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5 Best Nail Bonders

by Gabbi

Nail bonders are often confused with nail primers, even though they do offer similar benefits. Bonder works wonders for the nails and is compatible with a wide range of nail services like gel, acrylic powder, artificial nail art, and even regular nail lacquer. 

So what are the best nail bonders? The best nail bonder will create a similar effect to double-sided tape. It will adhere to your natural nails with ease and create a tacky surface for your other nail products to stick to, keeping your nail polish from chipping.

Not all nail bonders are created equally. While some nail bonders on the market are universal and cater to any nail service, most bonders are often formulated to work with UV/LED gel systems. Sometimes they can work with acrylic systems as well.

Once you choose the correct nail bonder for your nail service, learning how to use the product is simple. You’ll notice a significant difference in the staying power of your manicure because bonders prevent premature chipping and lifting. 

The guide below will help you become an educated buyer, and you’ll feel less imitated by nail bonders. We will also suggest a few of our favorite bonders on the market for you to consider, so read on!

Purchasing A Nail Bonder – Buyer’s Guide

There are a few different things to keep in mind while shopping for nail bonders. Not all products are made equal, and the choices can be overwhelming, so here are a few important factors to think about while you’re choosing a nail bonder to add to your nail system.

1. Primer Vs. Bonder 

The difference between a primer and a bonder can get confusing. However, there are some indicators to help you separate the two.

One distinction is that primers can be more suitable for acrylics, while bonders are more efficient when working with gel systems. If you’re looking for something to prime the nails for acrylic applications, you may want to check out our article for the best nail primers instead.

According to NailPro, “both primers and bonders are designed to promote adhesion. The formulas are different, but their functions are the same.” NailsMag clarifies that “primers modify the pH of the nail bed while Bonders are UV-activated.” 

When in doubt, always follow the instructions given to you by the brand or manufacturer of the product. They will describe how to get the proper use out of your products to achieve a professional result. 

Nail techs can guide you to take the right steps as well. Reach out to a professional and licensed nail technician if you have the opportunity to do so for more information. 

It’s less likely thatt you’ll mistake abonder for a dehydrator, but just in case, a dehydrator is meant to get rid of the unwanted oils on your nails that can cause bubbling, You can use a dehydrator before using a bonder as well, and if you’re interested, we have another article on the best nail dehydrators to buy.

2. Formulation 

Depending on what type of nails you love best, it’s crucial to purchase the correct bonder to go with that particular type of polish or material. For example, most bonders are UV activated and are formulated to work specifically with gel nail systems. 

If gel is your go-to nail type, finding a compatible bonder won’t be challenging. Some bonders can function with acrylic, but acrylic powders will still need the help of a primer to ensure the service will be performed correctly. 

There are universal bonders that can accompany any nail service, including regular nail polish or lacquer. Well-established brands like OPI and Orly created a nail bonder that is considered universal and can work well with other nail care brands. 

Most brands recommend double-checking the labels and performing a patch test to ensure that no surprise allergic reaction can occur. 

The Best Nail Bonders 

RankProductKey Features
1.Orly Nail Bonder TreatmentFast-drying, rubberized, sticky base
2.Ibd LED/UV BonderGel-compatible, salon-grade, sticky base
3.Kanorine Non-Acid Gel Fast Power BonderUniversal, acid-free, non-irritating, no drying
4.COSCELIA Nail Bond PrimerFast-drying, compatible with dehydrator
5.OPI Bond Aid Balancing AgentCleans and preps, universal, quick-drying

1. Orly Nail Bonder Nail Treatment 

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Orly is a well-known nail care brand that offers everything from treatments to nail polishes and more. They provide high-quality products that will last a lifetime. Orly’s nail bonder is no exception. It works to protect the staying power of your nail polish. 

Orly offers salon-grade quality at home and has formulated this bonder to work as a rubberized base coat that will increase the lifespan of your nail polish.

