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7 Best Nail Stencils For Airbrushing

by Gabbi

Nail art is a daunting task for most people unless you are a professional nail tech. However, the pros want tools that make manicures quick, efficient, and high-quality. One tool that helps achieve a flawless manicure is an airbrush.

Airbrushing is a simple and quick way to coat the nails in an even layer of polish. It will apply color to the nail plate lightly, and with ease, so you don’t have to worry about bumps or streaks. However, a plain manicure can feel drab or boring.

Nail stencils are a fantastic tool that spices up your manicure without the time and hassle of hand painting a design. Nail stencils and an airbrush go hand in hand. Together, you’ll have an exciting manicure within seconds.

Most of us are familiar with nail stampers or hand painting nail art, but both of those methods can still be messy and time-consuming. Airbrushing is a low-maintenance way to get a salon manicure without the hassle of painting your nails by hand. 

So, what are the best nail stencils for airbrushing? The best nail stencils for airbrushing should be durable and strong to prevent polish from spreading underneath that can ruin your design. They should also be flexible and reusable.

Keep reading to see our suggestions for the best nail stencil sets available to buy online and more!

Nail Stencils – Buyer’s Guide

Most nail stencils are made of similar materials; they function the same way or are produced similarly. So, you may find that there isn’t a lot of choice in stencils.

However, creativity and passion can transform your manicure even when using basic stencils!


Each stencil should have an array of designs. Various sets can include hundreds of designs to choose from, so you can always have a fresh idea. However, you can also opt for a small number of designs if you feel overwhelmed.

Most stencils have a colored reference sheet to differentiate the designs from each other and see the patterns in color. Also, brands offer various designs that include categories like animals, people, objects, and more.


Another essential feature of stencils is their material. Most nail stencils are made from flexible and strong materials. Stencils can be reused if the material can re-stick to the nails or it’s durable. Most stencils are made from Mylar or Vinyl.

You may notice that some materials are pretty and holographic, and others are a basic silver or gray color. Regardless, the stencil’s material should stick well to the nail to prevent the polish from leaking underneath and ruining the pattern.


Nail stencils can double as decals. Nail stencils printed on a holographic material can add flair and a futuristic feel. Also, you can mix your airbrushing designs with these stickers to add texture and dimension to your nails.

This will ensure you use up every part of your stencils, and you can also create less waste in the long run since they are reusable. Most stencils can be used on natural and fake nails. 

Whether you’re a pro or an enthusiast, you’ll find a way to make good use of these stencils and make your nails one of a kind. 

Best Nail Stencils For Airbrushing

RankProductKey Features
1.Custom Body Art Airbrush Nail Stencils20 sheets, 15 patterns per stencil
2.Buyter Manicure Stencil Tools20 sheets, 200 patterns
3.Mudder Nail Vinyl Stencils Nail Stickers24 sheets, 72 designs
4.Ebest Reusable Airbrush Nail Stencils5 stencils, 10-15 designs per sheet
5.Cress 144 Pcs Nail Vinyl Stencils100+ pcs, 24 stencil sheets
6.Custom Body Art Airbrush Nail Stencils20 sheets, 320 designs
7.HNYYZL Store 72 Designs Nail Art Stencils 24 sheets, 72 designs

1. Custom Body Art Airbrush Nail Stencils

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Custom Body Art has all the supplies you need to express your creative side. Whether you’re looking for face paints, brushes, or glitter, they have you covered.

In addition, they even supply multiple nail stencils for airbrushing to spice up your manicure!

Sometimes regular manicures can be boring, but nail art can bring your nails to life with the right design.

Thankfully, Custom Body Art has created different stencil packs that will spark your creativity, and you can airbrush your design in seconds!

The Series Set #9 includes a 20 Sheet Stencil Set to cover all your fingers and toes. In addition, you’ll receive 15 patterns on each stencil sheet. Also, the stencil sheets are 2.5 in x 4.5 in, so it will perfectly cover the nail plate, so you get the best placement.

Custom Body Art’s stencils are fantastic for airbrushing the nails because each stencil sheet is made from a reusable and durable material called Mylar. Reusable sheets are great because it reduces waste and saves you money down the road.

In total, there are 300 designs in this set. That’s an overwhelming number, but Custom Body Art includes a colored picture sheet in this set so you can see all the patterns available. This sheet will make finding and using the designs you love easier!

2. Buyter Manicure Stencil Tools

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Buyter is another brand that supplies any product imaginable, even nail tools.

Nail art is a daunting task, and it can take hours to hand paint a crisp and clean design. Stamping can be messy and tedious, but what about airbrushing?

Buyter has a 20-piece airbrushing stencil set that is reusable and offers multiple patterns.

You’ll receive 20 stencil sheets, along with a colored picture sheet for design references, and around 200 prints to choose from in total.

These sheets are also made of mylar. This material will stick to the nail with ease so you can airbrush your chosen design. Then, after you wait a few seconds, you can slowly peel off the stencil to reveal a crisp, clean, and vivid design on your nail plate.

These sheets are highly similar to Custom Body Art’s stencil because they are both made of the same material that is reusable and flexible. Also, these stencils are explicitly made for airbrushing, so your nail can always look flawless.

You’ll receive various designs like animals, nature, people, objects, and more. No matter what occasion, you’ll have the perfect design on hand, whether it’s for you or a client. Once you are happy with the results, seal it in with a top coat and enjoy!

3. Mudder Nail Vinyl Stencils Nail Stickers

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Mudder is here to save you from another drab manicure! 

These nail stencils will bring some spice to your manicure, and it will be a conversation piece the next time you go out!

