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What Is Strobing Cream?

by Gabbi
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How can you achieve an effortless, all-over glow? There’s a fine line between a dewy complexion and a greasy finish. It can be challenging to achieve the right balance of radiance without the right products. One must-try product is strobing cream.

What is strobing cream? Strobing cream is an illuminating moisturizer. It’s a hybrid of skincare and makeup that offers a radiant, glow-from-within finish. Strobing creams are usually lightweight, and their formula provides versatility.

This multifunctional product is great for highlighting your best features or achieving a glass-skin makeup look. Strobing cream will also boost your skin with hydration so that you can leave patchy skin in the past. It’s an easy-to-use makeup item, so don’t be intimidated!

Most brands have their versions of strobing cream, but this product hasn’t been as popular as it once was. Strobing cream can offer multiple benefits to the skin, and almost anyone can find a use for it regardless of skin type.

Strobing cream can instantly elevate and illuminate the skin without much time or effort. In addition, you can apply them at any point in your makeup routine. So, what else do you need to know about strobing creams?

What Is Strobing Cream?

Strobing cream is a unique cosmetic product that illuminates the skin. Most strobing creams have a fine shimmer or glitter to help reflect light for a radiant effect. Some brands may even choose to formulate their strobing creams like a moisturizer. 

A strobing cream can offer hydration in addition to illumination. This product is multifunctional, so anyone can find a way to use it in their beauty routines. It can create an all-over glow or be used strategically to intensify a highlighter.

Benefits Of Strobing Cream 

One of the main benefits of strobing cream is that it’s easy to use and beginner friendly. Using strobing cream, you don’t have to become a professional makeup artist. It has a similar texture to moisturizers and absorbs with ease.

Strobing creams can provide a subtle skin tint, but they won’t conceal imperfections. A strobing cream can add a boost of hydration to the skin and act as an additional preparation step to ensure the longevity of your makeup.

All-Over Glow 

A strobing cream is fantastic for achieving an all-over glow. It can illuminate and enhance the skin, so it looks plump and hydrated. Most strobing creams feature micro shimmer or glitter to help reflect light, giving the skin a radiant finish.

Strobing creams will instantly absorb into the skin without leaving the skin stripped or dry. Also, you can easily apply it all across the face to create a dimensional look. 

Intensified Highlighter 

Like liquid highlighter, strobing cream offers illumination that can be strategically placed on the skin to highlight your best features. We mentioned earlier that strobing creams make an excellent preparation step and can act as a base for your highlighter.

Since strobing creams already have a slight shimmer, they can intensify whatever highlighter you apply on top (we love this highlighter palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills). Also, it will prolong the wear time of your highlighter because you will layer reflective cosmetic products together for dimension.

Boost Of Hydration 

Some brands choose to formulate their strobing creams as skincare products. For example, a strobing cream can act as a moisturizer and keep the skin hydrated before a makeup application. Strobing cream can also double as a primer. 

Moisturizers and primers can help keep your skin happy and prolong the wear time of your makeup. Strobing creams can be a hybrid product that combines illumination, hydration, and longevity into one cream. 

Cons Of Strobing Cream

Strobing cream can have its faults. It may not be the best product for textured skin or those looking for a natural result. Also, strobing cream will bring all the attention, drama, and flair to any makeup look and can be an overpowering product.

Some may mistake strobing cream for BB cream or other lightweight products. However, strobing cream doesn’t offer any coverage to the skin. You can expect a light veil of shimmer.


The primary purpose of strobing cream is to highlight and illuminate the face. This product is strong and radiant so that it can overpower the skin. It will highlight the features you want to bring forth and bring attention to other areas.

Skin with textural concerns or imperfections may want to stay clear of strobing cream, or at least as an all-over highlight. It can attract light to scarring, fine lines, or acne.


Strobing cream will reflect light because it’s formulated with reflective bits of shimmer and glitter. However, this product isn’t for the faint of heart and won’t provide a natural finish. You can use a small amount for subdued results, but it can be challenging.

Shimmer or glitter may not be necessary for everyday use. Strobing cream may not be the best option if you like highlighters without these components. 

Also, the glitter and shimmer can have varying undertones or shades that can affect your skin tone. 

No Coverage 

Finally, strobing cream won’t conceal the skin. It highlights and illuminates, but it can’t even out your complexion. Strobing creams can be mistaken as color correctors because they’re available in various undertones.

Think of strobing cream as a lightweight moisturizer with hints of shimmer. No components or pigments are strong enough to cancel out redness or conceal a blemish. 

How Can You Use Strobing Cream?

One huge advantage of strobing cream is its versatility. It can act as various products and even supplement your makeup routine. However, strobing creams can vary by formula and brand. 

Some can be more skincare-focused and others makeup-focused.

However, the great thing about strobing cream is that you can repurpose it if you don’t fall in love with this product. For example, you can use strobing cream as a primer, highlighter, or mixing medium. 

As A Primer

Primers are a controversial product in the makeup world. Some professional makeup artists believe they’re unnecessary, while others can’t live without one. Strobing cream can easily replace primers due to its hydrating and illuminating benefits.

Strobing creams are meant to be used during the prep stage and before makeup. Some brands will ensure their strobing creams provide skincare benefits so you can cut down on products like moisturizers. 

As A Highlighter

Strobing creams are packed with light-reflecting components like shimmer or glitter, making them the perfect highlighter. It will offer an all-over glow, or you can apply strobing cream strategically to the high points of your face.

This product can act as a highlighter by itself. Strobing cream can act as a liquid highlighter. You can wear it on its own or be the base for your powder highlighter. Layering these products will give intense shine and reflect.

