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9 Best Blue Black Hair Dye

by Gabbi

Are you thinking about going dark with your hair, but not sure what color will suit you? Consider blue-black. This hair color is trending, and we’re here for it. Blue black hair color is basically black with distinctive blue tones. 

It’s elegant, but edgy. Grown-up, yet cool. Subtle, yet memorable. And the best part is that it suits all skin tones and eye colors. 

It will work for you if you’re young and fun and if you’re a professional working in an office. It works for moms, boss ladies, and bartenders. It’s a color that suits everyone while still making you stand out from the crowd.

We love blue black hair because it’s close to a natural color, but it has a lot of dimension. The blue tones in blue black hair can range from subtle to dramatic, but they never veer too far into the bright or distracting category. The blue tones tend to shine under light and add a spark of flavor to your look.

So, what are the best blue black hair dyes? The best blue black hair dyes will leave your hair with shiny, vibrant, and long-lasting color without damaging your strands in the process.

Are you convinced yet? If you’re rushing to buy a blue black hair dye right now, we don’t blame you. But before you do that, keep reading this article for our recommendations.

There are a lot of great blue black hair dyes on the market, but it’s important to pick the color that will work best for your hair type and the final look you want to achieve.

How To Find The Best Blue Black Hair Dye For You

When it comes to choosing the right blue black hair dye for you, there are a few things you’ll want to consider:

Tone And Intensity Of Blue

Blue black hair dyes have a lot of variability among them when it comes to the specific tone and intensity of the blue colors. For example, some blue black dyes are a little bit warmer-toner and the blue highlights look almost violet.

This can work really well for people with warmer skin tones. Other dyes have a cooler-blue tone, which gives your hair more of a “midnight” or “raven” look. This would work great for people with cooler-tone skin.

The intensity of blue tones varies too. Some dyes are mostly black with very subtle blue undertones, while others have a dramatic blue overlay. Depending on how subtle you want your look to be, this is important to keep in mind.

If this is your first time dying your hair a blue black color, you probably want to choose a more subtle version of the color to see if you like it. If you’re certain that you want a dramatic effect, feel free to go for one of the more intense dyes.

Hair Needs

When dying your hair, always consider your individual hair needs before choosing what color to use. If you have dry hair, for example, it’s important to prioritize hair dyes that have nourishing ingredients, like shea butter or keratin, which will help keep your hair hydrated and strong during the processing. 

If you’re starting out with hair that has a lot of highlights or gray sections, you’ll want to pick a hair dye that can color over the light hair and still look good. We recommend looking at the back of the box to see what the color results are expected to be on light hair. This is especially important when coloring your hair a dark color like blue black. 

If the dye is not intended for light or gray hair, you might end up with bad results like light blue streaks or other weird colors. 

As long as you know your “starting point” – your current hair – you can intelligently pick a hair dye that can get you to your desired outcome without any hiccups.


Hair dyes can be pretty pungent. If you’re sensitive to strong smells, you’ll want to pick a hair dye that is a little gentler on your senses.

Thankfully these days there are some great hair dyes on the market that don’t smell very strong. Gone are the days when your whole bathroom would reek of ammonia after you color your hair. While there are still some “stinky” hair dyes on the market, there are just as many that smell nice.

Both types work well and are safe to use on hair, but if you get easily bothered by strong smells, keep that in mind when picking the right blue black hair dye for you.


Are you looking to change your look permanently? Or just dabbling in a new color to see how you like it? There are blue black dyes for each scenario. 

Permanent dyes are the most common. They last for 8-12 weeks, and can start fading after that time. Permanent dyes will likely never fully wash out. So if you get bored of the color, you’ll need to either color over it with a different dye, use color remover, or simply wait for it to grow out.

Semi-permanent color is low-commitment. It will wash out in about 3-4 weeks. It’s also a lot gentler on the hair because it doesn’t contain chemicals like ammonia. It doesn’t allow for major lightening or darkening, so this would be best for ladies who already have dark brown or black hair looking to add a little bit of a blue-black sheen.

Make sure you know how long of a commitment you’re comfortable with and pick a blue black dye that supports your goals.

