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Natural Eye Lightening

by Gabbi

Eye colors are one of the most distinctive features that make us unique. While there are the main eye color groups like brown, blue, and green, eye colors can be a mix of everything, and every shade is beautiful! But sometimes we wish we could lighten our eyes a bit to really make them shine.

Technology has come a long way for medical purposes, and cosmetic procedures have advanced immensely over the past twenty years. For example, an eye lightening/color-changing procedure can change your iris color with a laser.

Unfortunately, it’s a high-risk procedure that can potentially have more negative side effects than positive ones. While it is possible to lighten your eyes with a laser, you could risk going blind or dealing with a long list of eye complications.

However, does natural eye lightening exist? Thankfully, there are less invasive methods to either altering your eye color or at least helping them appear lighter. Surprisingly enough, anything from makeup to your diet can make minor changes to your eye color.

In addition, these non-invasive eye lightening techniques aren’t permanent, allowing you to experiment when you desire. These temporary methods are easy, cost-effective, and safe to do at home whenever you need to freshen up your eyes.

How To Make Your Eyes Naturally Lighter

The good news is that there are countless ways to make your eyes appear brighter and lighter without putting your health at risk. Also, these methods are accessible to a wide range of people, and anyone can find something that works for them.

Now you can finally achieve the look that you’ve been striving for without breaking the bank or risking losing sight. And who knows, maybe these temporary methods will also help increase your appreciation for your natural eye color.

Regardless, it’s intriguing to experiment with how light eye colors can suit the rest of your beautiful features.

1. Makeup 

Makeup is the number one way to help create the illusion of lighter eyes. In addition, makeup is the most significant creative outlet for people worldwide, boosting self-esteem. So how can you create lighter eyes using makeup products?

First, you’ll want to focus on your natural eye color. Your natural eye color will direct you to an eyeshadow that is the most flattering, or other colored eye products that can brighten the eyes. Concealer will also work wonders to brighten your eye area and reflect more light around your eyes.

2. Eyeshadow 

Choosing the correct eyeshadow color that compliments your natural iris shade can make your eyes appear lighter. For example, blue eyes can wear dark, warm-toned brown shades to create a sharp contrast and make the eyes look lighter and pop.

3. Beige Eye Pencil 

Another underrated makeup hack is to use a beige kohl eyeliner pencil. Apply this pencil in your waterline for instant brightness and freshness. 

In addition, a beige eyeliner can cancel out redness and purple tones, leaving you with a lighter eye color.

4. Concealer 

Concealer will awaken your eyes in a flash. You can opt for color correcting concealer for dark circles or lightly tap on a full coverage concealer to create the illusion that your eyes are bright and light. Keep it in your bag for touch-ups when you’re on the go! 

5. Sleep & Diet 

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep and a well-balanced diet. Keeping your health in check and striving to live a healthy/balanced lifestyle will give your eyes the boost of freshness that they need. We all need an excuse to get some extra Z’s.

We know how important sleep is; even if we get sidetracked with work, it’s necessary to put our health first. Sleep will not only improve your cognitive function, but it can also keep your eyes bright, light, clear, and ready to take on the day.

When you get an adequate amount of sleep consistently, you’ll notice dark circles can disappear naturally, and the whites of your eye balls become brighter. In addition, staying hydrated is vital, even when sleeping, to keep the skin alive and plump.

Next, incorporate foods that benefit your eyes. Eating foods like carrots, dark leafy greens, salmon, sweet potatoes, nuts, bell peppers, and more can all drastically improve the overall health of your eyes. Who doesn’t want healthy eyes?

When you start implementing these foods into your diet, you are improving your eye health, but your eyes will also look more lively and lighter. This is because they are being fueled with nutrient-dense foods that leave you feeling energized and awake.

6. Colored Contact Lenses 

Colored contact lenses aren’t only for Halloween. Color contact lenses are one of the few safest ways to alter your eye color entirely without risking your health and sight. These types of contact lenses are available in various colors.

Contact lenses are a part of many people’s everyday lives. In addition, most people who do wear contacts find them to be life-changing and have stopped wearing glasses altogether. Nowadays, there are contact lenses for every occasion.

Even if you don’t have poor eyesight, you can rock colored contact lenses. These types of contact lenses have become so increasingly popular that you can buy them from the drugstore, from a beauty company, or the Halloween costume store. 

However, it’s crucial to do your research and ensure that whichever colored contacts you want to use are safe to use and don’t cause harm. For the best results, always follow the instructions given to you by your contact lens brand. 

Colored contacts are available in natural eye colors, but they also offer fashion colors like purple. In addition, for blue eyes, you can opt for gray-colored contact lenses to see how you can change up your look.

At the end of the day, take your colored contacts out, and now you’re left with your natural iris shade without the unnecessary damage.

7. Wear Sunglasses & SPF 

Another way to create the illusion of lighter and brighter eyes is to protect them from the sun at all costs. We know that sleep, diet, and hydration can make the biggest difference in your iris color, but so can sun protection. 

No matter what day of the year it is or the weather, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Sunscreen will prevent skin cancer and even combat signs of aging, so you can always look refreshed and create the illusion of a light eye color.

In addition, you can now find sunscreen eye creams that are tinted. So not only are they formulated to work on the eye area, but they also act as a concealer while protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s the ultimate all-in-one product!

What’s another accessible way to protect your eyes from the sun? Invest in a good pair of sunglasses. The right pair of sunglasses can also help you turn back the clock and prevent a lot of unnecessary eye wrinkles and squinting.

In addition, sunglasses can help you lay low in case you feel like portraying a celebrity on the go. Regardless, sunglasses can protect your eyeballs from the sun, your skin around the eyes, and in turn, keep your beautiful eye color awake and light. 

8. Face Yoga & Massage 

Face yoga and facial massage can also help your eyes appear naturally lighter and brighter. So think about it, we exercise our bodies for them to remain in a healthy and youthful condition, why not do the same for our face? 

Especially if you sit in front of a computer screen all day, face yoga and massage will help keep that blood flow moving, and your muscles will be stronger than ever. Not only can it combat signs of aging, but it’s another way to make your eyes look brighter.

Face yoga is becoming increasingly popular because it allows you to strengthen and gain control over your facial muscles. In addition, practicing various facial exercises can help sculpt your face over time, leading you to awakened and lively eye color. 

If you want to pinpoint your eye area, using Gua Sha can help you see improvements in a matter of months. Gua Sha can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, crows’ feet, dark circles, and sagging eyelids. In addition, it’s gentle and effective in achieving lighter eyes.

Even if you don’t have access to fancy facial massage tools, you can still Google hundreds of massage techniques to lift and brighten your eye area. 

In addition, keeping the blood circulating throughout your face will naturally give the appearance of lighter eyes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are countless ways to naturally lighten your eyes while maintaining your sight and eye health. Makeup is one of the most common problem solvers when it comes to changing your appearance, and it can help slightly alter your iris color. 

However, living a healthy and balanced lifestyle will offer the most effective results to achieve lighter eyes. Getting enough sleep, eating well, staying hydrated, and protecting yourself from the sun consistently offer brighter results over time. 

Facial Yoga and Massage are other ways to lift and brighten the eye area without causing unnecessary harm. You will gain control of your facial muscles, and you’ll work towards more youthful-looking skin, which is the best of both worlds.

Now you know you can stay clear of those risky color-changing eye lasers and lighten your eye color with safer methods like colored contact lenses. All of these tips and more will help you achieve your desired eye look safely and effectively. 

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