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7 Best Rice Water Leave-In Conditioners

by Gabbi

If you are looking for longer and stronger locks, you may want to try incorporating rice water into your hair care routine. Using rice water has been a hair treatment secret that has been around for decades, but it is an ingredient that is steadily growing in popularity due to its ability to restore and replenish the hair.

Rice water is a product that every hair type can use and benefit from, especially if you wanting to encourage hair growth and fullness.

Rice water is an ingredient that is rich in amino acids and protein that helps to strengthen your hair while encouraging hair growth. It helps to restore any lost shine to the hair and smooth the strands to a silky texture.

The protein-rich ingredient penetrates into the hair to fortify the locks and, depending on the product, can be used throughout the week to restore hair to its strongest state.

What are the best rice water leave-in conditioners? The first aspect you want to consider is your hair type and concern to determine the application method that would work best for you. Some hair types can benefit from richer, thicker formulas, while others require a lightweight mist to add the needed protein and hydration.

Below, we discuss the benefits of rice water and provide the best rice water leave-in conditioners for all hair types!

Best Rice Water Leave-In Conditioners – Buyer’s Guide

If you have not used rice water before as part of your hair care routine, there are a few factors to keep in mind when wanting to incorporate the ingredient. Below is a buyer’s guide of what to look for when research what rice water you want to use in your hair.

Hair Type

As with any new hair product, the first topic you want to take into consideration is your specific hair type and concerns.

There are several ways to use rice water in your hair, and depending on your hair type you may benefit from one formula over the other. Most hair types can work well with a leave-in rice water treatment, however, especially if you are looking for a boost in hair growth.

Hair that is fine or thin can benefit from the added protein that rice water deposits into the hair. It can also work well with hair that has been color treated, because often times the hair needs an extra boost of hydration and protein after being colored.

Curly hair textures also benefit particularly from using rice water in the hair, as those textures tend to be on the dry side and require extra hydration.

Application Method

As rice water has grown in popularity, there have been more products on the market that include rice water as their main ingredient.

Depending on your hair needs, you may find some rice water products deliver the right amount of protein and hydration that your hair requires over other formulas.

If your hair is particularly dry, or a curly or brittle texture, using a deep conditioning treatment mask my be a better option as it is a richer formula that can deliver extra nourishment to your strands.

If you have fine hair, you may benefit from a leave-in spray instead as it can provide extra protein to your hair without weighing it down like a deep conditioner can.

Best Rice Water Leave-In Conditioners – Product Guide

Below is a product guide of the best leave-in rice water treatment sprays for full, healthy, and shiny hair!

RankProductKey Features
1.ProBliva Rice Water SprayInfused with biotin and caffeine; encourages hair growth; creates smooth and silky texture; rich in amino acids and vitamins B and E
2.Bloom Health Goods Rice Water & Rosemary SprayFormulated with rosemary and citric acid; promotes hair growth and strengthens hair; stimulates the scalp; made for all hair types
3.Hairfinity Rice Water Hair MistSulfate, silicon, and paraben- free formula; helps to strengthen color treated, thin, or dehydrated hair; helps to detoxify and strengthen
4.mimosu DIY Rice Water KitAt-home rice water kit; comes with all the necessary requirements to make rice water by yourself; detangles and deep conditions hair, while it strengthens and smooths
5.Baja Basics Rice Water Leave-In ConditionerFormulated with rose water, aloe vera, and glycerin to deeply hydrate the hair; detangles and adds shine; helps to control frizz and define curls; can be used as a leave-in treatment or washed out after 30 minutes
6.INOTKA Rice Water Hair MistFormulated with biotin and lavender to strengthen and soothe the hair; fermented rice water to deliver protein; silicone, sulfate, and paraben-free
7.PATTERN Treatment MaskIdeal for curly hair textures; also formulated with moringa seed extract; treatment mask that can be left in overnight to deeply nourish dehydrated hair

1. ProBliva Rice Water Spray

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This ProBliva Rice Water Spray is a leave-in moisturizing treatment that helps to encourage and promote hair growth, while strengthening your existing locks.

