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13 Best Back Scrubbers For Acne

by Gabbi

As if finding remedies for facial acne wasn’t challenging enough, persistent and unwanted back acne can be another obstacle all together. The term “bacne” refers to the breakouts that can occur on one’s back, and they can be difficult to treat or eliminate.

While most of us have figured out how to combat our facial acne, finding a way to ensure your back is smooth and breakout-free may still need to be discovered.

One of the best methods for treating and preventing “bacne” is through regular exfoliation. Our backs do not get as much attention as our faces, in terms of our skincare routine, so making sure to cleanse the back and exfoliate often can help eliminate existing breakouts and prevent more from showing up.

Although exfoliating can be done through body scrubs, the back is a hard-to-reach area to cleanse thoroughly and can benefit greatly from the use of a back scrubber.

How can you find the best back scrubber to help eliminate back acne? When looking for a back scrubber that will help to eliminate existing back acne and prevent new breakouts from occurring, it is best to look for a scrubber that has an extended handle with a good grip, firm bristles, and a material that will work for your skin type and preferences.

There are several styles of back scrubbers that can provide a deep exfoliation to the back, as well as other parts of the body overall. Finding a thorough back scrubber will not only help with unwanted back acne but will help improve the look and feel of the skin overall.

What Causes Back Acne?

Similar to facial acne, there can be many reasons why back acne can occur and why some individuals are more prone to those types of breakouts than others. The skin on our backs is very different from the skin on our face, as it is not as delicate and the pore size is slightly different.

Most commonly, back acne can be cause from clogged pores or a build-up of dirt, oil, or dead skin cells that needs to be deeply exfoliated away.

Other common causes of “bacne” can be from the friction against the skin from tight clothing, not thoroughly cleaning after a workout, especially a sweaty one, or hormonal breakouts. However, there are easy methods to treating back acne, and that can start with a deep exfoliation.

Best Back Scrubbers for Acne – Buyer’s Guide

There are several different components to consider when looking for a back scrubber to add in to your shower routine. As the skin on the back is different than the skin on the face, there are certain considerations that will make a scrubber more suited for the back rather than the face, and vice versa.

As the scrubber is being used to exfoliate the skin to prevent new or existing back acne from occurring, finding the tool that performs the best for your skin type and preferences is just as important as finding the proper products to treat acne.

Below are the important factors to consider when looking for a new back scrubber to combat any unwanted back acne. 

Handle and Grip

Both the handle and the grip of a back scrubber brush is important to consider when looking for the right tool for you.

As the back is a difficult to reach area, it can be hard to ensure it is being properly exfoliated. Looking for a back scrubber that has a handle that extends enough for you to reach behind and scrub those hard-to-reach areas will make your shower-time scrub much easier.

As opposed to shorter handles, or exfoliating gloves, an extended handle creates ease of use when exfoliating your back. There are also back scrubbers that wrap around the back, which allows you to move the scrubber back and forth to thoroughly scrub each inch of your back.

Along with the handle, making sure the grip is solid is another factor to making your exfoliating tool that much easier to work with. As it will be used in the shower, mostly while the water is running, you want to have a tool that will not easily slip out of hand or become slippery as your maneuver it along your back.

Looking for handles that have a silicone, rubber, or other water-resistant material to firmly grip the tool will be beneficial to scrubbing away.


There is a range of bristles available in shower back scrubbers to ensure your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, without being too harsh.

As the skin on the back is thicker than the skin on your face, the bristles for a back scrubber should be firm and dense, in order to properly scrub the area. Depending on your preferences, you can find the proper bristle fibers for you.


To find the best tool for you, start by determining which type of back scrubber would work the best based on your own needs and preferences. There are various types of back scrubbers that suit a range of motion, exfoliation level, and materials.

Most commonly, there are the back scrubber with the firm bristles that have a long handle, typically made out of some type of wood, which is a popular style of the tool that most people are familiar with.

More recently, there have been the exfoliators that can wrap around the body, almost like an extended-sized wash cloth, that can be gripped in two hands and worked back and forth along the back.

It is suitable for most skin types, but can work especially well for those with sensitive skin as the material is usually softer than that of the brushes.

There are also the double-sided brushes that are convenient and easy to use. Typically, there is one side that has a loofa-like sponge which is used to cleanse the body, while the other side of the tool is the brush scrubber which is used to exfoliate.

This tool is great if you are looking for a two-in-one type of product or have limited space in your shower for extra body care tools.


Similar to the bristles, there is a range of materials that are available in back scrubbers that fall under the different types of tools. Silicone is a popular material that is used to completely exfoliate the skin, without being too harsh.

It is easy to rinse and sanitize because the material is less likely to harbor bacteria than a sponge material or bristle brushes.

Bristles can be made of various different materials, including nylon or other natural fibers. Based on how your skin reacts and your preference, finding the right material for the bristle may take some trial and error. There are also microfiber towels that work as back scrubbers.

This material is softer on the skin, while still thoroughly exfoliating, and can be an ideal selection for those with sensitive skin that bristle or silicone brushes are too harsh for.

