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How To Tighten Loose Belly Skin At Home – Including Home Remedies

by Gabbi
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Feeling at peace with your physical appearance is a journey, and one that too many of us have had to go on during at least one point in our lives. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by airbrushed bodies and photoshopped faces, it’s hard to forget that nobody actually looks like they do in the magazines.

That’s why we believe self care routines should always be borne out of love for oneself, not so you can look like the people you see on social media. It’s a perspective that you might not even be aware you’re taking, but it makes all the difference in how you approach dealing with your insecurities.

One of the most common areas of the body to have self doubts about is the belly, specifically having loose skin in that area. But instead of tackling this issue with a mindset of self deprecation, take it on with the point of view of self love. 

So, how do you tighten loose belly skin at home? There are a ton of different methods you could try out! From skin tightening creams, scrubs, exercises, as well as a couple of gadgets and topicals you could find online – there’s no shortage of ways you can keep your tummy looking firm and snatched.

Here, find all of our favorite hacks to tighten up stubborn belly skin, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.

What Causes Loose Belly Skin?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, that means that it’s working hard 24/7 to keep you in check. From protecting us from harsh weather and outside forces, to being the first line of defense when it comes to bodily support: there’s no question that your skin takes on a lot over the span of our lives.

As kids, our skin is elastic and resilient – quickly able to bounce back from minor scratches, scrapes, and other ouchies. We can thank the high amounts of collagen we have in our body for that. The skin is made up of a network of fibers and tissues, all of which easily heal in our youth. 

But as we grow older, and as the collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid producers in our epidermis grow damaged and weak (which naturally happens over time), our skin becomes thinner and less likely to heal itself in the same way it did when we were younger. 

You’ll first notice these changes on the areas of the body we tend to move a lot. Crows feet, smile lines, neck wrinkles, and, of course, loose skin on your tummy. 

While this is the most common cause for loose skin, you may also have gone through a large weight loss, or maybe even a pregnancy. 

But whatever the cause may be, having wrinkles and loose skin is absolutely nothing to be afraid of- and you shouldn’t be too concerned about trying to turn back time on the natural aging process of your body.

However, if you think you’d be happier with firmer skin, you’ll be comforted to know that it’s possible to get that elasticity back.

Naturally Derived Firming Ingredients

If you’re not too savvy in the kitchen, or you’d rather firm your skin with one single ingredient instead of a mixture of them, there are a ton of items in your pantry that can aid in the replenishing of collagen and elasticity to your skin. 

Using a singular ingredient at a time is great for those with sensitive skin, and it’s also an effective way to narrow down which ingredients work best for you- that way you can mix all your favorites together into an entirely custom topical treatment.

Here’s a list of our favorite tightening ingredients:


If you’re a fan of naturally sourced skincare, or even someone who dabbles in making homemade face masks every now and then, you’re probably no stranger to the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. 

Because it’s so effective at purging your skin of any toxins, it’s a great preventative measure for skin firming. You can use it as an anti-aging mask by simply applying a thin layer over your belly and letting it sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing to reveal firm, glowy skin.

For those going through pregnancy or weight loss, using a honey mask once a week for the duration of your pregnancy (or until you hit your goal weight) can prevent the look of stretch marks, as well as maintaining your skins natural elasticity levels. 

Egg Whites

Looking for results you can feel right from the get go? Reach into your fridge for a couple of eggs. Crack them open, and separate the yolk from the whites. 

We’ll only be using the whites on your tummy, so you can go ahead and save the yolks for breakfast. Egg whites are also a popular ingredient in many DIY skincare products, and for good reason. 

Egg whites contain high amounts of albumin, a protein that aids in the regeneration of skin cells. When used regularly, egg whites can help your skin produce new, healthy skin cells, thus speeding up the cell regeneration process and ensuring the resilience of your skin.


In beauty regimes, cucumbers are most likely known for their soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. They’re great for cooling down your eyes, but it can also revive and refresh tired, old skin. 

We recommend this ingredient to those with sensitive or allergy prone skin, as cucumber is unlikely to cause any sort of reaction to even the most sensitive skin types.

The best way to utilize cucumber juice is by finding Korean cotton pads online. These differ from American rounds as they’re typically very large and much thicker.

Grind up a cucumber (including the peel) to extract the juice. Pour it into a shallow tupperware and lay multiple cotton pads in it to absorb the liquid. Once it’s completely submerged and has had time to settle, gently pick it up and apply the strips along your belly. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and rub in any excess liquid.