Best Blue Black Hair Dye

We scoured the internet to find the best blue black hair dyes that will give you the elegant mysterious color you want with the least amount of damage. We aimed to find a variety of dyes – including some all-natural ones – for every lifestyle. Here’s an overview of the best blue black dyes we found:

RankProductKey Features
1.L’Oreal Feria - 411 Downtown DenimAffordable and multifaceted cool blue black
2.Garnier Nutrisse - Blue Curaçao IN2Nourishing and moisturizing without harsh smell
3.Clairol Nice'n Easy - 2BB Blue BlackEasy to use, produces very subtle blue black
4.ARCTIC FOX - Blue Jean BabySemi-permanent blue black, 3-4 weeks
5.Better Natured - 1B Blue BlackGreat scent, contains naturally-derived ingredients
6.Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream - Blue BlackAmmonia-free, covers grays, leaves hair shiny
7.Color-Plex Permanent Hair Dye - Sapphire Blue BlackRepairs bonds to strengthen hair, vibrant
8.IGK Color Permanent Color Kit - Moon DanceSalon quality, leaves hair shiny
9.Khadi Natural Hair Color - Blue Black100% pure indigo, natural and damage-free

1. L’Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color – 411 Downtown Denim

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L’Oreal Feria has a history of always being at the forefront of creating trendy and unique color dyes that they make available in the mass market.

Their “glam grunge” collection is no exception and features beautiful colors with blue, violet, and pink undertones. 

Their Downtown Denim color is a perfect cool blue black that works on almost all hair colors – from dark blonde to dark brown. It darkens the hair to a very deep brown (almost black) and adds a beautiful multifaceted sheen of cool blue tones. 

What we love about Feria colors is that they’re never one-dimensional. You can expect Your hair to shine with different tones of black blue whenever the light hits it.

This is a permanent hair color and it comes with a hydrating conditioner, so most hair tolerates it well without feeling too dry after application. 

If you’re looking for a subtle black blue color, this one is a great choice. It looks like black hair in indoor lighting and shows off beautiful pops of blue under direct light – just enough for a little fun.

2. Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Nourishing Hair Color Creme – Blue Curaçao IN2

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This gorgeous blue black dye is perfect for those who have dry hair, because the color creme is infused with a blend of three hydrating oils that will protect and nourish your hair. 

We also love that it has a pleasant fruity smell that tends to cover up some of the “hair dye smell” rather well.

This is an intense black blue color. It’s a permanent hair dye and it contains intensity-enhancing color boost technology that transforms even the darkest bases to bold colors.

It can still look subtle under the right light conditions, but the blue comes out pretty intensely in direct light. 

We recommend using this dye if your hair is already brown or darker for best results. Although it covers light hair, some reviewers have noticed that over time their light hair starts to come through as blue highlights.

It can look great, if that’s the look you’re going for, but if you’re trying to keep the “black” part of it in your hair, it’s best to layer it over darker hair colors.

The blue tones in this indigo hair dye are a perfect blend of cool and warm – it’s very neutral, and will go well with every skin tone.

3. Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Color – 2BB Blue Black

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This Clairol blue black hair dye is great for those looking for a simple subtle blue black color. It’s also great for anyone who has greys because it covers them up very well.

This 2BB blue black dye creates a natural-looking blend of black with delicate blue undertones. The blue is pretty neutral and doesn’t pull too warm or too cool. 

Reviewers love how well this blue black covers just about any color underneath and comes out looking exactly as promised on the package.

It’s definitely more of a black than blue, so if you’re looking for something more dramatic, this might not be the best choice for you. However, for those looking for a subtle blue undertone and a deep black base – this is a great choice.

The application process is very easy and mess-free. This dye won’t stain your skin or your countertops. It has a pretty strong smell, so if you’re easily bothered by smells, try a different brand.

If you have gray hair or highlights, or a color you really want to cover up – this blue black is a perfect way to do it while giving yourself an elegant and classy look!

4. ARCTIC FOX Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – Blue Jean Baby

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Not looking for a long-term commitment but want to rock the blue black trend? This ARCTIC FOX hair color is semi-permanent, meaning it washes out after 3-4 weeks. Semi-permanent dyes don’t open up your hair cuticle, so it won’t damage your hair either.

The Blue Jean Baby color is a dark black blue with navy undertones. It shows up differently depending on your current hair color.

If you’re blonde or light brown, your hair will turn a vibrant dark blue-black. If you’re starting with very dark hair already, this color will show up as a subtle blue tint over your hair.

As it fades, the color gets lighter and lighter, slowly turning to a smoky blue before it disappears. If your hair is light, make sure you’re okay with it being a lighter blue for a week or two before it’s gone (it might not work for you if you need to maintain a professional appearance). 

We love this color because it’s a great way to try the black blue hair trend without committing forever. It doesn’t damage your hair, and it smells great. While it doesn’t look the same on all people because of different base colors, most reviewers love the results they get!

5. Better Natured Permanent Hair Color Creme – 1B Blue Black

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This naturally-derived hair color brand is quickly gaining popularity due to the amazing results it delivers without harsh chemicals.

Although it’s still a permanent color that contains ammonium hydroxide, this dye is formulated without parabens, phthalates, or formaldehydes.

It consists of 90% naturally-derived ingredients and includes hair nourishing gems like cocoa butter, coconut oil, and palm extract.

The packaging is adorable – the kit comes in a beautiful box with brightly colored flowers, and contains everything you need to get salon-level results at home.