The Best Back Scrubbers

RankProductKey Features
1.ELEMIS Body Detox Skin BrushNatural cactus bristles; exfoliates, cleanses, and tones; improves circulation; ideal for dry brushing
2.PMD Clean Body Smart Cleansing BrushSilicone bristles; three interchangeable attachments; waterproof; meant to exfoliate, cleanse, or massage different areas of the body
3.Skin Gym Dry Body BrushNatural cactus bristles; combination of firm and soft bristles; meant to be used dry; exfoliates while also increasing blood flow
4.EcoTools Soft Bristle Bath BrushSynthetic bristles with natural bamboo handle; extended and ergonomically designed handle; can be used in the shower or on dry skin
5.AQUIS Double-Sided Exfoliating & Cleansing Back ScrubberDual-sided microfiber towel; two different textures on either side; two handles to firmly grip; wraps around the body to reach difficult areas
6.Metene Shower BrushDouble-sided brush with soft and firm bristles; has both natural fiber bristles and nylon bristles; lotus wood extended handle; has rubber grip for easy handling
7.Surlees 2.0 Plus Back ScrubberDense, oval-shaped brush head; nylon bristles; extended 15" handle with ergonomic design to reach the back easily; deeply exfoliates while also encouraging blood flow
8.HONOMA Body BrushDouble-sided brush with both loofa and bristles; extended and slightly curved handle for easy reach; soft bristles that work on sensitive skin
9.KIPRITII Double-Sided Back BrushDouble-sided brush with soft and firm bristles; slightly curved extended handle; rubber grip for easy handling; can be used to dry brush or in the shower
10.Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Back ScrubberUnique blend of fibers to deeply exfoliate the skin; helps improves skin’s radiance and smoothness; unclogs pores; wide diamond-shaped that can easily wrap around the back
11.Fanwer Back Bath BrushExtra-long and U-shaped handles easily reaches difficult areas; good for those with limited arm mobility; soft, synthetic bristles that deeply exfoliate
12.DNC Silicone Back ScrubberHypoallergenic synthetic bristles; eco-friendly and BPA-free; double-sided brush head; 15" handle for easy access to the back
13.ALMOONI Exfoliating Natural Back ScrubberDouble-sided exfoliating wrap that has a soft and firm side; 38" in length to easily wrap around entire back; natural loofa fibers and soft terry cloth fabric

1. ELEMIS Body Detox Skin Brush

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This ELEMIS Body Detox brush is made of firm, natural cactus bristles that is ideal for using on dry skin anywhere on the body, before or after your shower.

It not only exfoliates the skin, but it also cleanses and stimulates that skin to encourage increased blood circulation. The increase in circulation will result in a more toned appearance, especially when used all over the body.

The positive, increased circulation will also improve the clarity of the skin’s appearance, and encourage the detoxification process that occurs naturally in the body. With the detoxification and exfoliation of the dead skin cells, breakouts that pop up on the back will easily be eliminated.

2. PMD Clean Body Smart Cleansing Brush

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The PMD Cleansing Brush is a dual-sided, electronic brush that has silicon bristles on one side, and three interchangeable attachments for the other side.

The added attachment heads can either cleanse, exfoliate, or massage all over the body either in the shower or a relaxing bath.

The silicone bristles are hypoallergenic and odor-resistant, allowing for the bristle to be used on sensitive areas of the skin.

The signature SonicGlow Technology helps to cleanse the skin deeply, and penetrate the pores to eliminate any dirt, oils, or debris.

The silver-infused loofa, or the aluminum oxide exfoliator, will thoroughly exfoliate the skin to eliminate any potential back acne breakouts, and leave the skin overall looking smoother and even-toned.

3. Skin Gym Dry Body Brush

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Another body brush that is meant to be used on dry skin, before you shower for ultimate results.

The combination of soft and firm natural cactus bristles helps to completely exfoliate the skin, without being too harsh on sensitive areas.

The stimulation of dry brushing will also increase the blood flow and circulation, leaving more radiant skin behind.

The curved handle of the brush aids in exfoliating areas that are more difficult to reach, like the back, to ensure clear and improved skin. The brush can also be used all over the body to exfoliate and tone.

4. EcoTools Soft Bristle Bath Brush

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EcoTools created this Soft Bristle Bath Brush that can be used in the shower or bath, or beforehand on dry skin to deeply, yet gently, exfoliate the skin.

The brand creates products that are vegan and cruelty-free, and this brush uses synthetic bristles with an extended, natural bamboo handle.

The bristles are soft enough to use on sensitive skin, yet will work to slough off any dead skin cells completely.

The extended handle helps to reach difficult areas, particularly the middle of the back which could see many back acne breakouts.

When used on skin either in the shower or beforehand, it will leave a radiant and clear complexion behind after each use.

5. AQUIS Double-Sided Exfoliating & Cleansing Back Scrubber

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This type of back scrubber is a dual-sided microfiber towel that wraps around the body to reach difficult areas to deeply cleanse or exfoliate them.

