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How To Use Solid Perfume – Complete Guide

by Gabbi

Perfume can have a lasting impact on the body. How many times does a particular smell unlock nostalgia or memories? Perfumes are great for showcasing your personality, matching the mood of your outfit, or setting the tone for an event.

Traditional spray perfumes are lavish and stunning to look at, but they may not always be the most practical option. For example, if you’re constantly on the go, traveling, or want to free space in your bag, try using a solid perfume. 

Solid perfumes don’t get as much appreciation as a spray or roll-on perfumes. Also, solid perfumes are easier to keep on hand, are more subdued, and provide numerous other benefits that traditional perfumes are lacking.

So, solid perfume is a great choice if you’re looking for a small and compact perfume that won’t make a mess. Also, solid perfumes can allow you to smell fresh without irritating the senses of others, and they can easily blend into the skin.

How can you use a solid perfume? Solid perfume is mess-free and easy to use. For example, all you’ll need is to gently tap your fingers into the product and then tap it into the skin. Also, they are sleek, compact, and handy to toss into your bag or pocket.

If you’re thinking about using solid perfume as an alternative to regular perfume but have no idea how to use it, we’ll explain everything, so stick with us!

What Is Solid Perfume?

Solid perfume is the solidified version of a spray or traditional perfume. Also, solid perfumes are usually in a balm or cream form to blend effortlessly into the skin. Solid perfumes are oil-based and can be made from ingredients like wax or petroleum. 

Solid perfumes are packaged in a compact similar to a lip balm. They are small in size, and they provide long-lasting fragrance. Solid perfumes can contain multiple scents and be quickly applied with your fingertips.

Solid perfumes aren’t quite as popular as regular perfumes, but they can provide multiple benefits. Also, a solid perfume may end up fitting your lifestyle better. 

Benefits Of Solid Perfume

We mentioned that solid perfumes could provide numerous benefits. One of the most prominent advantages is that solid perfumes are travel-friendly.

Whether you love to keep a perfume in your bag or pocket, or you’re a frequent flyer, the solid perfume will come in handy. Its solid form ensures there won’t be any spills, and you won’t have to worry about crossing through a TSA check.

Also, solid perfumes offer other benefits like sleek packaging, a creamy texture, and a long-lasting scent. 


Have you ever split or broken a perfume bottle? Traditional perfumes can get messy if you aren’t too careful. However, a solid perfume ensures that no overflows will occur. Its solidified and waxy texture will stay put inside the perfume’s packaging. 

However, you may want to avoid leaving solid perfumes in extremely hot or steamy areas. For example, you’ll want to ensure you don’t lock your solid perfume in a car. Otherwise, solid perfumes are carefree, and you don’t have to worry about messes.

Solid perfume is similar to a lip balm; it won’t overflow and will glide onto the skin with ease.

Easy To Use

Solid perfumes are simple to use, and most importantly, they are quick to reapply. 

How many times have you tried to spray perfume in public, and it irritated other people’s senses? Or are you particularly sensitive when other individuals spritz perfume?

Thankfully, you won’t have to fret about scent overload with solid perfume. Solid perfumes are easy to use. For example, all you need to do is dab your fingertips into the perfume to warm it up and tap it onto your desired area.


Solid perfumes are also compact. Most brands package their solid perfumes in a sleek and slim design. Usually, solid perfumes look minimal in design and can often fit in any bag or even your pocket, similar to a mirror compact.

The packaging of solid perfume is what helps it become travel-friendly. As a result, solid perfumes aren’t bulky or heavy, so you can easily store them anywhere you’d like. However, a spray bottle perfume can do the exact opposite.

So, if you want a hassle-free way to carry around or reapply perfume, try using a solid formula. 


Have you ever sprayed perfume and realized you used too much? Unfortunately, it can be hard to gauge how much perfume you need to achieve your desired result.

Most of us tend to overcompensate on how much perfume to use because a lot of it can evaporate into the air. However, a solid perfume will allow you to control how much of it you apply. 

Solid perfume is applied directly to the skin so that you won’t be wasting product in thin air. Solid perfumes are great for limiting waste and getting the most from your fragrances.


Solid perfumes have a solid texture. We mentioned briefly that solid perfumes are oil-based and can be made from wax or petroleum. However, solid perfumes can also be formulated with carrier oils like jojoba for nourishment.

Solid perfumes can carry other components like essential oils to create a blend of beautiful fragrances. Because they are oil-based or made from wax, solid perfumes have a creamy and blendable texture, unlike spray perfumes.


Traditional perfumes and solid perfumes can both offer longevity. However, spray perfumes are more likely to linger on your clothes. All perfumes can vary in longevity depending on the formula or manufacturer. 

Solid perfumes will last on the skin because this oil-based product will get warmed up by the skin to emit fragrances. You can apply or pat on as much as you feel is needed. 

However, solid perfumes can also feel more subtle because the air around you isn’t getting spritzed like a traditional perfume.

How To Apply Solid Perfume

Thankfully, solid perfume is relatively easy to apply. You won’t need any fancy applicators or special tricks; all you’ll need is your fingertips. Finally, we briefly mention that solid perfumes will react well to the skin’s touch and help you feel fresh.

Your brand of solid perfume should include some basic instructions and care for your product. However, if you’re not sure where to start, follow along! 

First, you’ll want to open up your solid perfume and gently tap your fingertip into the compact. Next, you’ll want to tap the product until you can feel it slightly warming up, and try to avoid swiping. Next, you can lightly tap the perfume anywhere on the skin.

For a visual tutorial, take a look at this video from Lush.