It is formulated to be used for any hair type and is rich in amino acids and vitamins B and E to fortify your natural hair while encourage new growth.

The spray moisturizes the scalp, while treating the area directly to promote healthy hair growth. Caffeine and biotin are infused in the formula, which stimulate the scalp as well as new hair growth.

The product can be used after washing and conditioning the hair, as a final step before applying your styling products.

2. Bloom Health Goods Rice Water & Rosemary Spray

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The Bloom Health Goods Rice Water & Rosemary Spray is formulated with natural, fermented rice water as the main source of protein for the hair, along with rosemary and citric acid.

The rosemary will help to soothe the scalp, while also working on preventing any flakiness, itchiness, or irritation. The citric acid helps to restore the scalp’s pH balance to its natural, even state.

This leave-in spray strengthens the hair while also working to create smooth and silky strands. It is formulated with every hair type in mind and can be used for men or women who are looking to add a boost to their hair growth.

3. Hairfinity Rice Water Hair Mist

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Hairfinity’s Rice Water Hair Mist is a leave-in rice water spray that delivers the necessary protein to the hair to restore its shine, body, and texture.

The rice water is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, so it will soothe and calm the scalp as it is applied. This formula strengthens hair by restoring the strands elasticity to create more volume and fullness.

The formula also helps to reduce any flaking of the scalp and provides extra hydration. It is formulated for all hair types but works especially well for color-treated or overprocessed hair.

4. mimosu DIY Rice Water Kit

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mimosu created a DIY Rice Water Kit for you to create your own rice water easily at home.

The kit comes with all the necessary requirements for making a rice water leave-in spray, including a white rice powder tea bag and spray bottle. The rice powder is added into the spray bottle, and water then fills the bottle to steep the rice powder.

The rice powder is rich in vitamins A, B, and E, along with amino acids and protein, to nourish and deeply condition the hair.

The leave-in spray also works to detangle the hair for a smoother appearance and easy styling. The protein-rich formula will strengthen your existing hair while encourage new growth at the scalp.

5. Baja Basics Rice Water Leave-In Conditioner

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The Baja Basics Rice Water Leave-In Conditioner spray can be used as a leave-in treatment after washing your hair or can be used as a pre-wash treatment that is left on the hair for at least thirty minutes before it is washed out.

Along with the base of the formula being natural rice water, it is also formulated with rose water, aloe vera, and glycerin to help provide added moisture to the hair and scalp.

The rose water will help to control frizz and add shine to the locks, while the aloe vera will calm and soothe the scalp while also repairing damage on the strands.

The rice water is rice in protein to help build the hair’s strength and protect against hair loss. This formula will work for any hair type but will help to define and add volume to curly textures.

6. INOTKA Rice Water Hair Mist

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The INOTKA Rice Water Hair Mist is a leave-in treatment that is formulated with biotin and lavender to help enhance the effects of its main fermented rice water protein.

The rice water is rich in amino acids and protein to promote healthy and strong hair growth, while protect the strands against hair loss.

Biotin and lavender help to soothe and calm the hair, leaving silky, luscious strands behind that are shiny and frizz-free.

7. PATTERN Treatment Mask

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The PATTERN Treatment Mask is ideal for curly hair textures that need additional hydration than just what a leave-in spray can provide.

This mask is a treatment that can be used in the shower, or overnight if you are wanting to rehydrate and replenish your hair.

The fermented rice protein and moringa seed extract will fortify your hair to restore its strength, shine, and body.


Overall, rice water is a protein-rich ingredient that works on all hair types, as we can all benefit from strengthened locks. Being filled with amino acids, the super ingredient is able to smooth down the strands and add shine, which works especially well for those with fine, dull, curly, or color-treated hair.

Although you do not want to have too much of a build-up of protein in the hair, using a rice water leave-in conditioner can replenish and restore your hair to looking full, shiny, and healthy.

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