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7 Flawless Dior Nail Glow Dupes

by Gabbi

Dior is known for designer clothing, but they have also expanded into beauty. Dior Beauty includes luxury products like foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras, perfumes, and even nail care. One fan-favorite nail product is the Dior Nail Glow. 

The Dior Nail Glow is a universal nail product that offers a shiny finish with a subtle wash of pink. How pink the polish is will vary from person to person. Regardless, this product will enhance your nails and create a healthy nail bed.

However, this product is extremely pricey, and it may not fit into everyone’s budget. The Dior Nail Glow will only offer a wash of pinky hues to the nails and a healthy, glossy finish. So, are there products that are affordable but do the same job?

Thankfully, if you don’t want to empty your wallet on one designer nail product, other options on the market work the same as the Dior Nail Glow. Most of these alternative products offer even more benefits than Dior.

What are the best flawless Dior Nail Glow dupes? The best dupes for the Dior Nail Glow will offer a shiny and glossy result, add a subtle wash of pink, and even protect your natural nails. In addition, these dupes are accessible and affordable. 

Keep reading to find out how to choose the best product and to see our top picks for flawless Dior Nail Glow dupes!

How To Pick The Best Dior Nail Glow Dupe 

Look For Pink Hues

Many people rave about the Dior Nail Glow because it offers a natural pink hue. It provides a subtle wash of color that looks stunning on all nail plates and skin tones. However, the pink shade varies by person, and it is very sheer.

Opt For A Shiny Finish 

The Dior Nail Glow is known for its hi-shine, healthy finish. It’s ultra-glossy when it dries down and gives a “my nails but better” result. It will enhance natural nails with just one swipe and help create a clean and crisp manicure.


Some dupes are more affordable than others. If you’re looking for a dupe for the Dior Nail Glow, the price may play an essential factor. Some dupes may be more expensive than others, but it will depend on your needs and budget to decide what will fit.

First Aid Properties 

Most Dior Nail Glow dupes are Nail Strengtheners because they enhance your nails and promote healthy growth. 

In addition, these dupes sometimes provide even more benefits than the Dior Nail Glow, like conditioning, strengthening, and promoting growth. 

So, not only will they create the same effect as the Dior Nail Glow, but they will repair weak or damaged nails.

Also, strengtheners can be tinted in a versatile pink hue and are available in multiple shades to mimic the Dior Nail Glow’s iconic wash of pink. However, you can also opt for nail polish with an extremely sheer formula.

Best Flawless Dior Nail Glow Dupes 

RankProductKey Features
1.OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Adds shine, pink tint, protein and calcium
2.Nail-Aid 8-in-1 Nude Manicure Strengthening, promotes growth, pink
3.Orly Nail Lacquer French ManicureSheer pink, quick dry, universal
4.Ella+Mila First Aid Kiss Nail StrengthenerVegan, cruelty-free, strengthening
5.Ellie Chase Nail Strengthening & Growth Treatment Conditioning, strengthening
6.Duri Rejuvacote 2 Nail Growth System Base And Top Coat Crystal clear sheen, strengthening
7.Essie Nail Polish Glossy Shine Peach Side BabePolish, universal, buildable

1. OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener 

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The Dior Nail Glow will enhance the nails, add shine, and create a healthy finish.

However, OPI has the solution if you want to gain even more benefits for your nails without investing in one nail product. OPI offers professional results at home.

If you are looking for a product that works and looks like the Dior Nail Glow, check out OPI’s Nail Strengthener in Tinted Pink.

This product will revitalize your nail plates by infusing them with strengthening ingredients like wheat protein and calcium. 

The shade Tinted Pink will give the same wash of color as the Dior Nail Glow. You will achieve an enhanced shiny finish; it will also treat your nails so they can become long and strong.

The OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener is available in numerous shades, while there is only one shade of the Dior Nail Glow.

2. Nail-Aid 8-in-1 Nude Manicure 

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Nail-Aid not only created a stunning dupe for the Dior Nail Glow, but it will also strengthen your nail plate. Dior Nail Glow is known for offering a healthy and glossy finish to your nails with a light pink hue.