Where To Apply Solid Perfume

Where can you apply solid perfume? You can apply solid perfume anywhere you would typically spray traditional perfume. You can place solid perfume on your pulse points to prolong its wear time.

Also, pulse points are a warmer part of the body that can allow the solid perfume to absorb into the skin so your fragrance can linger. Some popular places to apply solid perfume are on the wrists, neck, behind the ears, and even behind the knees. 

Sometimes a solid perfume can also act as a conditioning agent. For example, you can use solid perfume on your cuticles or beard hairs to add an extra boost of nourishment with some fragrance. 

How Often Can You Apply Solid Perfume?

You can easily reapply solid perfume throughout the day when needed. However, how often should you use solid perfume? As we mentioned earlier, most brands will advise you on when and how to use your solid perfume for the best results.

You can apply solid perfumes around 2-3 times a day, just like a traditional perfume. Or, you can use the perfume whenever you feel it’s required.

How often you apply your solid perfume can also be dependent on other factors. For example, does your solid perfume have carrier oils or essential oils? Also, the notes of your perfume may help indicate when is the best time to reapply. 

Should You Apply Solid Perfume In Summer Or Winter?

Solid perfumes are great to use all year round. However, you may get better use out of them during cooler seasons. For example, you can use solid perfumes in the summer, but you’ll want to ensure they aren’t left anywhere too hot. 

Solid perfumes are oil-based and often formulated with wax or petroleum. So, if you leave a solid perfume in a hot or humid environment, there is an excellent chance that it will melt.

You may notice that your solid perfume is easier to tap into and pick up the product when it’s warmer. So, you’ll want to avoid leaving solid perfume in a car or beating in the sun because it will cause the perfume to melt. 

Solid Perfume Vs Spray 

So what are the main differences between solid perfume and spray? 

First, their textures are noticeably different. Sprays are in a liquid form that is spritzed onto the skin and can easily linger on clothes or the surrounding area. Solid perfumes are solid, and they have a creamy texture that melts into the skin.

However, other factors set these two perfumes apart. For example, they’re formulated with different ingredients, have varying costs, and can even impact how you decide to travel.


Solid and spray perfumes have drastically different packaging. You’ll notice that traditional perfumes are contained in an elegant or luxurious bottle. These bottles are often made of glass, and they can feel quite heavy depending on the design. 

Spray perfumes will also have a pump that will help dispense the liquid perfume. Solid perfumes are more miniature and are usually packaged in a slim compact. Also, solid perfumes can easily be picked up from their tin to use on the skin. 


Solid perfumes are much more subdued than spray perfumes. 

However, a traditional perfume may feel more intense because it can quickly latch onto fabrics and last longer than on the skin. It can also depend on how potent the spray’s formula is and its notes.

Solid perfumes are long-lasting, but they may not feel as intense as a spray because they are directly applied to the skin. This can lower the chances of you smelling the fragrance if it can’t absorb into fabrics like sprays.


Another considerable difference between solid and spray perfumes is their ingredients. 

Of course, a solid product will contain more varying components than a liquid. However, they can share similar elements that make up the fragrances, like what notes are present.

Spray perfumes are often formulated with alcohol. However, alcohol and fragrances can trigger or ignite skin irritations. For example, traditional perfumes may not be ideal for those with eczema or an allergy. 

Solid perfumes contain creamy or waxy ingredients like petroleum. Solid perfumes can have carrier oils like jojoba for extra nourishment. 


A bonus you receive with traditional perfumes is that it doubles as decor. Many people love to collect perfumes, and brands create beautiful bottles. So, your expensive and stunning perfumes can proudly be displayed in your home.

Solid perfumes are slim and small and aren’t as noticeable or grandiose as spray perfumes. You’re most likely to keep your solid perfume in a purse or pocket. They can be displayed on your vanity, but they don’t make as big a statement as sprays.


One product is much more travel friendly than the other. For example, solid perfumes are ideal for traveling. They’re not a liquid; they’re small, fit anywhere, and are virtually weightless. So you can keep a solid perfume on hand in any location.

Spray perfumes can be a hassle to pack and move around with. Their bottles are often large and heavy, and there is a chance the liquid can spill or get confiscated. However, you can get a roll-on perfume or a travel-friendly perfume case. 


We mentioned earlier that these perfumes have contrasting textures. Solid perfumes share many similarities to a balm. They are creamy, easy to apply, and nourishing. In addition, solid perfumes will sit closer to the skin than spray perfumes.

Spray perfumes are in a liquid form. They can perfume just about anything, whether your skin, clothing, or atmosphere. However, because they can contain certain alcohols, they may dry the skin or irritate.


Solid perfumes may be more affordable than traditional perfumes. However, many factors can determine costs like packaging, ingredients, notes, and more. Also, the brand name can significantly impact the cost of a product.

Is A Solid Perfume Right For You?

Solid perfume is great for anyone who is on the go. It’s a fantastic product to have on hand if you need a pick-me-up. Solid perfumes are travel friendly, so you don’t have to worry about how much space they take up or if they will spill. 

In addition, solid perfumes are lovely if you want a more subdued fragrance. For example, solid perfumes are applied directly to the skin and will activate with your body’s warmth. It won’t perfume the entire room around you, but it’s noticeable.

Lastly, they are convenient to use and reapply. So whenever you need to freshen up or are in a pinch, just a few dabs of solid perfume can change everything. 

Wrap Up 

Solid perfumes are handy and straightforward to use. You can gently tap your fingers into the products and apply them to your pulse points. In addition, you’ll notice the texture feels creamy, and the scents are long-lasting.

Will you be trying a solid perfume? 

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