It functions by creating a sticky and tacky base that the nail polish will latch onto. Because of this sticky base, the polish will adhere to your nail with ease, and it will prevent premature chipping. In addition, the bonder will keep your color intact.

Another plus of this bonder is that it’s fast-drying. Doing your nails at home with this bonder will speed up your manicure, which is a massive advantage to those of you who don’t want to spend hours on your nails. Once you lay the product, it will be ready for your nail color.

This bonder is incredibly easy to use. Like a base coat, swipe a thin layer of the product on each nail, allow it to dry for a minute or so, and then the rubberized base should be ready to latch onto any nail color. 

A bonder is essential for any manicure or pedicure to last longer, especially this one from Orly, which creates a tacky base. It offers a layer of protection between the nail beds and your nail polish color, ideal if you love bold and bright shades.

It will prevent the nail from staining if you love rich nail polish colors. This is a must-have product in any home nail care kit. 

For even better results, pair with other Orly products like their large selection of nail polish shades, as well as their topcoats. You’ll be happy never to book a salon appointment ever again. This bonder will help you achieve flawless nails every time. 

2. Ibd LED/UV Bonder 

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While the Orly Bonder is fantastic for prepping the nail for regular nail polishes, other nail bonders are crafted to work with LED or UV Gel polishes specifically. This UV Bonder from Ibd will ensure that doing your gel nails at home is easy and breezy. 

Ibd has been around for decades, and it’s for a good reason too. They are one of the leading nail care brands to specialize in gel polish and gel nail applications. From gel polish to hard gels to builder gels and even bonders, Ibd has what you’re looking for.

Ibd is continuing to formulate and innovate high-performance products that are easy to use in the comfort of your own home. They bring professional, salon-grade quality to you without the hassle. Also, their gel systems are gratifying and simple to use. 

The Ibd UV Bonder is there to ensure your next gel manicure can last for weeks and, in some cases, up to a month. Much like the Orly Bonder, this creates a base that gel polishes will want to latch onto quickly. The difference is this product needs a UV lamp.

A UV lamp is required for any gel products, and to use the bonder properly, it will need to be cured in a nail light. Thankfully, it won’t be too challenging to learn how to use this bonder. Once you get the technique down, you’ll never want to quit using it. 

First and foremost, always begin by preparing the nail. This includes buffing the nail beds, filing the free edge into your desired shape, pushing back the cuticles, and wiping the nails with an alcohol pad to ensure no moisture disrupts the bonder.

Next, Ibd recommends that you apply the bonder in small, thin layers. Blot with the Ibd wipes, and then it’s ready to go into the lamp. Allow the bonder to cure for one minute. 

This bonder will create a sticky base that will allow for max adhesion for any gel nail polish to follow. It’s there to prevent chipping, lifting, or breaking so your manicure can last weeks on end. You’ll be left with a smooth finish every time. 

3. Kanorine Non-Acid Gel Fast Power Bonder

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Most bonders that you will find on the market will usually be formulated to work with gel nail applications. Sometimes, they can even work with acrylic systems too. The Kanorine Fast Power Bond is an excellent, well-rounded option for most nail systems.

However, unlike most UV Bonders crafted to work with gels, this bonder doesn’t need to be cured with a nail light. Instead, it’s an acid-free formula that works well with most nail systems like acrylic powder, artificial nail art, gel, and gentle for the natural nail. 

This acid-free formula is compatible with anyone who deals with skin sensitivities. This bonder is formulated from natural resin with no toxic or harmful ingredients and has very minimal fragrance. You can rest assured knowing your nails will be cared for.

This product has no wait time; it will not dry down since it is made to leave a sticky and tacky residue. However, there is no need to fear; this adhesive residue will ensure that the nail system applied over this bonder will adhere without fault. 

