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9 Best Silicone Highlighting Caps

by Gabbi

Highlighting caps dominated the 90s and early 2000s because they achieved icy frosted tips and chunky highlights. As y2k styles come back into the mainstream, old hair coloring techniques like highlight caps resurface. 

However, highlighting caps have received a modern and more conscious update. Traditional highlighting caps were often manufactured with thin one-time-use plastic material. This flimsy plastic was bound to break or promote leakage.

Now you can try a silicone highlighting cap that can be reused countless times and prevent color or bleach from staining any strands under the cap. As a result, you can expect a cleaner finish, and this product is more beginner-friendly than its plastic counterpart. 

What are the best silicone highlighting caps? The best silicone highlighting caps feature a reusable silicone material, have perforated holes, and have a universal size. Also, most silicone caps will work for most hair types and textures.

Silicone caps are a great way to achieve flawless highlights and maintain them as they grow. In addition, it prevents creating waste like traditional plastic caps because the silicone can be easily cleaned and restored.

How To Pick The Best Silicone Highlighting Cap 

A few things to look for in a silicone highlighting cap are durable silicone material, perforated holes, and universal sizing. This will ensure you can reuse and care for the cap so it can withstand multiple coloring sessions.

Silicone Material 

Silicone is easy to clean and can retain shape, making it perfect for highlighting caps. It’s also gentle on the head and can stay put without slipping. Also, it reduces the need for traditional, plastic-based highlighting caps.

Perforated Holes 

Another critical feature to have in your silicone highlighting cap is perforated holes. These holes serve as a guideline to your highlights. You can punch them with a metal hook or choose to create your own highlighting pattern within the cap.

Some caps offer self-sealing holes, while others are already pre-punched.

Additional Tools 

Some silicone highlighting caps will come with additional hair coloring tools.

For example, it is common to purchase a cap and metal crochet hook needed to weave strands of hair through the cap. In addition, you may receive other tools like clips or capes. You can also purchase every item separately.


Most silicone highlighting caps have universal sizing. Their flexible material is meant to form to various head shapes and can work with a wide variety of hair types. Some caps can be adjusted with a chin strap or set in place with additional clips.

Best Silicone Highlighting Caps 

Silicone caps can quickly become a staple tool in any at home hair setup. You can easily create your own highlighting pattern or follow the perforated guidelines. So, what are some high-quality and high-performance silicone highlighting caps?

RankProductKey Features
1.RJMBMUP Silicone Highlight Cap Set Complete highlighting set, 2 silicone caps, 2 crochets
2.Petiy Beauty Reusable Silicone Hair Coloring Highlighting CapReusable, clear silicone cap, includes a crochet needle, no pre-punched holes
3.Jexine Hair Coloring Highlighting Cap2 silicone highlighting caps, 2 metal hooks, reusable/universal
4.Dompel Reusable Professional Silicone Cap2 silicone highlighting caps, reusable, sturdy, chin strip
5.Milange Pre-punched Highlighting CapPre-poked holes, extended silicone edge, features 2 caps
6.Salmue Highlighting Cap Reusable Silicone Comes in pink or blue, self-sealing holes, universal size, reusable
7.Dompel Reusable Professional Silicone Gold Cap Gold cap, perforated holes for a guideline, features sturdy silicone, additional chin strap
8.Beaupretty Hair Coloring CapReusable silicone, universal size, additional crochet metal hook
9.Canlierr 14 Pcs Silicone Highlighting Caps Set Complete coloring set, 2 silicone reusable caps, with metal hooks

1. RJMBMUP Silicone Highlight Cap Set 

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Highlighting hair at home is intimidating, especially when you lack the tools. You can purchase an entire highlighting set that includes two silicone caps.

This bundle makes it convenient to set up shop in the comfort of your home. You’ll receive two silicone highlighting caps that can suit most head shapes.

Other tools include two metal crochets to pull the hair through the cap, clips, dressing cape, and more. Unfortunately, the bleach or lightener of choice is not included. 

Also, you will need to poke your holes in this silicone cap because not everyone will desire the exact placement or thickness of the highlights. It’s advised to place the cap on the head and poke out the holes before your bleaching process. 

This silicone cap is comfortable to wear on the head, and its flexible material allows you to reuse the cap, unlike other highlighting caps. It can even suit various hair lengths or textures.

2. Petiy Beauty Reusable Silicone Hair Coloring Highlighting Cap 

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The 90s and y2k eras are making a comeback, and that includes various hair trends like frosted tips or chunky highlights. One way to recreate these nostalgic hair coloring techniques is with a silicone highlighting cap like this one from Petiy Beauty.

This cap has a durable, sturdy, reusable silicone that can help upkeep your highlights. It fits a hat size of 20 x 31 cm, which is suitable for most head shapes. In addition, you can customize your desired pattern within the cap. 

Petiy Beauty provides a punching needle to help create the holes within your silicone cap. The holes don’t come pre-punched because everyone will want different highlighting patterns or thicknesses of hair. 

It’s best to punch holes before highlighting. This transparent silicone cap allows you to place each hair in the desired pattern perfectly and it can be washed and reused the next time you need to touch up your highlights. 

Also, this cap can work well with a wide variety of hair lengths and textures.

3. Jexine Hair Coloring Highlighting Cap 

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Jexine makes highlighting your hair a breeze. No longer will you have to pick through every strand of hair to achieve a flawless finish, thanks to these silicone highlighting caps. Jexine includes two caps and two metal hooks for all highlighting purposes.

This silicone is soft and durable, so it will be gentle on the head but sturdy enough to withstand powerful bleaching treatments. Jexine recommends fitting the cap to the head and punching your holes to get your desired pattern.

