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Can Eyebrows Get Split Ends?

by Gabbi

Split ends can indicate your hair needs a refresh. If left neglected, they can lead to further breakage. Also, they are often associated with the hair on your head, but can split ends appear on other areas of the body? 

For example, can eyebrows get split ends? Eyebrows can grow lengthy strands and be prone to damage in certain circumstances. Also, you may experience split ends on your eyebrows if you chemically alter them or they’re under distress.

However, you can groom and maintain your eyebrows every so often to prevent the possibility of split ends. This can also help if you’re looking to grow your eyebrows to become fuller or into a new shape. What else should you know about split ends on the eyebrows? 

Can You Get Split Ends On Your Eyebrows?

Split ends may not be as expected on your eyebrows. However, they could arise if they go through trauma from chemical treatment, neglect, or medical concern.

Also, you can trim your brows every so often to ensure they don’t become unruly. Neglected split ends can cause more damage or breakage down the road. 

What Can Cause Split Ends On The Eyebrows

There are multiple reasons why split ends appear on the eyebrows. 

First, we mentioned chemical treatments like bleaching or coloring could alter the texture of your brows, but your surrounding environment can also impact your hair’s overall health.


Bleach and hair color can damage your brows if it’s not done correctly. Both chemical treatments lift the cuticle to remove or deposit color. This can result in brow hairs that are more brittle and rough, making them more prone to split ends.

Added Pressure

Adding unnecessary pressure on your eyebrows can potentially cause splits or breakage. For example, rubbing, sleeping on your side, and applying friction can all reduce your eyebrow’s integrity. 

Just like how you wouldn’t rip through your hair with a brush is how you wouldn’t apply unnecessary friction to your brows.

Environmental Factors 

Your environment can significantly impact your skin and hair. For example, pollution, climate, and water quality can affect the health of your skin and hair. Also, hard water can cause minerals to build up on the strands and increase the risk of split ends.

Medical Concerns

If your eyebrows have split ends or are falling off, it may be time to seek help from a medical professional. Your eyebrows could potentially indicate that you may have a hormonal imbalance, especially if you notice these changes in your brows. 

You may be able to save your brows if you find out there is a medical concern present that can be treated. 

How To Fix And Prevent Split Ends On The Eyebrows 

Thankfully, you can do a few things to fix split ends. These tips may even be able to prevent split ends from occurring in the future. You’ll want to groom and care for your eyebrows regularly.

Trim Brows Regularly

Your eyebrow hairs share similarities to the hair on your head. So how often do you trim your hair to prevent split ends? You can also trim your eyebrows regularly to avoid split ends and maintain their shape.

The growth cycle of brows averages 12-15 weeks, which can vary by person. So, a small trim now and then can help your brows.

Try A Brow Serum Or Oil

Using a brow serum or nourishing oil can keep your strands strong. These products will keep your eyebrows moisturized and protected from external elements. In addition, a serum will be beneficial if you want to grow fuller brows.

You can apply a brow serum or oil nightly, but it may take time to see results. 

What To Do If You Have Split Ends On Your Eyebrows

What if you’re already dealing with split ends on your eyebrows? If you believe it’s a situation past your control, you may want to consult an esthetician or doctor. 

See An Esthetician Or Brow Professional

An esthetician that’s a certified brow specialist can help trim and shape your brows if you’re dealing with split ends. They can ensure you can keep your desired shape while also caring for the most at-risk areas of your eyebrows.

Consult With Your Doctor 

For more severe cases, you may want to consult a doctor. As mentioned earlier, your eyebrows can indicate your overall health. For example, women who lose eyebrow hairs or are prone to split ends may have a hormonal balance.

However, each person is different, so it’s crucial to consult with a doctor about your case. 

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