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What Is Nail Polish Thinner?

by Gabbi

Another day, another nail product to implement into your routine. Nail polish thinner is here to make our lives a little bit easier and save us from thick, chunky nail polishes. It is easy to use and a product anyone can learn about quickly and efficiently. 

What is a nail polish thinner? Nail polish thinner is a chemical solvent used to break up old, goopy nail polish and prolong its shelf life. Only a few drops can make your nail polish usable like it’s a brand new bottle. 

How do you use nail polish thinner? All you have to do is add a couple of drops of nail polish thinner to old nail polish with a thick consistency. This will create a spreadable nail paint that will leave you with a smooth finish, but that’s not all. 

Many of us can relate to holding onto a bottle of nail polish because it’s your favorite shade or it’s been discontinued. That’s why a nail polish thinner can be life-changing to restore your old nail polish to a manageable state. So, ready to find out more?

Everything You Need To Know About Nail Polish Thinner

While it seems simple in theory, there is more information to sink your teeth into if nail polish thinner is something that interests you. However, using a nail polish thinner to restore the life of nail polish is simple. Anyone can get their hands on this product.

Nail polish thinner can easily be confused with nail polish remover. While they sound similar, they offer contrasting results. For example, nail polish remover can remove nail polish from the fingers, but it doesn’t effectively alter the nail polish formula. 

Nail polish thinner is meant to be infused into your nail polish bottle. It works to eliminate goopy and thick nail polish textures that are challenging to apply to the nails. This works efficiently when a nail polish is old and it needs to last forever.

Once you open a nail polish bottle, it can congeal or thicken up quickly, especially if the nail polish bottle is not stored in a dry, cool location. This is why using a nail polish thinner can help you get a few extra uses out of your old nail polish.

It is possible to create your own nail polish thinner. Nowadays, there is a DIY tutorial on the internet for everything. However, you could be doing more harm than good. A DIY nail polish thinner definitely won’t be as effective as a professional product. 

Sure, you may be able to get a one-time temporary fix. However, your DIY nail polish thinner could end up weakening the nail polish formula and your nails. It can even turn the polish into a different color if you aren’t too careful.

Whatever you do, don’t use acetone. While some nail polish thinners do contain acetone, dropping a high concentration of acetone into your nail polish can result in some adverse side effects. Acetone and Nail Polish Thinners are two very different things.

What To Look For Before Buying A Nail Polish Thinner 

Some individuals may argue that simply adding a few drops of acetone into your nail polish bottle can be just as efficient as nail polish thinners because thinners can also contain acetone. However, there is a reason why you should avoid acetone. 

Acetone might break down your nail polish and thin it out, but it will no longer be usable and may end up discolored. This is counterproductive and not at all what you would be expecting from your thinner.

Avoid acetone to make sure the color stays intact and the polish performs efficiently. Nail polish thinner should do just that. It thins out thick, goopy polishes so they can be applied on the nails with ease like a brand new bottle. 

It will always be helpful to read ingredient labels no matter what beauty product you decide to purchase. It can save a lot of time, stress, and money in the long run when you pick out a high-performing product with beneficial ingredients. 

Another thing to look out for is what type of nail thinners are on the market. There are nail polish thinners for UV/LED gel polishes and thinners for regular nail polish. It’s essential to ensure you are purchasing the correct one for your desired formulation.

How To Use Nail Polish Thinner

Nail polish thinner is easier to use than you may think. Although, regardless of what nail polish thinner you purchase, the best way to use it and see the most effective results is to follow the brand’s directions on their labels. 

However, if you are interested in learning how nail polish thinners are used, then you are in the right place. One thing to remember about these thinners is that a little product goes a long way. You can always add product, but you can’t remove it.

Popular lifestyle website Byrdie interviewed editorial manicurist Jin Soon Chi to get the inside scoop regarding the magic of nail polishes thinners.

Jin Soon Chi advises to:

  • Add a few drops directly into the nail polish bottle
  • Roll the bottle gently in between your palms to mix 
  • Avoiding shaking the bottle since that can cause air bubbles to form 

If you still find that the nail polish is too thick even after adding a couple of drops, let it rest and repeat the steps above to achieve your desired result. Beware of applying too many drops; it can thin out the polish a little too much and make it watery.

Using nail polish thinner is a simple and easy tool to ensure that you get as many uses from your favorite nail polish as possible. In addition, you will notice a smoother application to the nail beds and prolong the life of all your polishes. 

Best Nail Polish Thinner 

RankProductKey Features
1.Beauty Secrets Nail Polish ThinnerUniversal, smooth finish
2.OPI Nail Lacquer ThinnerSmooth and silky, adds 7 days to shelf-life
3.Seche Restore Restoration ThinnerDoes not alter color, improves consistency

1. Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner

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The Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner is an excellent universal nail polish thinner that works with most nail polishes.

This nail polish thinner will ensure that you get every last drop out of your nail polish bottles, saving time and money. 

If you have always desired to spend a little extra coin on more luxurious nail polishes or limited edition colors, the Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner will be a lifesaver. It doesn’t disrupt the original formula of the nail polish and leaves a smooth finish. 

It is easy to dispense, and you can control how many drops will enter the nail polish bottle. The nail polish thinner gets to work quickly and will take any old polishes from a goopy mess to a silky consistency. It works with topcoats, glitters, and mattes too. 

2. OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner

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OPI is one of the leading brands that dominate the nail market. They are well known, well established, and produce high-quality products. That includes their Nail Lacquer Thinner that dispenses the product seamlessly. 

This nail lacquer thinner also claims to increase the wear of your OPI nail polish by seven days. All you need to do is dispense 2-3 drops from the droplet bottle into your nail polish and gently roll the nail polish bottle in between your palms. 

OPI polishes are known to be already a little richer than other nail polish brands. So incorporating a thinner to enhance their life span can improve your manicure and your wallet long term. 

OPI formulated this lacquer thinner to improve the quality and consistency to achieve a smooth and silky application. While it may work well with other nail polish brands, you will see the best results if you pair this thinner with OPI’s nail polishes. 

3. Seche Restore Restoration Thinner

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Seche is another iconic nail brand that has been praised for having one of the most top-performing and high-quality topcoats that is also fast-drying. So it’s no wonder their restoration thinner is another product you need if you do your nails weekly. 

The packaging is immaculate and convenient for anyone to use. It also offers maximum control over how much product you dispense. The product comes sealed with a regular cap, but it’s accompanied by a dropper that allows for precision. 

Seche ensured that this thinner would not alter the color of nail polishes. It will only improve the texture and consistency without dulling it down. Add a few drops and roll to mix; repeat steps until you reach your desired consistency. 

One downside is that this product contains Toluene, which can cause adverse side effects, but each state will have their own laws regarding the use of this chemical. However, it pairs the best with other Seche products in their nail polish line. 

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