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9 Best Aloe Vera Gels For Hair

by Gabbi

When you get a sunburn, what is the first product you reach for? For most people, it’s aloe vera. However, aloe vera can serve multiple purposes besides healing sunburns. It’s a common skincare ingredient used to hydrate, soothe, and heal the skin.

However, did you know aloe vera can be beneficial for your hair too? Surprisingly enough, aloe vera can easily be incorporated into your hair routine. It can nourish your ends and treat your scalp, and you can customize or DIY your own hair products.

Thankfully, aloe vera is a multifunctional product, so if it doesn’t work for you one way, you can continue experimenting until you find the right combo. Not all aloe vera gels are the same. Some are pure aloe vera, while others include other beneficial ingredients like Manuka honey.

What are the best aloe vera gels for the hair? Aloe vera should be soothing and hydrating without leaving behind a crunchy or sticky residue. I should also be able to act as a scalp treatment, deep conditioner, or hair gel.

However, it can be overwhelming looking at all the aloe vera products on the market and trying to differentiate them from one another. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of the best aloe vera gels for your strands and what you should look for in aloe vera.

Aloe Vera For Hair – Buyer’s Guide

1. Aloe Vera Percentage 

Each aloe vera gel can have a slightly different percentage of aloe vera. For example, some gels are 100% aloe vera, and others are 96% aloe vera, the other 4% consisting of other ingredients or thickeners. 

How much aloe vera you want in your gel will be up to your personal preference. Those who are more sensitive may want a 100% aloe vera formula to decrease the risk of irritation due to other added ingredients in the gel.

2. Added Ingredients

Before purchasing aloe vera gel, scan the ingredients list. As mentioned above, if you want pure aloe vera gel, look at the ingredients list to ensure no additives, thickeners, or fragrances exist. However, for others, they may want a little something extra.

Aloe vera gel can be formulated with other natural and healing ingredients like Manuka Honey or even essential oils like lavender. This can be beneficial for some skin types, but it can be not very pleasant for others.

However, it’s crucial to remember that aloe vera gel can be formulated with thickeners and preservatives. Sometimes brands will choose a natural thickener, and other times they will formulate with food-grade preservatives.

3. Hair Concerns

What hair issues are you looking to treat? Pure 100% aloe vera gel can be used for anything. You can use it as a nourishing hair mask, scalp treatment, hair gel, fight frizz, and maybe even replace your shampoo/conditioner.

However, if your hair is dry, opting for aloe vera with manuka honey can be beneficial. Or, if you struggle with oily strands and dandruff, choose aloe vera with tea tree oil. 

Best Aloe Vera Gels For Hair 

RankProductKey Features
1.Innisfree Aloe Vitalizing Soothing GelFor use all over body, gentle for daily use
2.Titicii Organic Aloe Vera GelOrganic, no artificial preservatives, lavender
3.Allurials All Natural Aloe Vera Gel 100% pure aloe extract, USA-made, gentle
4.Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Seaweed extract, alcohol-free, organic
5.BeNatu Aloe Vera GelNon-sticky, cold-pressed, fragrance-free
6.KPI Healthcare True Nature Aloe Vera GelWitch hazel, camellia, made in Korea
7.Being Naturals Organic Aloe And Manuka HoneyManuka honey, tea tree oil, sulfate/paraben free
8.Theodore Magnus Organic Cold Pressed Aloe Vera Cold-pressed, alcohol-free, non-sticky
9.Aloderma Organic Aloe VeraOrganic, sulfate-free, body-safe
BonusEarth’s Daughter Organic Aloe Vera Gel Fragrance/alcohol/paraben-free, gentle

1. Innisfree Aloe Vitalizing Soothing Gel

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If you’re looking for a high-quality and gentle aloe vera gel, this one from Innisfree is a great choice.

It can be used all over your body, including your hair, face, arms and legs, and more, and it’s so gentle that it can be used as often as you like.

This gel will soothe your skin and hair, infusing hydration and locking in moisture into your skin barrier and hair follicles.

It is not sticky and won’t irritate your skin. This formula is also alcohol-free, so you don’t have to worry about it drying out your skin.

2. Titicii Organic Aloe Vera Gel

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Titicii’s Organic Aloe Vera Gel is healing, soothing, and provides an additional relaxing element because it’s infused with lavender. Lavender itself is known to have its own healing properties. This multipurpose aloe vera gel is USDA certified organic.

