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Does Burnt Hair Grow Back?

by Gabbi

Our hair can say a lot about our personalities and characteristics. Some people are attached to their hair and will do anything to maintain it, while others constantly experiment with new looks. Most of us heard the phrase, “your hair will grow back.”

In most cases, it’s true whether you maintain the same style or you frequently change up your look; your hair will continue to grow. However, some unfortunate situations can hinder your hair growth, like age, genetics, stress, and burns.

Burnt hair can be tricky to deal with, and it’s crucial to know how your hair was burnt in the first place. For example, burnt hair can result from getting caught in a fire, heat damage, chemical damage, heat styling gone wrong, and more. It can also be time-consuming to heal.

Does burnt hair grow back? It will depend on your hair follicles. Our strands grow from the follicles, but it can be challenging to grow your hair back if it is damaged. However, if your scalp and follicles are intact, you can quickly grow out burned strands.

Healing burnt hair is a pesky chore. However, you can consult with a professional hairstylist and adjust your hair routine accordingly. Investing in the right products and lifestyle can help you achieve healthy hair. So, are you ready to find out more?

Can Burnt Hair Grow Back?

Generally speaking, your hair can quickly grow back after getting burned as long as the hair follicles and scalp are healthy.

So, if the ends of your strands are burned from color, bleach, heat, or other chemical treatments, it’s more than likely it will grow back. However, the real concern happens if the hair follicles are burned and damaged.

According to eMediHealth, “Any kind of damage to the hair follicles can interfere with growth of hair, often leading to hair loss, thin hair, and changes in hair texture and color.”

If the burns aren’t deep enough to affect the follicles or a particular health problem has been caught early on, you may be able to grow out the hair with the help of a medical professional.

Damaged Follicles 

Most of us will agree that any burn on the scalp is unpleasant. However, first and second-degree burns can possibly be treated with the proper routine and doctor. It won’t be a great idea to try and solve this issue independently.

Third and fourth-degree burns are deep enough to damage the hair follicle and the bulb it holds to grow your strands. 

Hair & Scalp Specialists state that “third and fourth degree burns cause damage to the lower layers of skin that contain hair follicles, in turn destroying the follicle and causing scarring. This scarring unfortunately means hair loss is permanent.” 

Overall, as long as your follicles and scalp don’t get burned, you will most likely be able to grow hair back with ease. First and second-degree burns will acquire medical attention, while third and fourth-degree burns can damage your follicles altogether.

This is also true for your lashes and eyebrows. If the follicles are damaged beyond repair, chances are they won’t grow back.

Hair Growth Cycles 

So, if only your strands or hair fibers were burned, how long would it take to grow back? The hair on our head, eyebrows, and lashes all have their own hair growth cycles. 

These cycles replace old hair with new ones or continue growing from our roots.

1. Scalp Hair 

How fast your hair grows will also depend on your genetics and lifestyle. However, there is an average estimated time for hair, brows, and lashes to grow back.

There are three stages of hair growth and four if you count the shedding phase. Healthline states the stages of hair growth are “Anagen: Growing Phase, Catagen: Transition Phase, and Telogen: Resting Phase.” 

Some phases last months and others a few weeks. So it will depend on many factors, but be prepared for this hair growth journey to be long. On average, hair can grow around ½ inch a month.

2. Eyebrows 

What about your eyebrows? Eyebrows are just as important as our regular hair. In addition, eyebrows help shape your face and accentuate your features. Unfortunately, eyebrows can also get burned chemically with bleach and many other ways.

Do eyebrows take a long time to grow back? The Cleveland Clinic states that it takes “at least 2-3 months to see hair growth. The hair growth cycle for eyebrows is between 3 and 4 months.”

As mentioned earlier, as long as the follicle isn’t damaged past the point of repair, you will be able to grow them back. 

3. Eyelashes 

Eyelashes can also burn in some unfortunate circumstances. This can be due to a fire, or it can be due to a chemical burn from a lash product or service. Eyelashes have their own growth cycle and phases.

According to Healthline, “the lifespan of an eyelash can vary from 4 months to as long as 11 months. There are three phases to this lifespan: the growth phase, the degradation phase, and the resting phase.”

As long as the follicles aren’t completely harmed, your lashes will be able to grow back. In addition, other factors like genetics, health, lifestyle, and diet can contribute to your hair growth cycle. 

How To Heal Burnt Hair 

If your follicles are intact or you managed only to burn your ends, there are a few ways to handle it. Whether it’s seeing a licensed professional or making adjustments in your daily life, with patience, you can grow your hair back in no time!

1. Consult A Doctor

Always consult a medical professional if severe burns have grazed your scalp or follicles. This will ensure you receive proper treatment and that you won’t damage your follicles even further. It never hurts to get a check-up for your scalp!

In addition, a doctor will be able to prescribe medical-grade hair products or even vitamins to incorporate into your diet. Having a routine tailored for you can ensure your hair grows back without mishaps.

2. Consult A Stylist 

If your scalp is in the clear but your ends need some TLC, seek help from a professional and licensed hairstylist. Whether you’re dealing with burned ends from heat or chemical products/services, a hairstylist can lead your hair to recovery.

You might do a few strengthening treatments during this time, and your stylist will recommend high-quality products to protect your hair. These products will also be tailored to your hair’s texture, type, and needs so you can get the best results.

3. Cut It

If your ends are past the point of repair, it may be time to cut your hair! Cutting your hair can be scary, but at least you know your strands can grow back. If you’re insecure about short hair, you can even opt for extensions to add length. 

Cutting your strands will make way for new and healthy hair. In addition, you might even find your new favorite hairstyle through this tragedy. Haircuts are a simple and effective way to remove dead ends and start your healthy hair journey! 

4. Adjust Your Lifestyle 

Now is a beautiful time to adjust to your lifestyle to help your hair grow. Diet plays a vital role in our hair’s health, so incorporating nutrient-dense foods into your meals will ensure your strands are long, strong, shiny, and healthy.

You can also take daily vitamins and start a relaxing exercise plan. Think of this step as showing love and care for your well-being. It can even be a fun way to unwind because stress is another factor that can hinder your hair growth. 

5. Create A Healthy Hair Routine

Do you need to update your hair products? If you consult a hairstylist, you’ll quickly eliminate the products that won’t do your strands any good. In addition, learning what ingredients are beneficial for your hair can help promote healthy strands.

One essential product everyone needs is a heat protectant. Think of this as sunscreen for your hair. You don’t want to heat style your hair without protecting the strands and creating a barrier with this product. It can also protect against UV Rays.

Investing in conditioning masks and scalp shampoos can also help the hair grow. Lastly, clean your hairbrushes and combs regularly to prevent build-up.

6. Invest In A Brow/Lash Serum 

It may be a good idea to invest in a lash or brow serum for burnt lashes or eyes. 

These serums are usually formulated with oils like Castor and Jojoba, nourishing the fibers and strengthening new growth. Over time, it can thicken the eyebrows and eyelashes.

Also, these are great to incorporate into your nightly routine to help you wake up with full brows and fluttery lashes. In addition, these serums are specifically made for the eye area. 

However, this step may not be for everyone. Check with a medical professional if you decide to go this route. In addition, diet and lifestyle changes can benefit the growth of your eyebrows and eyelashes just like it does for the hair on your head. 

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