Aloe Vera

When it comes to miracle plants, aloe vera is on the top of the list. Known for it’s natural healing abilities, dermatologists and natural healers all over the world recommend people keep an aloe vera plant in their house for a plethora of skin concerns.

From scrapes, rashes, to even a nasty sunburn- aloe vera renews skin health like no other. But did you know it can also help tighten up aged or loose skin?

Aloe vera contains a high concentration of malic acid, which is a natural humectant and a light exfoliant. Because it effectively traps moisture, it’s a great way to plump up dull skin, and the light shedding ability helps promote new skin cell growth. 

Instead of buying aloe vera gel in a bottle, which can be overly processed and not fresh, we suggest searching for a fresh aloe vera leaf. These are typical inexpensive, and bear better results.

Simply slice the leaf in half, and scrape the gel from it. Apply the gel to your tummy and let it work its magic for 15 minutes, before rinsing off with warm water and patting it dry. 

Store any leftover gel in an airtight container for further use.

Witch Hazel

While we’re on the topic of miracle plants, you can’t go wrong with picking up some witch hazel!

You probably use witch hazel on your face, since its astringent properties work wonders when it comes to tightening pores and keeping skin feeling firm. It’s also great at healing sun damage, and reversing early signs of aging.

Because of these benefits, we think witch hazel would be a perfect way to tighten up your stomach. Use it exactly as you would on your face, by dispensing some of the liquid onto a cotton round and wiping it on your stomach.

Let it dry entirely (you can fan it to speed up the process), and go about your day! No need to rinse. This method is super inexpensive, especially if you go for a less processed bottle of witch hazel, and a single purchase can last you for months at a time.

Coconut Oil

While coconut oil is a bit more expensive than your average cooking oil, the immense healing benefits it has lets it pay for itself- especially if you’re using it to tighten up your belly.

This oil is extremely hydrating, as it’s a natural emollient, and a small amount can deeply moisturize your skin. Hydrated skin is a lot less likely to sag or wrinkle, so using an effective moisturizer on the areas of your body that tend to loosen up over time is imperative.

Coconut oil also contains vitamins A and E, which help boost your skins natural collagen production – quite literally helping it bounce back from any damage.

To utilize as much of the benefits as you can, do this method right before bed. With clean hands, rub solidified coconut oil into your skin. You can use it in its liquid form, but it could get fairly messy.

Using it in a solid form will allow you to have control over how much product you’re using, and where its going. After it’s all rubbed in, wrap your belly with some plastic wrap. Make sure it’s not too tight, as you’ll be sleeping in it. 

You can clean it off the following morning in the shower, or gently rub the excess into your skin. 

Homemade Skin Tightening Cream For Stomach

While you can use those ingredients, or any combination of them, to your liking, we also have a recipe for a skin tightening cream that only requires 3 ingredients!

What You’ll Need:

  • A reusable glass jar or tupperware
  • ½ cup of shea butter or coconut oil
    • Like we mentioned earlier, coconut oil has a list of benefits that can aid in the firming of loose skin, but if you’re not a fan of the scent, or you want to try something a little thicker, shea butter can also be used as the base to your cream.
    • Shea butter is extremely fatty, and it’s moisturizing properties can aid in the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. It’s extremely soothing, and due to its thickness, it’s able to hold moisture to skin more effectively than coconut oil. Remember- supple skin is plump skin!
  • 4-5 teaspoons of aloe vera
  • 2 teaspoons of rosehip oil
    • This ingredient is found in multiple anti-aging products, so we think it would be a great addition to this skin firming cream.
    • After regular use, rosehip oil can improve your skins resilience and protection towards outside aggressors like the environment, pollution, the sun, and of course, time.
    • This oil is extremely gentle, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or those with existing skin conditions ike rosacea, eczema, etc.

What To Do:

  1. In a medium saucepan over low heat, go ahead and melt your shea butter or coconut oil down. Only leave it on the burner until all of the solid matter has melted, and then place the pan on a cool burner. We don’t want this to burn, we just want a liquid base for the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Spoon the aloe vera gel into the pan. 
  3. Add the rosehip oil into the pan.
  4. Using a whisk, mix the ingredients together until they’re well combined. Make sure to get into the edges of the pan to dislodge any stuck aloe vera gel.
  5. Don’t let this set inside the pan! Immediately pour the mixture into your container of choice, and let it set entirely before you apply it on your tummy.

You can use this moisturizer as often as needed, and you can even wrap your stomach in cling wrap before bed like we suggested with coconut oil! It’s gentle enough for those with sensitive skin, and is also safe to use daily.

