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9 Best Extensions For Fine Hair

by Gabbi

Putting in hair extensions is an easy, fast way to transform the way your locks look completely! They’re the solution to a number of different hair issues, from a style looking lackluster, a ponytail that needs a little life, or simply hair in need of a little more thickness, volume, and body!

You can go to the salon to get a set of professional extensions installed (which will stay on your head until you get them removed), or you can opt for a set of extensions that you put on as needed.

The latter option is more affordable and allows you to wear extensions as needed rather than having to deal with them 24/7- this is a lifesaver, especially for fine hair types!

So, what are the best extensions for fine hair? It’s important to find the lightest weight possible. Depending on the kind of hairdo you want to wear for the night, you’ll also want to look for particular styles of extensions. Lastly, pay attention to the length and coloring to ensure it matches your natural hair.

Buying extensions at home can be difficult, especially since you can’t see the product in person, so we’ve taken the hassle out of your online shopping by rounding up the 9 best extensions for fine hair we could find!

Qualities Of The Best Extensions For Fine Hair


If you’ve ever gotten professional extensions done, it’s likely that your hair stylist has talked you through the ins and outs of what kind of extensions work best with your finer, thinner hair type.

However, if you’re an extension novice and aren’t sure what works best for you, here’s a rundown on the importance of density:

Your hair is finer, which means that it gets weighed down easily. Whether it’s by product, clips, hair-ties, and yes- even extensions.

The heavier the wefts, or sections, of hair you’re installing, the more weight and pressure is being applied to the roots of your head. This can look unnatural and restrict the movement of your locks, so it’s important to go for lightweight extensions when you can!

Extension Style

There are so many different types of extension types out there- and we’re definitely not complaining. Though it can make selecting a final product kind of difficult, the range of options benefits us in the long run. It gives us the opportunity to personalize the extension style to what kind of hair do we’re gonna be doing.

For example, if you’re going for a tight, sleek updo- it’s probably not the best option to opt for clip-in or tape-in extensions that could make your natural locks look bumpy (or even show the clips/tape). There are also extensions that are meant to go directly onto ponytails or buns to add volume.

In this article, we’ll include as much of a variety of styles as possible so you can be prepared no matter what kind of hairstyle you’re feeling that day!

Length And Color

When you get extensions professionally installed, you have the luxury of getting them professionally cut and styled to blend perfectly with your natural locks. When you shop online, you’re going to need to make sure that your extensions are in the exact length that you need them to be. 

To best determine what length of extension will work best for your hair, check out this helpful YouTube video by Instant Beauty Extension Studio:

As for the color, it goes without saying that you’re gonna want to pick a shade that compliments your natural hair. If you have virgin locks, it won’t be hard to find a shade match. However, if you dye your hair, have an unnatural color, or have highlights, this may be a bit more difficult.

In cases like those, it’s important to try to opt for a human hair extension when you can, or to ensure that your extensions can be dyed to match your locks. This is a sure-fire way to get a perfect color match, though it may be a little more costly in both time and actual money.

For those who need a guide on how to dye your extensions, here’s a great video by Aka Aislinn on YouTube. She has technicolor locks, so this is definitely going to be handy if you have rainbow colors in your hair:

Best Extensions For Fine Hair

RankProductKey Features
1.Sué Exquisite 4PCS Clip-In Synethetic ExtensionsTONS of variety, clip-ins, extremely lightweight
2.GOO GOO Wire Hair ExtensionsWire invisible extensions, human hair, varying lengths, balayage
3.SAMBRAID Sore 18 inch Goddess LocsPre-looped for easy install, varying colors, 100% synthetic
4.Sunny Tape In Human Hair Extensions Varying hair textures and colors, human hair, tape-in
5.RUNATURE Ponytail Hair ExtensionDifferent colors and textures
6.LAAVOO Micro Loop Human Hair ExtensionsVariety of hair colors and lengths, longer lasting, can be used for volume and length
7.HOOJIH 4pc Bun ExtensionsComfortable to wear, different variety in color (including grey), heat resistant
8.SWACC 7pc Full Head ExtensionsTons of unnatural colors, incredibly lightweight, synthetic
9.Anrosa Yaki Hair Clip In ExtensionsPerfect for textured hair, human hair, 10 inches

1. Sué Extension 4PCS Clip-In Synthetic Extensions

Check Current Price on Amazon

If you have longer, fine hair and are looking to build volume in your hair rather than length, this set of extensions is perfect.