The towel is made of soft microfiber that is gentle on the skin, yet has two different textures on either side for a customized exfoliation experience.

One side of the towel has textured fibers to achieve a deep exfoliation, while the other side has the signature Aquitex water-wicking microfiber to impart a gentle cleanse.

The length of the back scrubber allows for it to wrap easily around the body, and the double-handed grips on either end help to maneuver the scrubber to hard-to-reach areas with ease.

6. Metene Shower Brush

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Metene’s Shower Brush is a double-sided scrubber that houses firm bristle on one end and soft bristles on the other. The firm bristles are made from nylon fibers, and the softer bristles are sourced from natural fibers.

The lotus wood handle is extended to get to difficult areas of the body, and the rubber patches on the handle ensure a grip that will not slip from your hand.

It can be used in the shower with the softer bristles for a deeper clean, and the stiff bristles can be used in the shower or before for a thorough exfoliation.

Being able to combine both the soft bristles to cleanse and the stiff bristles to exfoliate the thicker skin on the back will eliminate any potential or existing breakouts, and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

7. Surlees 2.0 Plus Back Scrubber

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The Surlees 2.0 Plus Back Scrubber has been improved with a dense brush head and an extended handle that reaches 15″ to easily scrub different parts of the back.

The brush head is an oval shape, that will increase and improve the feel of the brush on the skin.

Along with an oval shape, the bristles are densely packed with soft, nylon fiber bristles that will encourage the dead skin cells to be cleansed away.

The shape of the brush head can also increase the blood flow, adding to the overall clarity of the skin, and also encourage lymphatic drainage where it is used on the body to aid in the detoxification process.

8. HONOMA Body Brush

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This double-sided option comes with a loofa on one end, and a soft bristle brush on the other.

Multi-tasking as both a cleansing and exfoliating tool, it eliminates the need for more shower tools.

The extended handle is also created with a slightly curved design, which helps to angle the brush easily to glide across the back.

The soft bristles will deeply exfoliate, yet as gentle enough for sensitive skin.

9. KIPRITII Double-Sided Back Brush

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KIPRITII’s Double-Sided Back Brush houses two different types of bristles on either side of the tool.

One side has firm, natural boar bristles that are ideal for exfoliating, while the other side has soft, nylon fibers that are ideal for cleansing or sensitive skin. 

The slightly curved handle is an extended length that is designed to allow the brush to lay flat against the back while scrubbing.

Because the brush can lay evenly against the contours of the back, like the shoulder blades, the brush is able to exfoliate away any dead skin cells that could clog the pores to create breakouts. The rubber grip handle ensure the brush will remain firmly in grasp while its being used.

10. Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Back Scrubber

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This is another towel-like back scrubber that is created from a unique blend of fibers to allow for a deeply penetrating exfoliation.

The shape of the wrap includes a diamond-like shape that enables the scrubber to fit around the back and shoulders easily.

It is ideal to exfoliate away dead skin cells to help with unclogging pores that can cause unwanted back acne breakouts.

The wrap is also an ideal product to stimulate blood flow to improve the radiance of the skin, and also works well to exfoliate any area  of the body before the application of sunless tanner for an even application.

11. Fanwer Back Bath Brush

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This back brush is a uniquely shaped scrubber that works to easily reach any area of the back, without having to lift your arms higher than your chest.

The extra long extended handle is a U-shaped design which is meant to scrub any part of the back, or body, with minimal movement.

The soft, synthetic fibers deliver a deep clean and thorough exfoliation to rid the skin of dead skin cells, unwanted breakouts, and clogged pores.

12. DNC Silicone Back Scrubber

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With this double-sided, synthetic back scrubber, you are able to easily cleanse the skin with a tool that is eco-friendly, BPA-free, and hypoallergenic.

Both sides of the brush have silicone bristles that offer different types of exfoliations, fit to your skin’s needs and preferences.

Along with helping to eliminate dry skin and dead skin cells which cause back breakouts, this tool also works to alleviate itchiness on the skin or as a massage for fatigued parts of the body.

13. ALMOONI Exfoliating Natural Back Scrubber

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ALMOONI created a natural back exfoliator that is a double-sided tool, meant to both cleanse and exfoliate any area of the back or body.

The natural loofa fibers on one side of the tool deeply exfoliate the skin to eliminate breakouts, while also improving skin’s clarity.

The soft terry cloth fabric on the opposite side works to gently cleanse the skin, and can also lightly exfoliate for those with more sensitive skin.

The wrap is an extended length of 38″ to ensure any area of the back can be reached easily, and can be swiftly maneuvered over the contours of the body.


Although there are various reasons that back acne breakouts can occur or be triggered, there are easy solutions to treating it to prevent future acne spots from popping up.

Just like exfoliating on the face helps with facial acne, deeply exfoliating with the proper tools and products helps to eradicate existing and future breakouts.

Adding a back scrubber to your shower routine will not only improve any areas of back acne, but will help with the skin’s overall radiance, clarity, and tone.

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