For storing, you can keep your cream in a fridge, or in a cool, dry location.

Skin Tightening Scrub For Stomach

Looking for something with exfoliating benefits, or maybe something a little more sweetly scented? A skin scrub is a fantastic alternative to a cream, and buffing it into the skin of your tummy will increase blood flow to your skin cells- keeping them healthy and improving production of elastin. 

What You’ll Need:

  • An airtight container of your choice
  • 1 ½ cups of sugar
  • ¾ cup of olive oil
  • Tbsp of honey
  • ¼ cup of coffee grounds

Coffee doesn’t just wake up your brain, but it also wakes up your skin! Using caffeine, even topically, stimulates blood flow to the skin and dilates your blood vessels.

This can decrease fluid buildup in the skin and reduce inflammation, paving the way for healthy cell regeneration. Because of this, it can also reduce the look of dimples and cellulite – so feel free to use this scrub on your legs and butt too!

When you have all of your ingredients together, simply mix them together in a container of your choice. Make sure you add the honey last since it doesn’t mix very easily and could be too clumpy to add on at first. 

Don’t use this scrub dry! It may be too harsh on your skin. Instead, use it in the shower and rinse. For extra tightening power, follow it up with the skin tightening cream from earlier once you’re dried off. 

Best Skin Tightening Products

If DIY isn’t your thing, there’s absolutely no judgment on our end! There are tons of different tools and products you can find online that will bear similar, or even better results! We’ve written another article all about the Best Skin Tightening Oils For Stomaches, but here are a few other products we think you’ll love!

1. Bliss FabGirl Firm Cream 

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Packed with botanicals and caffeine, this cream smooths and firms the skin while stimulating blood flow and collagen production.

Along with the added moisturizing properties, this formula will leave you feeling tight and defined.

To use, massage the cream into your stomach for 30 seconds two times a day (in the morning and the evening).

2. StriVectin Crepe Control 

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StriVectin is a brand known for its incredible skincare products, and their ‘Crepe Control’ cream lives up to that expectation.

The brand claims that this cream is more than just a moisturizer, but that it’s also a treatment for wrinkling, sagging skin.

Featuring the power of polypeptides, murumuru seed butter, and turmeric extract- this formula brightens, tightens, and lifts skin to restore plumpness and elasticity. 

To use, massage into the skin twice daily. 

3. Boscia Firming Body Serum 

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You may use a serum in your facial skincare routine, but how about upping the anty and introducing a body serum to your body care routine?

If you’re in the market for one, we honestly can’t recommend the Firming Body Serum from Boscia enough.

Featuring the trifecta of tetrapeptide-3, niacinamide, and citrus oils- this is a great choice for those with drier skin types.

The use of peptides targets existing creases, folds, and ridges, while niacinimide and fruit oils nourish your skin with moisture, keeping it plump.

To use, squeeze the serum into your palm and apply to your skin. We suggest applying it damp, for added moisture!

4. Mermaid’s Mystery Waist Trainer 

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One of the most effective ways to firm up loose skin on your belly is through exercise – but if you want a touch of help to get your body looking tight, using a waist trainer during your workout routine can make a ton of difference.

Made with neoprene, this waist trainer is soft enough to keep you comfortable during your workout, but retains heat like no other fabric- making you sweat.

Over time, this can reduce the circumference of your belly to 1-3 inches below its original measurements.

Note: We highly recommend only keeping it on for 2 hours at a time to reduce risk of irritation or bruising on your skin.

5. Donelian Gua Sha 

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An eastern massage technique that’s becoming increasingly popular in media lately is the use of gua sha. 

Gua sha tools are typically used on the face, but using them during a body massage is equally as effective.

Made of 100% jade stone, this set of tools is easy to clean and gentle enough on the skin that it won’t irritate, even over extended use.

To use, moisturize your tummy with any cream or body oil, then, lay the gua sha tool flat against your stomach and gently scrape the skin with upwards and outwards motions. Only scrape 4-5 times per section, and let skin rest 24 hours between sessions.

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Are there other methods for tightening loose skin?

If none of these methods really called out to you, you may be interested in watching this video from Live Lean TV on YouTube on 3 helpful tips for tightening loose belly skin after weight loss or pregnancy below.

Can extreme loose skin be naturally repaired?

Loose skin after extreme weight loss is likely not able to bounce back to its original state. The products and techniques listed above will work to an extent, but to get your body back to its original firmness, you may want to consider talking to your doctor about cosmetic surgery options. 

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