One of the best things about this brand is the variety of colors they have.

They have shades made for natural hair, and even dyed strands (balayage, ombre, etc). It comes in 3 different lengths: 14, 16, and 20 inches.

2. GOO GOO Wire Hair Extensions

Check Current Price on Amazon

We love this style of extension because it’s virtually invisible, and it’s also perfect if you’re not very versed in applying tape-in or clip-on extensions since it only involves one piece and one step.

There’s little to no pressure on the scalp, which is ideal for fine and thin hair, and they range from 70-110g based on length, so they’re super light, too!

3. SAMBRAID Store 18 inch Goddess

Check Current Price on Amazon

For those with thin hair, but want to rock dense, thick looking locs, buying extensions is a great option.

This 6 pack has 20 strands per pack, and it comes with the tools needed for home-installation as well (including a crochet hook, beads, etc).

These locs add instant volume to your hair, and all they need after application is a bit of mousse ran through them to look natural, fluffy, and super voluminous!

4. Sunny Tape In Human Hair Extensions

Check Current Price on Amazon

These human hair tape-in extensions look invisible when applied correctly, especially if you have finer blonde hair!

The tape used is super gentle and won’t damage your natural strands, plus, the replaceable tape makes it so you can reuse these extensions over and over again!

These extensions last a long time, and since they’re made of human hair, they can be washed and styled as you would do with your natural locks (including using heat).

5. RUNATURE Ponytail Hair Extension

Check Current Price on Amazon

Sometimes, wearing updos and complex styles can wreak havoc on your extensions. It could wedge them out of place, make them more visible, and just make your styling time difficult.

This ponytail hair extension prevents all of those things and more, and is so easy to install, you’ll want to rock it every single day!

The human hair it’s made with also makes it great if you want to curl your strands. There’s also a ton of variety in shades and length so they can be a match for everyone!

6. LAAVOO Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions

Check Current Price on Amazon

Having dyed strands shouldn’t stop you from exploring the joys of extensions! These human hair extensions have micro loops, making for the most natural finish once applied.

However, we wouldn’t recommend this style for those who don’t have any experience in applying extensions, or those who don’t have a friend who can help them out with installation.

For a truly professional finish, you can get these installed at the salon as well!

7. HOOJIH 4pc Bun Extensions

Check Current Price on Amazon

Here’s another set of extensions you can rock with an updo or two!

These messy bun hair pieces make that effortless look even more effortless!

Simply wrap your hair into a bun, and then cover it up with one of the four following styles: a loose strand bun, a spiky y2k style bun, a straight bun (like your hair is claw-clipped), and a standard messy bun!

8. SWACC 7pc Full Head Extensions

Check current price on Amazon

For those with rainbow strands, or if you want to rock some unnatural colors without the commitment, this 7pc set of hair extensions comes in vibrant shades- from red to lavender, and even silver and white shades for mature locks!

These extensions are lightweight, and are made to add volume and length to your entire head of hair.

Since each weft is so small, you can pick and choose which areas need a little more umph, clip it in, and forget about it!

9. Anrosa Yaki Hair Clip In Extensions

Check Current Price on Amazon

This last set of extensions is ideal for textured hair types.

ach pack is sourced from the same head of human hair, so you don’t have to worry about mismatching textures or shades, and they can be styled, knotted, twisted out, bantu-knotted, and more without issue!

Each bundle weighs only 3.5oz- and a single bundle is enough to add volume to a head of fine strands.

There are varying lengths and and textures, from straight to curly, so there’s a match for every head of hair!

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