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Pros And Cons Of Layered Hair

by Gabbi

Shampoo commercials and hair care ads have an immense power to spark inspiration for our next haircut. Most of us can agree that we’ve always wanted full, luscious hair. So how is it possible to create a vivacious and flirty look that will bring life to your hair?

Well, layers are probably the first thing you thought of, but many of us have a love-hate relationship with layers because they are a tricky hairstyle to perfect. It’s important to really understand what you’re getting yourself into before you just chop your hair off.

So, what are the pros and cons of layered hair? Layered hair has the power to provide life to dull and dragged-down hair. Layers can leave your hair feeling lightweight and glamorous. However, if they are not cut correctly, layers can go so wrong very fast. They can also be harder to style.

Are you debating whether or not layered hair is for you? To determine if layers are in the cards for you, evaluate your hair in its current state and consider your hair type, hair texture, and face shape. These indicators will point you in the right direction. 

Layered hair can involve maintenance and styling to keep you looking like you freshly stepped out of the salon. However, in many cases, it’s worth the effort. If you’re still on the fence, follow along to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of layered hair.

Pros And Cons Of Getting Layers

Layered hair needs a lot of attention and love in order to achieve your desired look. However, for those who love a low-maintenance routine or aren’t into styling hair daily, layers may not be the best option for you. 

However, if you’re interested in trying something new or need to switch up a lackluster routine, it may be time to get layers. Maintaining layered hair can get annoying for some people since you will need to change your hair habits completely.

You may figure out you can’t go to sleep with wet hair, or you’ll need a new way to keep your hair out of your face while working out. Taking the time to evaluate your hair needs and your daily lifestyle can help you make the right decision. 

Let’s take a deep dive into all the advantages and disadvantages that come with dealing with layers and how they affect each part of your hair/daily routine. 

1. Washing 

When it comes to washing your layered hair, you won’t have to change much. You can wash your hair as you usually would and still get the results you are looking for. The bulk of the effort you’ll need to put in comes with styling.

The only downside is for those who have thin or fine hair. Conditioner can weigh you down if you put too much into your strands and give the opposite effect that your layers need to provide you with volume. It’s recommended to go easy on the product as well.


  • Wash your hair as you usually would. Adjust your hair care products to fit your hair type and needs. 


  • Individuals with fine or thin hair should be careful how much product they dispense into the hair to avoid the strands from getting weighed down. 

2. Blow Drying 

Unfortunately, you will need to blow-dry and style your hair to get a “model off duty” look or shampoo commercial hair. Sure, you can let your hair air dry if you have layers, but you won’t have volume, dimension, or bounce.

Blow-drying takes time and effort, and your arms may feel like they will fall off during the process, but the result will be worth it. In addition, there are multiple ways to blow-dry your layers; you’ll just have to choose what vibe you want for the day. 

When you blow-dry your hair with layers, you’ll need to decide what movement you want and what direction you need the hair to flow. This can be discussed with your hairstylist to make at-home styling a breeze. 

You will also need a few tools to maintain the look. For starters, you’ll need a blow dryer with a nozzle to control airflow, a round brush to guide the hair in the direction to flow and create volume, clips to section off the hair, and a heat protectant. 

Blow-drying layered hair can be a hassle since you will need to work in manageable sections. Grabbing a chunk of hair and blow-drying it will not give the best results, and the smaller layers will most likely fall out of your grasp. 

Are you looking for your blow-dried hair to last for days? Twist your hair into a bun or ponytail to keep your volume overnight. 


  • You can achieve voluptuous salon hair at home. Your hair will have volume, dimension, and bounce when you blow-dry layered hair properly. 


  • You will need various hair products and tools. It will also take a lot of time to style until you get used to your blow-dry routine. 

3. Styling 

Styling your layered hair is a personal choice, and you’re welcome to do what gives you the most confidence. Layers can be styled in multiple ways, so you can switch it up if you are tired of the same style.

One way to style layered hair is with hot rollers or even a blow dryer. You’ll be able to achieve voluminous roots, wispy bangs, whipped ends, and a sleek shaft. This look is the epitome of 90s supermodel hair. It’s a universally flattering hairstyle. 

For those who have coily or curly hair, there are also various methods to style your layers. A diffuser will be your best friend, but opt for other styles like a twist or finger coiling/rolling if you are not feeling the heat. Each curl or layer will be defined.

Whatever you end up doing, it will bring out your layers in the best way possible rather than not styling them at all. Layered hair needs proper care and attention, and in return, you’ll have gorgeous hair. 


  • Layered hair can be styled in about a hundred different ways. Whether you want something sleek or need to care for your curls, there is a method to work with your layers.


  • Layers need to be styled. You can let them air dry, but your layers won’t be working in your favor. It takes time, effort, product, and patience to learn how to style layered hair. 

4. Updos And Sports 

One of the most challenging tasks when dealing with layers is keeping your hair out of your face when you need it the most. This could be during a workout, physical activity, or simply those days where your hair is greasy and needs to be up. 

Clips and bobby pins will be your best friend, especially if you need your face-framing layers out of the way. Also, if you’re used to wearing a bun frequently, especially during your greasy hair days, you may notice pieces falling from your bun. 

Buns are great for long layers or those who have curly or coily hair because your bun can stay all day, and it’ will be much more manageable. Other than that, you may notice your hair can’t go into a bun, so it’s time to try something else. 

Everyone can benefit from throwing their hair up in a ponytail, a claw clip, baby butterfly clips, and more. If you need your hair up and away, these styles will help ensure your hair won’t bother you. 

However, some pieces may inevitably escape depending on the intensity of your physical activities. It will never hurt to have a few bobby pins on hand. 

If you need a formal updo for a special event, more layers can provide a better outcome. It will give you texture, depth, and volume, and it can stay in place all day long. You’ll look like a perfect Pinterest pin. 


  • You can toss your hair back however you like with layers, and you’ll have a wide range of styles to choose from. Updos work exceptionally well with layers.


  • For day-to-day hairstyles, your strands can eventually find a way back into your face. Extremely piecey layers will be hard to gather in one bun or ponytail; opting for braids or clips can help. 

The Takeaway

Overall, layers have the power to transform your look completely, but you will need to put in a little work. Layers can suit every hair type when they are cut correctly. They also offer infinite ways to style your hair; you’ll never get bored!

Layers are great for straight, fine, or thin hair to add texture and volume, while layers work for curly hair to define curls and add shape and dimension. Layered hair is great to leave you feeling uplifted. Once you get the hang of it, you can style them instantly. 

The downside to layered hair is that a majority of the time, you can’t leave your hair to air dry and expect supermodel results. Also, they are not great for those who don’t want to maintain a hairstyle.

To figure out if layers are suitable for you, take some time to think about your current hair routine, consult a hairstylist, and consider your lifestyle and daily habits. You’ll instantly know your decision from there!

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