move along the shorter strands of hair to straighten them out. It can also be used as a beard straightener too!

The straightener is dual-voltage, which means you can take it with you wherever you go. Infused with argan oil, keratin and tourmaline, the plates offer some protection and shine to your hair, which finishes your look off perfectly.

A 360 degree tangle-free cord will keep rotating as you use it, and will reduce the chance of tangling and accidents, giving you freedom to style your hair how you want.

11. HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener

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The HSI Professional Glider helps give even frizzy and coarse hair a sleek and smooth finish, or you could use it to create waves and curls with minimal effort too.

Micro-sensors on the straightener help to regulate the temperature of the plates, which distributes heat evenly to reduce the amount of times you need to pass the straightener over your hair, reducing heat exposure and damage.

Ceramic and crystal plates give your hair silky results, even for men with shorter hair. These will also reduce frizz and smooth out fly-aways.

Adjustable heat settings from 140-450°F give you the freedom to suit the temperature to your hair type, giving you optimal results and reducing any heat damage done! A 360 degree swivel cord also means you have more flexibility when styling too.

Related Questions

How long does hair have to be to use a straightener?

There are some mini straighteners that are suited to be used on very short hair, which a lot of men choose to use. However, it is advised that your hair should be around 4-inches long to be suitable to use a straightener without risking burns to your scalp.

What straightener is good for beards?

Beards are often thick and coarse, and can be stubborn during styling. For this reason, titanium straighteners are a good option. They heat up quickly and reach a high heat that can tame stubborn hair and reduce frizz. The titanium will also be less damaging, as the high heat does not need to be applied to the hair for too long.

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