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7 Best Shower Goggles For Eyelash Extensions

by Gabbi

Eyelash extensions are a perfect beauty treatment that feels indulgent, draws attention to your eyes, and saves time in the whole getting ready process.

Based on your personal style you can have lash extensions that add full drama to your look or add a natural enhancement to your already existing lashes. The treatment follows the natural lash cycle, and extensions should last about six weeks before needing a touch-up appointment.

However, with eyelash extensions comes an updated care routine in order to make sure the lashes stay intact and last for as long as they are meant to.

One of the most important parts following an eyelash extension appointment is being careful not the get the extensions wet, especially in the immediate day or two following your new lash set. If you want to ensure your lashes stay dry, particularly with your shower routine, shower goggle may be an option for you!

How do you choose which shower goggles will work for you and your lash extensions? When looking into goggles for your shower, you want to take into consideration the fit and shape of the eyewear. The fit should be snug to prevent any leaks or water penetrating the inside, while the shape should be wide enough not to crush your extensions or tangle them.

Below, we explore what to look for in a pair of shower goggles, and the best ones suited to protect your eyes and lash extensions from getting wet.

Why Use Shower Goggles?

If you want to protect your lash extensions, especially within the 24-48 hour window you are recommended not to shower or get the extensions wet, then shower goggles may be of interest to you. Using shower goggles will ensure the lashes stay dry and will not be exposed to the steam from the shower.

To be sure you are caring properly for your lash extensions, it is ideal to use lukewarm water in the shower, to avoid excess steam or humidity. Facing away from the shower stream is also preferred, in order to keep your lashes and the surrounding area dry, especially if you are showering without goggles.

If avoiding showering after the initial application is not possible, or if you are generally concerned with water getting on your lashes or near your eyes, shower goggles will ensure the eyes, lashes, and surrounding area remains dry.

Shower goggles can also come in handy by preventing you from being able to rub your eyes and lashes in the shower, which can damage the extensions, or protect the water or shampoo from running into your lashes when washing your hair.

However, while it is important to avoid getting your lash extensions wet for the first 48 hours after they are applied, it is important to note that after the curing period for the glue, the lashes are able to get wet. It is important to clean the lashes, as well, to protect your lashes and your eyes from irritation or possible infection.

Cleaning the lashes with an oil-free makeup remover or lash shampoo specifically designed for eyelash extensions on a small brush or cotton bud to remove any excess dirt, oil, or makeup that could collect on the lash line.

What To Look For In Shower Goggles

It may seem like you can use any old pair of swimming goggles laying around the house, but there are a couple important factors to consider when trying out a pair of shower goggles. Below is a guide of what to look for when searching for goggles that will protect your lash extensions.


The fit of the goggles is important, as you do not want water to be able to leak into the sides and get your lashes wet anyway! Making sure the goggles have an anti-leak seal around the edges will help to prevent water from leaking in where it’s not supposed to.


Along with the fit, the shape of the goggles is also crucial. It is best to look for goggles that are wider, so they can cover up to or around the brow. This will help give enough space for the lash extensions, depending on how dramatic you go, to not be tangled or crushed.

Avoid the types of goggles that are just enough space around the eye socket, and instead look for a wider, more spacious frame.

The Best Shower Goggles For Eyelash Extensions

Here is a product guide of the best shower goggles and shields to keep your lash extensions dry and intact!

RankProductKey Features
1.Outdoor Master Swim MaskAnti-leak silicone protection; 180° wide view; anti-fog technology; adjustable strap
2.Seago No Leak GogglesSoft silicone for anti-leak protection and comfort; watertight; wide lens; mirror coated to prevent glare; adjustable strap with clasp
3.EBANKU Permanent Makeup Shower Face Visors100-piece disposable pack; medical-grade adhesive strip; protects microbladed brows as well
4.DROP OF DIVINITI Shower Shield Visors100-piece disposable pack; medical-grade adhesive; hypoallergenic protection
5.Showrshield Face VisorReusable plastic shield; keeps entire face dry; adjustable strap with Velcro fastening; hypoallergenic and latex-free
6.COCO-HONEY Face Film Cover Shields100-piece disposable pack; medical-grade adhesive that will not leave residue; clear and transparent plastic
7.BRAWNA Protective Shower Visor50-piece disposable pack; hypoallergenic and allergy tested; also available in 100-piece pack

1. Outdoor Master Swim Mask

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A traditional type of swim goggles, this pair offers a wide lens that fits up to the eyebrow to ensure your lashes are not going to be crushed. The wide lens is 180° which allows you an unobstructed view. The strap goes around the back of the head and is adjustable for a customized fit.