We know that aloe vera is a soothing and multipurpose product, but how helpful is it if it’s filled with preservatives and unnecessary ingredients?

Thankfully, Titicii has no artificial preservatives, and it’s made, cut, and bottled within the USA. 

Aloe vera is deeply hydrating and nourishing for both the skin and hair. We know that it’s a lifesaver for sunburns, but what if the sunburn is on your scalp? That’s one way this aloe vera gel works beautifully for your hair.

You can use Titicii’s aloe vera gel as a hair mask to infuse your strands with moisture for a silky soft result. Titicii claims it can promote healthy hair growth because it is rich in vitamins C & E, which are components the skin and scalp love. 

Its lavender scent adds a calming and soothing element that will tend to certain scalp/skin conditions and act as an aromatherapy component. Thankfully, the smell isn’t overpowering.

3. Allurials All Natural Aloe Vera Gel 

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Allurial’s Aloe Vera Gel contains 100% pure aloe extract. So, this product is ideal for anyone who wants pure aloe, without the added ingredients like lavender. Allurial’s aloe is 3rd party tested, made in the USA, and ideal for sensitive skin. 

This aloe vera gel won’t leave a sticky residue, and it’s gentle for the skin and hair because it’s not formulated with colors, alcohols, dyes, or anything artificial.

Another plus is that Allurial’s Aloe Vera Gel is cruelty-free, so animals are harmed to develop this product.

This product works wonders as a hair treatment. Aloe vera is an excellent natural conditioner that can detangle your strands and ensure they are correctly hydrated. Aloe Vera can also be used in several other ways on your hair.

First, this product can be used as a styling gel to keep flyaways and frizz at bay. Because aloe vera has soothing properties, it can also help treat dry, itchy, and irritated scalps. Overall, it’s a natural product that your hair will absolutely love. 

Allurial’s aloe vera is ideal for sensitive skin because it is also fragrance-free.

4. Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera 

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Another natural, high-quality aloe vera gel is from Seven Minerals. This particular aloe vera gel is made from freshly cut aloe vera to ensure you get the purest form of the product. Because it’s so potent, Seven Minerals recommends doing a patch test. 

One unique feature of this aloe vera gel is that its formulated seaweed extract that acts as a natural thickener within the gel. Seven Minerals claims that this aloe vera is grown in Southern Texas, so you are getting a fresh and trusted product.

Seven Minerals Aloe Vera makes an excellent hair treatment. You can soak your strands with this gel-like hydrating mask, or you can apply it to the scalp as a rejuvenating scalp treatment. It will leave your strands soft and silky.

Your hair will love this aloe vera because it doesn’t have added water; it is alcohol-free and trusted by third parties. So you can rest assured this product will supplement your strands and reinvigorate your scalp to promote hair growth. 

Lastly, Seven Minerals Aloe Vera is NSF organic and IASC certified. Overall, this aloe vera gel is excellent for anyone looking for a deep hair treatment.

5. BeNatu Aloe Vera Gel

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If you are ready for a burst of freshness, check out BeNatu’s 100% aloe extract. BeNatu ensures that their aloe vera gel is safe for the whole body from head to toe. It’s not greasy or sticky. Instead, you’ll be feeling hydrated.

Thankfully, this aloe vera gel absorbs seamlessly into the hair and skin; you won’t even notice it’s there. BeNatu states that their aloe vera gel is cold-pressed, fragrance-free, and formulated with other natural ingredients.

It contains a natural thickener with trehalose that helps the aloe absorb into the skin. Because aloe vera is ultra-hydrating, it can be used to combat frizz, promote hair growth, and soothe the scalp from irritation. This aloe vera gel can be customized.

BeNatu’s aloe vera can be used in DIYs, and it can even enhance the performance of your other hair products. This formulation is highly absorbable, and it won’t leave your hair feeling crunchy or over-stretched. It’s also great for dry scalps.

So, if you are dealing with dry strands and scalp, BeNatu is there for you! 

6. KPI Healthcare True Nature Aloe Vera Gel

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KPI offers a mineral, and vitamin-packed aloe vera gel that they claim is more than just a sunburn relief product. Aloe vera is also known to be antibacterial, and it can soothe various skin and scalp irritations. It’s also anti-inflammatory.