You can easily punch the holes through the cap with the metal hooks and adjust the size of the hole depending on how chunky you want the highlights. This highlighting set up is suitable for professionals and beginners needing varying highlights. 

Jexine claims this cap is suitable for all hair types, textures, and lengths and is easily customizable. It can also suit multiple coloring services like dye or bleach. In addition, it can process the desired hair effortlessly while shielding the rest of your strands.

4. Dompel Reusable Professional Silicone Cap 

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Dompel offers a unique approach to silicone highlighting caps. You’ll receive two reusable silicone highlighting caps with perforated holes to achieve a flawless hair finish. The silicone is compatible with dye and hair bleach and rinses easily. 

Also, Dompel claims you can punch the hole with or without a metal needle.

This durable silicone cap can shield the scalp and hair that are supposed to remain untouched during the highlighting process. It also includes a reinforced silicone edge.

Another feature of this cap is the chin strap to help secure the silicone material and prevent it from sliding around. These perforated holes allow you to follow a highlighting guideline, or you can punch them into your desired pattern.

These caps are ideal for professional and home use. In addition, they fit a wide range of hair types, textures, and lengths. It’s a flexible and sturdy material that can be reusable and help maintain your highlights as they grow. 

You can always measure and adjust the holes before starting the highlighting process to ensure you are happy with the pattern.

5. Milange Pre-punched Highlighting Cap 

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Milange can make highlighting your hair a breeze with their reusable silicone highlighting caps.

So, what makes these caps different from the rest? They already have pre-punched, open holes, so you can spend less time prepping your hair. 

Because the holes are already made, all you need to do is weave the hair through and start the coloring process. However, this gives you less control over placement or how thick the highlights will look when it’s finished, but it can save more time. 

This silicone cap also has an extended edge to protect the face and scalp from coming into contact with bleach or dye. You’ll receive two silicone caps that fit most head sizes and hair types for a flawless result. 

Also, the silicone material is sturdy enough to last multiple highlighting sessions, and you can wash it whenever it’s not in use. Finally, it can help touch up your highlights when they grow out too. 

The Milange Pre-punched highlighting Cap is suitable for professional and home use.

6. Salmue Highlighting Cap Reusable Silicone 

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The Salume Highlighting Cap with Reusable Silicone is another excellent option for bleaching the strands.

It’s available in light pink and blue colorways and perforated holes that you customize based on your desired highlighting pattern. 

One unique feature of this silicone cap is that it is self-sealing regardless of where you make the initial puncture.

In addition, Salume makes frosting or highlighting effortless because you can easily pull the hair through seamlessly with a metal hook. 

The silicone is long-lasting and resilient to various coloring chemicals and is made to last with each bleach application. Its durability allows you to be less wasteful with highlighting cap services because some other brands manufacture with plastic. 

Also, these silicone caps have a universal size and are structured to fit most head shapes. It also includes an extended edge, similar to a rain cap, to shield the eyes, face, and scalp from coming into contact with dye or bleach. 

Salume recommends punching the holes first before starting your bleaching process. This will ensure you achieve your desired pattern and thickness of highlights without taking extra time away from the dyeing session.

7. Dompel Reusable Professional Silicone Gold Cap 

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Dompel has created another essential silicone highlighting cap that’s made to last.

This one features a striking gold colorway that can help create a clear guideline for which strands to pull through and which ones should remain untouched. 

Also, Dompel created a precise pattern of perforated holes so you can achieve a flawless highlighted finish.

It’s ideal for short lengths looking for frosted tips or long hair wanting to achieve a chunkier highlight. It also comes with a metal needle. 

The silicone material is strong enough to withstand multiple harsh coloring treatments and can be easily cleaned after every use. It has an extended edge to shield the face from the product and a chin strap to secure the cap. 

Also, this Reusable Professional Silicone Gold Cap is made to fit a variety of head shapes and works well with multiple hair textures or lengths. You can effortlessly pull the hair through without saturating any strands underneath the cap. 

Dompel claims this cap is ready to use and beginner-friendly.

8. Beaupretty Hair Coloring Cap 

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Are you looking for an easy and classic highlighting cap? Beaupretty offers a durable cap without bells and whistles.

You can expect to receive one clear silicone reusable highlighting cap and one metal hook to help pull through the strands.

This hair coloring cap features a high-grade silicone material that can withstand multiple coloring or bleaching services. It won’t tear and can be easily cleaned after every use while retaining its shape. 

In addition, it comes with perforated holes around the cap.

The holes are well-spaced and abundant, so you can choose a pattern to punch out before going in with your dye or bleach. This will ensure the cap is ready to use when you’ve mixed your hair coloring products. It will also prevent leakage. 

The Beaupretty Hair Coloring Cap fits most head shapes and hair types. Its universal sizing allows you to customize highlights or maintain them as they grow. In addition, the metal crochet hook can evenly and seamlessly pull out the desired strands.

9. Canlierr 14 Pcs Silicone Highlighting Caps Se

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Highlighting the hair at home can be daunting, especially if you don’t have all the necessary tools. 

Purchasing a single cap and hook can be enough for those who usually color their hair at home, but can you find a starter pack that includes everything?

This bundle includes 14 items that every coloring service requires, like gloves, dressing capes, brushes, clips, and ear covers. It also features reusable silicone caps and hooks to help weave the hair effortlessly for a flawless highlighted finish. 

The silicone material is soft and gentle on the head and won’t feel constricting. It also is durable enough to remain in place and act as a barrier for the hair that isn’t going to be processed. You can also punch the holes in the cap for your desired pattern. 

The best way to pull out the hair is at a 45-degree angle with the hook for an even section. The caps are easy to clean and withstand multiple uses. Finally, it has a universal size that suits most head shapes and hair types.

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