The anti-leak protection is a silicone gasket, that sits around the perimeter of the goggles to allow for a comfortable fit without the threat of water sneaking in from the side. The goggles are tempered with an anti-fog technology which is helpful when used in the shower to keep the lenses clear.

If you decide these goggles work out so well in the shower that want to take them out swimming, they also have UV protection to keep your eyes safe, as well as a protective carrying case. Just remember to clean the goggles thoroughly before using in the shower again.

2. Seago No Leak Goggles

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The Seago No Leak Goggles are created with comfort and ease of use.

They are made to be suitable for any adult face shape, and the soft silicone gasket ensure the goggles wear comfortably around the eyes without leaving any marks or indentations behind.

They are also a wide lens goggle that should fit up to or around the eyebrow area, preventing the lash extensions from being smushed.

The adjustable strap has a clasp closing to allow them to be put on easily, without snagging or tugging at your hair. The silicone gasket also makes the goggles leak-proof and watertight, preventing the lashes from getting wet. They are wide, mirror coated, and anti-fog lenses to keep the view clear and unobstructed.

3. EBANKU Permanent Makeup Shower Face Visors

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These permanent makeup face visors are an ideal way to protect your face and eye area during the recovery period of a lash extensions, microblading, or permanent makeup application. It can also be used as part of an eye surgery aftercare. 

The disposable face visors come in a pack of 100 and cover the span over the brows and eyes. The medical-grade adhesive is still gentle on the skin but will still protect the eyes against the shower spray.

Clean and dry the forehead are first, and then apply the visor above the brow. It can be adjusted to each person’s face shape.

4. DROP OF DIVINITI Shower Shield Visors

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These shower shields are meant to protect eyes, brows, and the surrounding area from coming into contact with water after any lash extension applications or brow procedures.

The high-quality, clear transparent shield will keep your vision clear, should not fog up, and will stay adhered even as the water travels over it.

The medical-grade is gentle for the skin and is best applied to clean and dry skin for a secure application.

5. Showrshield Face Visor

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The Showrshield Face Visor is a beauty product meant to keep the entire face dry when showering, ideal for lash extensions and permanent makeup procedures. It is a reusable, plastic shield that is lightweight yet durable. The shield is ideal for protecting your face while showering and shampooing your hair.

The rubber seal that is connected to the shield will conform to your face shape, along with the shield, making it able to fit a wide variety of face shapes.

The adjustable strap has a Velcro fastening to be able to work on anyone. The strap is also meant to be secured underneath the hairline, around the nape of the neck, for a secure and leak-free fit that makes the shield ideal for hair washing.

6. COCO-HONEY Face Film Cover Shields

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The COCO-HONEY Face Film Cover Shields are made of lightweight, clear and transparent plastic that is able to keep your vision clean while still protecting your eyes and lash extensions from unwanted water.

The medical-grade adhesive is durable, but gentle on the skin and should not leave a residue behind once it’s removed.

These face shields also work well to protect the skin during hair color treatments, to avoid the dye and chemicals staining the skin or irritating the eyes.

7. BRAWNA Protective Shower Visor

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Similar to the above face shields, the BRAWNA Protective Shower Visor will keep the face, eyes, and brows dry from the shower spray.

The customizable shield will also be able to fit most face shapes and sizes, while providing enough space to cover the brows, eyes, and nose.

The visors are available in a 50- or 100- piece pack, depending on how often you will need to use them. They are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.


If you are someone who likes to experiment with eyelash extensions, microblading, or other semi-permanent brow treatments, investing in a pair of shower goggles may come in handy to protect and extend the longevity of your beauty treatments.

Finding a pair that sits comfortably on your face, while still locking out any water, and is wide enough to cover the lashes and brows without smushing or smudging them is ideal.

The above list contains both goggles and shields that will work to preserve your beauty treatment investments, especially eyelash extensions, for you to receive their full benefits.

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