As A Mixing Medium

Another use for strobing cream is as a mixing medium. A mixing medium can help adjust or alter the texture and finish of another makeup product. For example, add a few drops of strobing cream into a matte foundation to make it more glowy.

If your skin is dry, you can also mix strobing cream into a moisturizer. Using strobing cream as a mixing medium will show this product’s versatility and allow your creativity to flow.

As A Body Illuminator 

What if you’re not a fan of strobing creams on your face? You can still repurpose it as a body product. Body oils and illuminating body creams can run a hefty price tag. However, you can make your own with strobing cream.

You can add a couple of pumps of strobing cream to any body moisturizer (we love this one from CeraVe that sinks right into your skin) and rub it into the skin. You’ll achieve an instant glow, and you won’t have to invest in an expensive body product.

Other Strobing Techniques

Strobing creams have unlimited uses, and they can change how you apply makeup. In addition, it allows you to truly experiment, find your best features, and illuminate your skin.

Strobing cream is ideal for reflecting light and may help you ditch other products like bronzer.

Ditch The Bronzer

Strobing used to be a makeup technique in addition to being a product. 

The technique involves applying strobing cream all across the face for a highlighted effect. However, you can also ditch other face products that offer dimension like bronzer or contour.

The idea is that strobing defines your bone structure and facial features alone. 

Reflect Light 

For this technique, you may want to avoid strobing creams with intense or chunky glitters. Strobing cream can be strategically placed to reflect light. You’ll want to mimic the look of standing in direct sunlight or other flattering lights.

Avoid setting this product, or only set the t-zone. This will allow you to achieve a radiant glow-from-within. 

Is Strobing Cream Suitable For All Skin Types?

Strobing creams will benefit skin types that are dry, normal, or combination. However, you can still get great use out of strobing creams if you have oily, acne-prone, or mature skin types.

Strobing creams are suitable for all skin types, but you may have to adjust your techniques to suit your skin type better.

Those who have mature skin may pair strobing cream with a moisturizer, while oilier skin types can strategically place this cream or pair it with mattifying products.

Can Strobing Cream Replace Your Moisturizer?

While strobing cream can mimic the benefits and effects of moisturizer, it shouldn’t replace it altogether. Instead, some brands may choose to create a skincare-focused strobing cream that makes a moisturizer and strobing hybrid.

However, please don’t skip moisturizer or replace it with strobing cream. You’ll be able to reap more benefits from strobing cream by carrying out an effective skincare routine. 

Strobing Cream Vs Highlighter 

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between strobing cream and highlighter? Both products create a luminous finish, so what sets them apart?

Strobing cream is a liquid product with a sheer amount of shimmer or glitter to create a radiant finish. A highlighter is more pigmented and saturated, and has more full coverage than strobing cream, and it’s used only on specific points of the face.

You can layer these products together for an extra-dimensional result. 

Strobing Cream Vs Foundation

Strobing cream and foundations are two different products. Foundations can be liquid, powder, or cream, designed to match your skin tone. They offer coverage to help conceal blemishes or even out your complexion.

Strobing cream is more like a moisturizer because it has a cream texture but doesn’t have pigment like foundations. Instead, it goes on translucent and leaves behind hints of shimmer or glitter.

Strobing Cream Vs BB Cream

BB Cream is a hybrid product. It combines foundation and moisturizer to create a lightweight tint. It may have a similar texture to strobing cream but doesn’t contain any glitter or shimmer. However, it does provide minimal coverage for the skin.

Strobing cream has no pigment to even out the complexion and only offers illumination.

How To Pick The Best Strobing Cream

How can you find a suitable strobing cream? First, it’s crucial to consider the undertone of your strobing cream and what formula you choose. This can impact how strobing cream appears on your skin and if it provides a positive outcome.


Surprisingly enough, strobing creams have undertones. They can appear more golden or pink. Its undertone is heavily determined by the reflects used in the cream. A gold shimmer will create a warmer and golden effect.

It’s crucial to consider your undertones to know which shade of strobing cream to pick. However, you can also opt for neutral tones, which can suit a wide range of skin tones.


Also, consider the formula of the strobing cream. As mentioned earlier, some brands will formulate strobing creams with skincare benefits which is great if you want skin-focused products.

Other brands may formulate strobing creams to double as a primer to offer more longevity to your makeup.

Strobing Creams Vs Liquid Highlighters Vs Illuminating Primers

Strobing creams combine shimmer and glitter with the effects of a moisturizer. In addition, they may be able to add a boost of hydration to the skin to aid in preparation.  

Liquid highlighters have more saturation, pigment, and coverage. They offer intense glow and radiance and are often formulated with chunky pieces of glitter. 

Illuminating primers will offer more grip, so your foundation and makeup will stick better to your base. It may provide a similar sheen to strobing creams, but it focuses more on prolonging the wear time of your makeup by providing a tacky base.


Strobing cream can find its way into anyone’s makeup routine. It’s a versatile product that can be used in multiple ways. So, if you don’t like strobing cream for one purpose, you can easily use it for another.

Strobing cream is an illuminating cream that will offer an all-over glow to your complexion. It can be used on all skin types, and you can mix it into other products like foundation or moisturizer for a customized finish.

You can strategically highlight your face or use strobing cream as a body illuminator. It’s available in various formulas and undertones so you can find your best match. 

Strobing cream can offer skincare benefits, but it shouldn’t replace moisturizer completely. It can be confusing to know the difference between strobing cream and other products, but strobing cream only offers a dose of glow. 

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