Nail-Aid formulated the Nude Manicure with keratin and biotin to promote healthy nail growth. This is a beautiful way to achieve longer and stronger nails. 

You’ll reach the same glossy and pink finish as the Dior Nail Glow, along with extra benefits.

For example, the Nail-Aid Nude Manicure will dry quickly and set into a hard finish. Nail-Aid claims that this product will keep your nails looking healthy and shiny for up to two weeks. All you need to do is apply one coat for a seamless result.

3. Orly Nail Lacquer French Manicure

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Orly is a famous drugstore nail brand that offers everything you need to achieve a salon-quality manicure at home.

The French Manicure Lacquer in Bare Rose will create the same effect as the Dior Nail Glow without emptying your wallet. 

The French Manicure Lacquer is a beautiful base for French manicures, but it can also double as a dupe for the Dior Nail Glow.

The shade Bare Rose will tint the nails with a sheer, pink hue and add shine to your nail plates. It will also dry down quickly.

Another benefit is that Orly’s French Manicure Lacquer incorporates UV inhibitors to combat fading. It will look beautiful on all nail plates and skin tones. You can apply one coat of this Lacquer on your nails for a subtle wash of color. 

Lastly, you can wear the French Manicure Lacquer by itself or with other Orly products. 

4. Ella+Mila First Aid Kiss Nail Strengthener

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Ella+Mila has the ultimate affordable dupe for the Dior Nail Glow. This nail strengthener and growth treatment will look fantastic on all nail plates and skin tones.

The best part is that this product is vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA certified.

This product is terrific if you want a Vegan nail product that offers the same shiny, healthy finish as the Dior Nail Glow.

However, because the First Aid Kiss is a Nail Strengthener, it should only be worn for seven days before you need to reapply.

The Dior Nail Glow will enhance your natural nails, but Ella+Mila’s First Aid Kiss will promote strong and healthy nail growth. Overall, this product is ideal if you want a luxury nail finish while caring for your nail plates.

5. Ellie Chase Nail Strengthening & Growth Treatment 

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Another versatile nail product that produces an uncanny resemblance to the Dior Nail Glow is the Elle Chase Nail Strengthening & Growth Polish.

You’ll receive a luxury glossy finish with this product, and it can be applied alone or with other nail items. 

Ellie Chase claims this nail strengthener will keep your nails solid but flexible. It will condition your nails with nutrients and promote healthy nail growth.

It can be used as a base coat, topcoat, or by itself. It will also fit into everyone’s budget.

Just like the Dior Nail Glow, the Ellie Chase Nail Strengthener will also refine your nail plate. It will seamlessly smooth out imperfections, enhance the hue of your nails, and harden into a glossy finish. One swipe, and you’ll have healthy, strong nails. 

6. Duri Rejuvacote 2 Nail Growth System Base And Top Coat 

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Are you looking for a “your nails but better” nail enhancer? Duri Rejuvacote has created a product that promotes healthy nail growth and saturates your nails with a glossy sheen. This product can be used as a base and topcoat. 

The Nail Growth System will infuse your nails with collagen and fatty acids so you can have a luxurious and healthy finish that resembles the Dior Nail Glow.

So now you can kiss brittle, weak, and chipped nails goodbye, all with one affordable product.

The Nail Growth System will enhance any pink hues within your natural nail plate and provide a crystal clear sheen like the Dior Nail Glow.

You can pair this product with other polishes or lacquers, or you can wear the Nail Growth system on its own. 

7. Essie Nail Polish Glossy Shine Peach Side Babe

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What if you only want to mimic the shade of the Dior Nail Glow?

Well, if you’re only interested in polishes and not strengtheners, Essie has the product for you. To achieve a subtle wash of pink, try applying Essie’s Nail Polish in Peach Side Babe.

This nail polish formula offers a hi-shine glossy finish, just like designer or salon brands.

It’s a streak-free formula that will minimize the appearance of imperfections on the nail plate. You can also build up this color’s saturation. 

If you want a similar pink flush that the Dior Nail Glow offers, Peach Side Babe is a universally flattering shade that provides the same effect. If you want a sheer finish, you can lightly apply one layer or apply two layers for saturation.

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