These stencils are great for airbrushing to help finish a mani in seconds. Airbrushing is a beautiful way to save time and effort when doing a manicure.

However, you’ll need the proper stencils to get a professional design. Mudder has created various nail stencil sheets so you’ll never run out of ideas ever again.

In this set, you’ll receive 24 sheets with six smaller pieces and three different patterns. So, you’ll get 72 designs and 144 pieces in total. The sizes of these stencils are 1.18in x 1in, while the sheet is 3.46in x 2.7in, ideal for almost every nail plate!

Mudder’s nail stencils are made of vinyl, so you get a flexible and strong material that sticks well to the nail. Once the vinyl is stuck on the nail, it will prevent any polish from spreading underneath that could ruin the design. Thankfully, airbrushing is a lightweight process.

These stencils are printed on a fancy and futuristic holographic sticker. So you can use these stickers as stencils or stickers, or you can even use the leftover holographic lining to bring an extra dimension to your manicure!

This is an excellent product for airbrushing, and you can use every bit of these stencils and stickers to make your manicure unique. Who doesn’t love a holographic accent nail?

4. Ebest Reusable Airbrush Nail Stencils

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Sometimes, nail stencils can be overwhelming and confusing to look at. It can be stressful to pick a few designs out of hundreds.

So, if you are looking for a beginner-friendly nail stencil set, look no further because Ebest has the ones for you.

In this set, you’ll receive a 5-pack of nail stencils. Each stencil will contain 10-15 designs.

These sheets are made specifically for airbrushing nail art onto a manicure. It’s also very affordable to practice and mess up with these stencils.

Ebest’s stencils share many similarities to other stencil sets on this list. For example, these stencils are also made of mylar, and you’ll receive a colored design pattern sheet for reference and help differentiate between all the patterns available.

Mylar is a durable, strong, and flexible material that is great for beginners to work with because it’s reusable. So, if you are unhappy with your design or nail placement, you can stick the stencil back on with ease. You can use these stencils multiple times.

Ebest’s nail stencils have a size of 6.6 x 4.5 x 0.2 inches, making it versatile for all nail shapes. According to Ebest, you can stick the design onto the nail, spray with your airbrush tool, let it sit for a few seconds, and gently peel it off for the best results.

5. Cress 144 Pcs Nail Vinyl Stencils

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Cress offers easy-to-use and vibrant nail stencils that everyone will fall in love with! These stencils are a versatile product, and they can be used to airbrush designs on the nails or even act as a decal. 

There are more than 100 pieces in this set.

These stencils share similarities with Mudder’s stencils because they are both made from Vinyl, and they offer similar quantities of designs, and they are holographic. 

Vinyl is a flexible material that will help transfer your airbrush designs smoothly.

You’ll receive 24 stencil sheets, and each design has 12 pieces, so you have all your nails covered. This set contains 144 pieces in total, and because vinyl is reusable, it can last quite a long time. These will work for pros and enthusiasts!

Cress states these multi-purpose stencils are great to use as templates, decals, and they can be used on natural and fake nails. You can find a way to use up every last bit of these sheets and turn them into unique nail art. Say hello to nails that shine!

These self-adhesive stencils come with 24 different patterns that will fit any occasion. Cress states to apply these stickers or stencils on nail polish that is fully dry. This will give you flawless results without smudging your base color.

Once your designs are complete, add a top coat so they last longer and have that glossy salon-like finish. 

6. Custom Body Art Airbrush Nail Stencils

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Custom Body Art has one of the most extensive selections of nail stencils for airbrushing, and here is another set you should check out! 

The Design Series Set #15 offers a wide variety of designs that any nail enthusiast or professional nail tech will love!

Like the #9 set above, the #15 set will include 20 individual nail templates.

Each template will have 16 designs to use on your nails. Overall, you’ll receive 320 designs in total, which is slightly more than the other set above.

Custom Body Art also crafted these stencils from reusable mylar so you can stick and re-stick these designs until you’re satisfied. The dimensions of these stencils are 2.75 x 3.5 x 4.5 inches so that you can cover nails of all shapes and sizes.

Also, these nail stencils come with a colored picture sheet to see the available designs included in the #15 set. Because these stencils are so flexible, you can achieve a flawless and crisp pattern with the help of your airbrush tool.

Lastly, there are hundreds of designs to choose from, including people, objects, nature, animals, and more. Custom Body Art provides over 300 designs in this set, so you’ll never get bored doing your nails ever again.

7. HNYYZL Store 72 Designs Nail Art Stencils 

Check Current Price on Amazon

HNYYZL has created the ultimate nail art set for anyone interested in airbrushing. However, what makes this set different from the rest? 

For starters, you’ll receive stencils, but you’ll also receive nail art tools, glitters, and more to take your art to the next level. 

This set includes 24 sheets of stencils that total up to 72 designs. These stencils have a holographic finish, and they are made of vinyl.

The dimensions of the stencils range from 3.46 x 2.7 to 1.18 x1 in. Also, vinyl is a flexible material.

Next, you’ll receive six tubes of finely-milled glitter that will add extra sparkle and shine to your manicure. 

These six tubes are filled with red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and silver glitter so you can mix and match to fit your desires. You also get nail tools.

You’ll receive six nail dotting art tools in various sizes, a pair of tweezers, and a nail detailing brush. So, if you love airbrushing your nails, but you still want to add more flair, then this is the set for you. The stencils are also versatile and multi-functional.

Once you’ve used up your stencils, you can use the leftovers as nail decals. These stencils are printed on holographic vinyl, so you’ll be able to achieve a futuristic manicure in no time!

HNYYZL’s Nail Art set gives you everything you need for airbrushing, plus a few extra components to spice up your manicure! 

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