The Kanorine Non-Acid Fast Power Bond will be the first product you apply to your nail bed. However, before anything, it’s also recommended by Kanorine to buff, file, and dehydrate the nails to ensure the product will adhere with strength and precision. 

Kanorine states that this Fast Power Bond will be the most effective for acrylic nail or natural nail enhancements. However, if gel is your go-to nail system, it will offer the same benefits. Apply this product before your base coat and nail color of choice. 

This bond works to protect the natural nail from any potential damage or trauma that the nails may undergo. This is an essential and universal bonder that you will need in your nail kit, no matter how you do your nails. 

It’s also compatible with other nail care brands. 

4. COSCELIA Nail Bond Primer 

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The difference between a bonder and a primer is minimal. However, they both work to promote the adhesion of nail systems. This Nail Bond Primer from Coselia will work with the benefits of a primer and a bonder, simplifying your nail care routine. 

Coscelia is a worldwide nail care brand that caters to an international demographic. Since 2014 they have formulated the perfect acrylic and gel nail systems to simplify creating salon-quality nails at home. Coscelia is also budget-friendly. 

Like the Kanorine Fast Power Bond, the Nail Bond Primer by Coscelia doesn’t need to be cured with a UV lamp. This adds an extra convenient factor for those individuals intimidated by doing their own nails with gel or acrylic powder.

This Nail Bond Primer goes hand in hand with their Nail Dehydrator. Combine both products to get the ultimate prepped nail base. Both products are compatible with most nail systems, but Coscelia recommends using the bond primer with gel.

The Bond Primer is formulated to work like double-sided tape. First, the bonder will stick to your natural nail bed, creating a layer to shield the nails from damage or trauma. Then, it will dry with a tacky residue to provide seamless adhesion for your gel color. 

It’s simple to use, and it’s even easier than applying a base coat since this primer doesn’t need to be cured with a UV light. First, prep the nail, then add a thin layer of the bonder. Once the bonder air dries for a minute or so, apply your base coat. 

Cure your base coat as instructed on the bottle, and you can proceed with the rest of your gel application. Get ready to achieve a seamless and smooth gel application whenever you need a fresh manicure. Coceslia makes the process goof-proof. 

5. OPI Bond Aid Balancing Agent 

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OPI is one of the most well-known nail care brands, and many of us have used OPI at one point in our lives. They have the most creative nail polish collections and high-quality gels, and OPI has perfected everything else in between, like Bond Aid. 

OPI states that Bond Aid is a “solution that increases adhesion for long-lasting manicure wear.” It’s a cleansing agent that also preps the nail and removes excess oils, moisture, lint, etc., that can potentially disrupt your manicure. 

Bond Aid is a universal product that can prep the nails for any system like gel, nail adhesives, tips, wraps, acrylics, base coats, and even regular nail lacquer. It’s similar to the Orly Bonder that can also work with any nail system or product. 

Like most bonders, this will be the first step in your manicure after buffing or shaping the nails. Bond Aid will also balance your nails’ pH levels, keeping them intact and ready for your favorite nail application. It’s also easy to apply to the nail beds.

Prep your nails and cuticles as you usually would, and for extra precaution, wipe the nail with an alcohol pad to remove lingering dust. Then, apply one coat of OPI’s Bond Aid to the nails and watch the product dry instantly. 

This product will dry quickly, and you’ll be ready to apply the next step of your manicure as soon as you coat the last nail with Bond Aid. In addition, Bond Aid doesn’t leave any disgusting smells and is odor-free for sensitive noses. 

Bond Aid doesn’t need to be cured by a UV light; just swipe one coat of product on the nails, and you are ready to go. OPI ensures that this product will provide maximum adhesion no matter what nail service you decide to apply. 

For a smooth and prepped base for every manicure, Bond Aid is the way to go! OPI crafted this bonder to provide ultimate adhesion. Nail bonders are a crucial step in preparing the nail for long-lasting manicures.

So which one is your new go-to?

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