While KPI claims that this gel is 98% Aloe Vera, the other 2% comprises of witch hazel extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, sodium hyaluronate, and allantoin. This aloe vera gel is made in Korea and without harmful ingredients.

Like most uses for aloe vera gel for the hair, this gel can be used as a styling product, deep conditioning mask, and scalp treatment. It’s also perfect for sunburn relief and combating frizz. It will penetrate the strands with hydration and leave you feeling soft and supple. 

KPI ensured that this aloe vera gel is formulated without parabens, mineral oils, and artificial coloring. Overall, this aloe vera gel, in particular, is fantastic for multiple purposes if you want to use this product for more than just your hair. 

7. Being Naturals Organic Aloe And Manuka Honey

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While aloe vera is potent on its own, it can be combined with other ingredients to accentuate its soothing components. For example, Being Naturals has formulated their aloe vera gel with Manuka honey, which is also a natural healing ingredient.

It’s also formulated with tea tree oil which helps control oil production, soothes flaky and oily scalps, and can treat a wide variety of skin conditions. However, Being Naturals recommends conducting a patch test before incorporating this aloe into your routine.

Because this aloe vera is formulated with tea tree, it will be the most helpful for those who have oily scalps or struggle with dandruff. So say hello to your new scalp treatment. Manuka honey will add hydration and promote cell renewal.

Being Naturals hair formulated this product without sulfates, alcohols, and parabens. This product is made in the USA. Overall, this aloe vera gel makes the scalp’s ideal treatment, treats multiple skin conditions, and hydrates with Manuka honey.

8. Theodore Magnus Organic Cold Pressed Aloe Ver

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Theodore Magnus’s Aloe Vera Gel is cold-pressed to keep all the nutrients that aloe vera has to offer. It’s deeply hydrating, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue, and it’s made from freshly cut aloe plants. This aloe vera gel is also multipurpose. 

This formula contains 99.75% pure aloe vera and 0.25% food-grade preservatives. This may not be an issue for some people, and others may prefer a formulation with no preservatives—however, it’s fragrance, artificial color, alcohol, and aloin free. 

This aloe vera gel serves multiple uses for your hair. It can be used as a styling lotion, scalp treatment, and deep conditioner to fight frizz. Like most of the aloe vera gels on this list, your skin will love soaking up all the benefits aloe has to offer.

You can even make or enhance your own hair products at home. For example, add aloe to a hair mask for more nourishment or add it to rose water to create a soothing scalp mist. With Theodore Magnus’s aloe vera, the possibilities are truly endless.

Overall, if you don’t like aloe for one purpose or treatment, you can try multiple methods until one works for you! 

9. Aloderma Organic Aloe Vera

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Aloderma also offers a vegan and cruelty-free aloe vera gel packed with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients the hair will love. This gel will absorb quickly and efficiently into the strands without leaving behind any questionable residue.

This formula contains 96% USDA certified organic aloe vera. Aloderma’s aloe vera is harvested by hand to ensure every product is formulated with nourished plants. It’s also free of sulfates, hormones, GMOs, mineral oil, and more. 

What can this aloe vera gel do for the hair? For starters, it can potentially promote hair growth thanks to its components like folic acid, vitamins C, B12, E, and cholie. It can treat multiple scalp conditions, most notably dandruff. 

However, Aloderma states that their aloe vera gel can be used almost anywhere on the body. So you can hydrate your hair, nails, and skin. Overall, this is a beautiful all-in-one aloe vera gel that you can use for everything! 

So, if you are overwhelmed with all of these aloe vera choices, this one checks all the boxes! 

Bonus: Earth’s Daughter Organic Aloe Vera Gel 

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Earth’s Daughter provides another Texas-grown aloe vera gel. This formula includes 99.75% organic aloe vera gel, while the remaining ingredients are composed of citric & ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate, and Xanthan. 

Thankfully, this formula will absorb seamlessly into your skin and hair. It will offer nourishment and hydration. Also, this aloe vera gel is free from fragrance, added water, petrochemicals, parabens, and alcohol. 

Earth’s Daughter also states that its formula is safe for kids and pets. Use this aloe vera gel as a scalp treatment to kiss dandruff goodbye forever or as a natural hair gel to combat frizz and flyaways.

Earth’s Daughter states that their aloe vera is ideal for acne-prone, sensitive, mature, and dry skin types. Almost anyone can find a use for aloe vera, and you can rest assured this one will leave you feeling nourished instead of greasy. 

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