The blue black color is deep and dark, with cool blue tones of medium intensity. 

This dye tends to last over 8 weeks, and people have praised how shiny and silky their hair feels after application. Another big perk: it smells good. Reviewers often comment on how nice the smell is, and love that they don’t feel like they’re dumping a bunch of chemicals onto their hair.

Although it’s a little more pricey than some of the other blue black hair dyes on this list, if using natural ingredients is important to you, this is a great option.

6. Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream – Blue Black

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If you’re sensitive to ammonia and strong smells, this Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream might be a perfect option for you.

Formulated without ammonia and with triple butter complex and argan oil for nourished, hydrated and ultra conditioned hair, this gorgeous blue black dye will leave your hair feeling silky and shiny.

It’s a permanent color that effectively covers grays and gives the hair a deep black color with delicate neutral blue undertones. When the light hits your hair just right, it will shine with pops of blue tones that look natural yet mysterious. 

Multiple users have noted that once they’ve tried this dye, they haven’t looked back and never plan on using another brand again. They love how this dye doesn’t smell of strong chemicals, it leaves their hair shinier and softer than before, and the blue black color is just the right tone to complement a variety of skin tones.

7. Color-Plex Permanent Hair Dye – Sapphire Blue Black

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For those with fragile hair, damaged hair, or extra dry and brittle hair, the idea of coloring your hair might be scary.

If you’re drooling over the blue black hair color but worrying that your hair might not be able to handle another dye job – look no further than this Color-Plex sapphire blue black dye.

It’s perfect for damaged or fragile hair because it uses Plex technology that actually nourishes and rebuilds the micro-bond fiber structure of your hair making it healthier and stronger.

You’ve probably heard of Olaplex, a salon-grade product that is often added to the coloring process during intense bleaching.

This dye has a similar technology that also repairs the protein bonds in your hair, smoothing out the cuticle and providing your hair with the building blocks to remain strong and healthy after you dye it. And it’s available at home at a fraction of the cost of Olaplex!

The blue black color itself is quite vibrant. This is one of the more “dramatic” blue black dyes on our list because the blue undertones are visible in most lighting.

It’s a saturated neutral blue with no warm undertones. It can be successfully applied to hair that is dark blonde or darker. If you put it on lighter hair, the blues will pop even more.

Reviewers love the way the color turns out and the way their hair feels strong and healthy afterwards. Note, however, that many have noticed that they needed two boxes for hair that is longer than shoulder-length, so you might want to buy two just in case!

8. IGK Color Permanent Color Kit – Moon Dance

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IGK hair dyes are professional salon-grade formulations that bring some very trendy and beautiful colors to be applied in a home setting.

We love how beautiful these kits are – from the box to its chrome-colored contents, the kit comes with everything you need to get that perfect blue black color.

This is a permanent dye that should last 6-8 weeks without fading.

The formula contains squalane, which is an ingredient that pulls moisture into your hair and keeps it hydrated and soft. It’s clinically proven to make your hair 15 times shinier and reduces breakage by 44%.

Those are some big promises, and reviewers seem to back it up – many rave about how soft their hair feels, and how good the dye smells. 

The color itself is a very dark black with subtle blue undertones, so if you’re looking for something elegant and office-appropriate, this is a safe bet.

9. khadi Natural Hair Color – Blue Black

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Let’s talk about natural indigo powder, because it can’t be ignored in a conversation about blue black hair.

Indigo is a flower that produces a powerful dark ultramarine blue pigment. It has been used for thousands of years to dye fabric and hair. In fact, indigo is the dye that gave blue jeans their iconic color.

Indigo is often used in combination with henna (a plant that creates a reddish-orange dye) to color hair a wide range of natural-looking brown colors. When indigo is used alone, it gives hair a dark blue tint – so dark, it turns the hair black with blue undertones.

This khadi natural hair color is 100% indigo powder. You can mix it with hot water and put it on your hair to give it that deep blue-black color completely naturally, without the use of chemicals.

When using henna or indigo, your hair gets coated with the pigment, which is different from traditional hair dyes that require the opening up of the hair follicles to chemically deposit pigment within the hair. As a result of using indigo, your hair remains sealed, healthy, and shiny. It’s believed that indigo can even condition your hair and help it grow healthier than before.

If this sounds great to you, just keep in mind that if you’ve never used a natural dye like indigo before, it might be quite an unusual experience. Indigo powder has an earthy, grassy smell that not everyone enjoys. It has to stay in your hair for a few hours for the color to set.

It should never be used on light hair – if your hair is blonde or lighter, the indigo alone won’t be dark enough, so you might end up with bright blue or even green hair. Although it’s a fantastic solution for those looking for a natural way to get blue black hair, make sure to do your research before you commit.

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